Its Christmas time for our cast on these episodes of Dear Mom. Little sister has some big news to share with her family. Jerry wants to be with his Dad to share their Christmas tradition, and Qing Qing gets an impromptu date with her crush. Join Debo, Amy, and me as we settle in around a flocked Christmas tree.

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Debo: I’m happy that An Qing was finally able to get a job! It’s unfortunate that Daniel has been treating her so difficulty, but on the other hand, I can understand why he is doing the things that he is doing (even though it does seem a little excessive at times). Here is a lady who waltzes into a job he’s been working at for so hard for such a long amount of time and she suddenly gets all of these perks and is obviously favored by the boss. I feel like if I was Daniel I would definitely be hit by the green eyed monster, I just don’t think I would take my anger out so harshly though.


Amy: I was thinking the same thing. He has a lot of experience at the gym but she doesn’t and just walked in and got the job. It would definitely seem unfair. It’s nice that An Qing is sticking it out though. She needs to know she can stand on her own feet again.

Wendilynn: Its still foolish on his part. He’s giving her an unnecessary hard time to someone he thinks is the Boss’s favorite. That can be a fast way to lose your job or to lose a chance at promotion if you consider the person you abusing is about to become your manager. I’m glad she is sticking it out though. But I wish she would stand up for herself a little bit more.

Debo: I really hope An Qing will be able to stick up for herself as well. Hopefully, as each episode progresses, she will be able to grow more and more.

Wendilynn: My heart broke for her when her sister called letting her know that jerry was having such a hard time. Of course they didn’t realize it was over putting the star on the tree, but its hard on a mom when you know your kid is suffering and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.


Amy: Yeah. That wasn’t easy to watch. Poor little guy just wants to keep one tradition he had with his dad. I’m glad they were able to help him calm down though. So uh. We got to meet a new character! Yu Hang saved Xiao Xi from a panty thief! Hee hee!


Debo: Yes! So excited that Jack Li has finally been introduced as a character! He seems like an awesome guy. He’s attractive, smart and honest. What more can we want from a love interest?

Wendilynn: Yay, I love Jack Li! Well little sister certain was besotted, even if she is blinded by her basketball star boyfriend. I found it interesting that Yu Hang noticed that he was flirting with other girls too.

Debo: Ugg. Xiao Mi is gross. Hope Xiao Xi notices it soon, but judging by how smitten she is by him, it’s probably going to take a lot before she ditches him.

Amy: Yeah. I think she is going to have to catch Xiao Mi in the act before she will realize he is not her ideal guy. That is going to be painful but I think Yu Hang will help her out. Hee hee!

Wendilynn: I think little sister has a loooong way to go. After all, she bought that white tree so she could announce to her family she intended to marry that dork. Her family looked less than pleased.


Amy: I wasn’t sure if they weren’t pleased or just not interested. Like they knew she was jumping the gun and an engagement might not actually happen. It seems like Xiao Xi has a lot of growing up to do before she should even think about getting married.

Debo: To me it just seemed like her parents had heard this so much and knew it was not going to happen which is why they just seemed to go on to do their own things right after her announcement. I felt kind of bad for her though, especially given that she had worked so hard to get the mood right, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Wendilynn: Speaking of moods. Qing Qing certainly had an interesting one when her boss revealed his wife had made other plans without him. ON CHRISTMAS EVE! *rolls eyes*


Amy: It really seems like Qing Qing’s boss is being ignored by his wife. Like, she just does not take him into consideration at all. Qing Qing certainly doesn’t seem unhappy about that, though! It gives her an opportunity to hang out with him. It WAS a little cute when they were playing hopscotch.

Wendilynn: That was cute. I would agree it does seem like there is a disconnect between him and his wife. They clearly married early because he wanted to just get it out of the way. She probably married him because she knew he would be successful and that would give her money to spend. Not the best for building a relationship on either of their parts.

Amy: Exactly but that doesn’t mean he should be building a relationship with Qing Qing. You gotta try to fix things with your wife, first!


Wendiynn: Agreed. And now he’s trying to get her to call him by his name. Breaking those walls down even more. And it looks like Xiao Fe is breaking down walls of his own….or at least someone is on his behalf. lol

Amy: Yep! Ha ha! She was so excited when she got that text. It was adorable when her family teased her about liking someone. My family used to do the same thing before all of us kids got married!

Wendilynn: Too bad it wasn’t Xiao Fe who sent the text though. He was really confused, but I’m worried all this attention is going to start building an expectation in Yi Wan’s mind. She’s not really clued in yet, but there’s only so much a person can go through before you start getting a clue. lol


Amy: Yeah. He might just have to come right out and tell her. Hee hee! She might just be in denial until he does. Xiao Fe is too sweet though. He even bought gifts for the kids at Yi Wan’s kindergarten. He was reminded of his sister whom I’m assuming passed away.

Wendilynn: yeah, she died very young if the hints they’ve dropped so far are a clue. I think Xiao Fe is going to have to be clear on his intentions if he wants to stop his Mom and Crazy Dog from misunderstanding.

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