Welcome, Dear Mom Drama Clubbers. Hope you enjoyed the first two episodes of crying, law, and character introductions. Now, let Wendilynn, Amy and me (Debo) discuss what we liked or didn’t like in this week’s episodes and what we think will happen in this colossal drama. Ready? Let’s go!

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Debo: I want to start out by saying that I love Family Dramas. In high school, I used to watch them every night with my parents, a tradition started thanks to “Story of Time.” Though later family dramas have not held my interest as much as SOT did, I still really enjoy them because they give me such a warm feeling. I love how Taiwanese entertainment does dwell a lot on familial relationships in addition to, of course, romantic interests and I am sure “Dear Mom” will do just that.

Wendilynn: I was a little hesitant at first because of how many episodes there are and the last couple of Taiwanese dramas were just too psycho crazy for me, but I was very happily engaged in these first two episodes.

Amy: This is actually the first family drama that I’ve watched but I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve been in the mood for something a little different and this drama suits my tastes well so far. I really identified with the mom actually. I’ve had times where I’ve felt unappreciated but I know my family doesn’t really feel that way.

Debo: Definitely. The parts when the mom was crying out of stress have happened in our family. I think this might just also be an issue in many Taiwanese families just because, at least in my family, we don’t show affection in a very verbal or physical way like saying “I love you” (I can’t actually recall the last time I said “I love you” to my mom and my mom only started saying it to me after I left for college) or hugging (pretty sure my best friend has hugged my mom more than me). So it is hard for Taiwanese family members to feel like they are appreciated and loved sometimes just because we aren’t that open and don’t say it. But we do know that we are loved by little things like when parents tell us to eat more and wear an extra coat, Taiwanese affection is definitely shown more through the care of a person’s day to day life.

Amy: That makes sense. I show love by words and physical affection while my husband does it through actions so I kind of understand where you’re coming from. I think the writers did a really good job with the sisters’ interactions. Their little arguments reminded me of myself and my sister and my daughters now. It was fun to watch them interact. I think that all of the sisters are sweet girls but since they are so different they rub each other the wrong way. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: I’m the oldest of 7 myself, with 4 of us being sisters so I totally get being rubbed the wrong way. lol

Debo: Indeed. And I thought the introduction of the three sisters is interesting and I wonder if each episode will be based on a different sister’s story because so far episode 1 focused mainly on Yi Wan and episode 2 is more on An Qing. Also, An Qing’s son was really adorable even though his english was not all that great especially for an ABC. Haha.

Wendilynn: I found Yi Wan’s to be a really funny story. And I can sympathize with An Qing.

Amy: I think that it would be interesting if they focused on a different sister with each episode. It might get boring to just focus on one. I have to say, Yi Wan’s love interest is very good looking and he is a good guy. I like his character a lot. I agree, Jerry is adorable. The way he acted like he knew what his mom meant when she said he had to keep her secret but still asked to talk about the divorce. Hee hee! The little guy just doesn’t understand what it means to have a secret.

Debo: Xiao Fei is really cute. I totally agree and he seems like a nice guy too! It will be cute if we get to see the kindergarten kids warming up to him! And Xiao Xi is like a giant child herself when she kept asking An Qing for her things.

Wendilynn: I’m not a big fan of whiny characters, so I hope she doesn’t keep that up for too many more episodes.

Amy: Yes. She was cute too though. The youngest sibling always gets treated like a baby so they act like a kid even when they’re an adult. Okay. I’m just talking about myself. Ha ha! I thought the dad was adorable too. He kept calling his wife the most beautiful and had all kinds of business plans...Too bad they never succeed. Also, it appears that he does his best thinking on the toilet. Ha ha!

Debo: That makes sense because that’s how my dad (Who’s the youngest of three siblings) acts too. Haha. I really like Li Shu Guang, the dad, as well. I really want to see what the dad does on a day to day work-wise basis though.

Wendilynn: He was too funny. I like that particular actor and so I know I’ll enjoy the dad, but it doesn’t seem like he’s a very successful business man. Which is probably why his daughters are workaholics.

Amy: Yeah. All we really know is that he goes on a lot of meetings to do various business proposals. I’d like to see what he actually does too. I’m curious about Qing Qing too. They said she works a lot, often overnight, and it seems she has a crush on her boss too. I think he’s into her as well but he definitely mentioned a wife.

Debo: I remember seeing how the trailer that she called her mom saying that she is in love with a married man, so I think they are definitely going to have them in some sort in romantic entanglement. But I’m so excited to see Albee in another drama! I’ve liked her a lot since 18 Censored or Not and especially in Love Me or Leave Me (even though her character was pretty iffy for most of the show)

Amy: I haven’t seen her in anything but I like her acting so far!

Wendilynn: I haven’t seen her yet, either. And since her boss shows up in the opening credits, he’s going to be hanging around awhile. Speaking of returning actors. The guy who seems to become Xiao Xi’s boyfriend in the opening credits and our gangster’s helper (HA) are all coming from Fall In Love with Me. I was really happy to see the actor who plays the gangster Mom’s assistant. He cracked me up in FILWM and so I was tickled to see his comedic potential put to use here. Watching him trying to take pictures of the kindergarten teacher was funny.

Amy: I haven’t seen Fall In Love with Me! I really like gangster Mom’s assistant though. He is too funny and I think he is cute too. So far the only character that I don’t care for is gangster Mom, Tian Jiao. She just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. I don’t know if it is because she is too nosy or what but yeah. I don’t care for her character so far.

Wendilynn: I laughed when we realized that the gangsters belonged to the lawyer and they kept saying “boss needs you”. And then Boss turned out to be his mother. Cracked. Me. Up. She will definitely be a pain, but I think she will also be a really funny character. Sort of poking fun at over protective/loving mothers. Since her son has NO intention of letting her meet a girl, I can only imagine how over the top she is.

Debo: The “gangsters” were definitely a highlight of the show!

Amy: Oh but you know she’ll meet his girl. He won’t be able to stop her. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: Especially if she concludes that this “girl” is a sweetheart. lol

Amy: She really is a sweetheart but you can tell she is a force to be reckoned with when she gets angry too. She won’t just take sometime lying down.

Wendilynn: I don’t think any of these girls are pushovers at heart. 

Now it’s your turn! What were your first impressions of the show? What do you look forward to in the next 68 episodes?

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