The fight continues as the sisters wrangle for recognition and respect. Yi Wan is too embarrassed to really explain why she is upset to her sister and that makes it worse. The family gets to meet Qi Le and his quick wit helps An Qing in a few ways. Excuse Amy who is with family this week and join Debo and I as we chat about these episodes of Dear Mom.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, I’m totally on Yi Wan’s side in this disagreement she is having with Qing Qing.

Debo: Yeah. I can see the argument from both sides so right now I’m pretty neutral. I hope their disagreement does not last for too long though and they can go back to sisters who care for each other and show it as well!

Wendilynn: Well, I feel for Yi Wan the most because she can’t really explain to anyone that the reason she was crying is not because she was bullied, as her sister assumes, but because she mistakenly understood Xiao Fei’s feelings. Who would want to expose that humiliation? And then to have her sister mistakenly go jump him for what is essentially no reason because she thinks her sister is too stupid to do it herself. I’d be upset, too.


Debo: I feel bad for Xiao Fei as well because he’s trying so hard to figure out what is going on and to repair a patch that he didn’t even know was there until recently, but no matter what he does, nothing seems to work.

Wendilynn: Yeah, he’s in over his head and has no clue why. And Crazy Dog isn’t helping matters. lol

DMe13 Girl Manga.jpg

Debo: Haha. Crazy Dog Qin just wants his young master to be as happy as he can be and in his mind it has to be with Yi Wan. I hope he gets someone in the ends especially given the amount of heart he puts into getting his young master a girl.

Wendilynn: While I could just shake Crazy Dog and Xiao Fei’s mom, you got to admit they are adorably entertaining. As misguided as they are, their hearts are firmly in the right place, even if the methods are horrible. lol.

Debo: Haha. Indeed. We also learned this week that Qi Le is awesome at being able to spin stories into any way he wants. He was able to lie about An Qing’s reasons for being at the gym so effortlessly. I think it’s sweet that he is willing to keep her secret just because he knows how important it is to her.


Wendilynn: I really like their dynamic. He’s been watching her so closely he had most of her secrets guessed. So he was able to be flexible. His quick thinking now gives her a valid reason for working, and with her parents permission.

Debo: What a smart and perfect guy!

Wendilynn: ROFL!! If that isn’t Xiao Xi, I don’t know what is. We’ve got some real gems in these men. Yu Hang is proving to be pretty useful. He helped the Dad realize he doesn’t know everything about running a farm yet. lol

Debo: Haha. That Xiao Xi comment is too true. Chiyo’s love with Nozaki (the guy) is basically like Xiao Xi’s love for her Xi Ming. And Qi Le is also able to help the father with his farm as well by introducing his friend to him! I’m super glad the future boyfriends are all getting along as well :)


Wendilynn: Yeah, when these boys finally get on board in the family, its going to be a nice strong unit. It makes the stories that are being told more interesting for me, I can enjoy them more.

Debo: Yes! I love seeing stories and characters weave together. Finally, I also want to point out how even though I really want Yi Wan and Xiao Fei to get together soon, I can’t help but to feel sorry for Long Long. He’s in love with Yi Wan and all he gets is humiliation from Crazy Dog Qin.

Wendilynn: Poor Long Long. He just adores his Princess Yi Wan. He so doesn’t deserve what Crazy Dog does to him.

Debo: I hope he gets his own happily ever after as well!

An Qing can now work with her parent's blessing.  Xiao Fei is still clueless about why Yi Wan and has no clue why he would even care.  Can Yi Wan and Qing Qing finally apologize to each other?

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