The sisters are still wrangling, but cookies make everything better. Xiao Fei is still trying to figure out what he did wrong. The boss is getting jealous about his secretary and An Qing is trying to find the line between success and failure. These are the themes you’ll find in these two episodes of Dear Mom. Join Amy and I, please excuse Debo, as we discuss these new developments.

Wendilynn: I have to say that for being 16 episodes into this drama. Its not really a fast mover. It allows for us to really explore where these characters are at and allows scenes to develop a little more naturally.

Amy: Agreed. I thought I wouldn’t like the slow pace since I haven’t watched a long drama before but I’m enjoying it this time. It doesn’t feel too slow and I like that we get to know all of the characters really well. I’m really liking the relationship between An Qing and Chen Qi Le.

DMe16 trust.jpg

Wendilynn: I also really like their relationship. She now knows that he values her because of how she helped him years ago. Their talk on the roof, where he explains that just because she had to take a step back doesn’t mean she failed, was really sweet. But I also understand where she is at because she was always the perfect child, the one on the pedestal. How do you tell everyone that your marriage was a wreck?

Amy: Yeah. I wasn’t getting why she hadn’t told her family earlier but I understand now. I still think she needs to work up her courage and tell them but I do get where her mind is at. I hope she’ll be able to tell them soon. I’ve been feeling bad for poor Xiao Fei. Yi Wan is being stubborn about telling him what happened when she cried! Hee hee! Poor guy.

Wendilynn: Well its not like she can just blurt out, “Oh, I was sad because I thought you liked me and you didn’t”. lol Their talk in the park had me rolling. Xiao Fei is trying to reconnect with her and Crazy Dog Qin is busy kissing a tree. rofl!!


Amy: Hee hee hee! Crazy Dog Qin is one of the best characters. I cracked up when he was waiting by Xiao Fei’s door and actually scratching it like a dog. He is so loyal. It has to be hard watching two people who like each other move so slowly (well, to him anyway) but I can see some progress.

Wendilynn: Well, he’s under order from the Boss to speed things along. lol But I agree, he’s such a crack up. And he’s so innocent that his reactions are just awesome to watch. Even when you want to throttle him. lol

Amy: Hee hee! I felt bad for Xiao Xi. She’s so sad and can’t tell her family what is going on because she announced at Christmas that she’d be marrying her boyfriend. Poor girl.

Wendilynn: I just can’t muster up much sympathy. Any guy would run if his girl came on that strong in college. lol You know he’s not ready for marriage yet.

Amy: Well, my husband didn’t but, you know, I wouldn’t blame a guy for being afraid of a girl who comes on so strong. I just feel bad for her because her heart is broken. Yu Hang needs to come and help her out!


Wendilynn: He’s her rock for sure. I wonder how many episodes it will take for her to realize it? 30? lol

Amy: Now that would make me a little sad. I don’t want to wait that long. They’d have to write it really well for me to be okay with that. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: We have 70 episodes in this drama. lol I have to wonder who will confess first? Although with the way Xiao Fei has Yi Wan pressed up against that car, I wonder if they will be the first couple to form? I have to wonder, just what does he know?


Amy: I don’t think he will confess just yet but I do think he is starting to catch on that Yi Wan likes him. I think that Qing Qing knows something is up with her boss too. After Shan Ming asked her out he was acting a little jealous.

Wendilynn: While I don’t approve of him crushing on Qing Qing. I do have to say that I enjoy watching him struggle with his feelings. He’s in a tough spot. He has a wife who is ignoring him, he’s trying to be a good man, but his heightened awareness is making him conscience of all the work Qing Qing is doing. He cans the useless assistant who is just making her burden harder. I did find it funny that he sent Qing Qing home only to have her running back when she realized he was still at work and messing up the files.


Amy: What would he do without Qing Qing? I am glad he hasn’t actually pursued her and I hope that it stays that way because I don’t like watching people have affairs. That is just a personal preference. Anyway, I think that everyone in the office is going to catch on if he keeps paying so much attention to Qing Qing.

Wendilynn: I don’t know. They are practically joined at the hip. The only one who might start noticing is Shan Ming, He’s asked her out and that will make him watch her closely.


Amy: Shan Ming was adorable when he asked her out and then noticed her new shoes when he asked if she had made up her mind yet. I would totally go for him. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: He is adorable, for sure. Although, the orange he gave to Qing Qing, she gave to her Boss. I don’t know how he’d feel about that.

Amy: He wouldn’t like it for sure. Just like Momoko didn’t like when her aunt kept calling her by her real name. Hee hee! I wonder what happened in Australia. She said it was fate that brought her back but something is definitely up.

DMe16 fate.jpg

Wendilynn: That’s a good question. However, considering she doesn’t want to go to school and just wants to work. I’m thinking she probably dropped out. Much to her Mom’s disgust.

Amy: That will not bode well for sure. Especially with how her mom kept going on and on about how she is her family’s hope. Their relationship will suffer for sure.

Wendilynn: I hope she can land a good job and prove to her mom that she isn’t making a big mistake.

Amy: I have a feeling she’ll get her act together after being knocked down a few times.

Yi Wan is under scrutiny, but will Xiao Fei really know the cause of her sorrow?  Can An Qing find the courage to be brave again?  Will Qing Qing's boss face his jealousy?  Let us know what you think so far in the comments below?

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