Xiao Fei is getting closer to Yi Wan. An Qing lets Qi Le know just how bad it got for her before the divorce, and the Moms are making assumptions. Join Debo and me, Wendilynn, as we talk about these two episodes of Dear Mom.

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Wendilynn: So, I have to say that I was slightly disappointed in Xiao Fei for having Yi Wan pinned up against the car and then to get the reason she’s so upset so very wrong. lol I mean, the chemistry between these two is so electric and then he pulls off something so… well, let just say it was a mood killer and funny at the same time.

Debo: Haha, exactly. I thought they were FINALLY going to kiss (as I’m sure Yi Wan was thinking as well) but of course, they did not. It was such a good opportunity and Xiao Fei just wasted it. But I’m glad that their relationship is starting to take off again. She is starting to see that Xiao Fei really does like her and Xiao Fei’s mom is starting to make images of their baby. Haha.

Wendilynn: By telling Yi Wan about his dead twin sister, he’s guaranteed that gentle-hearted Yi Wan will care about her forever. There is no way she would ignore such a wound without trying to fill it in her own way. His Mom however, oh my goodness, buying baby clothes and making babyfaces. She is so over the top.


Debo: Her mom just knows that they will be getting together but I agree, buying baby clothes is definitely going way over the top. I also understand how sensitive Yi Wan is, but I can honestly say I have never met anyone that cried as much as she does so many things just set her off.

Wendilynn: I know a couple. And it does get old fast. lol At least Yi Wan doesn’t use it to manipulate others. She’s honestly sincere. I’m glad Xiao Fei was able to clue Qing Qing in on how much she is loved by her older sister.

Debo: Yes. I’m glad that the sisterly relationship was able to be repaired before they moved on to the romantic relationships especially given An Qing’s quote of:

Though romantic relationships are a big part of the show, a bigger aspect is the family dynamics and the importance about how the sisters are always there for one another.

Wendilynn: That was such a good scene between An Qing and Qi Le. I know too many women who give up all control of their lives when they get married. You just can’t do that. Even if he had not cheated and abandoned her to the loan sharks, she needed to be on top of things. Death or a major crippling illness can render a woman on her own as much as divorce can. She needs to be able to take over for the family at any time. Too bad the bratty assistant overheard them talking. I can only imagine him using that information to make trouble.

Debo: Yes, that was a really big aspect of her monologue. That she had forgotten herself while she was married and that was why the loss of her married life hit her so hard. So Daniel isn’t the best person ever but, on the other hand, I understand why he is doing the things he is doing. I really want to believe that he won’t use the information to make trouble, but I guess we’ll just have to see. Additionally, Qi Le is the sweetest guy ever. He is willing to do all of this such as taking care of Jerry for An Qing.


Wendilynn: If anyone was in doubt who owns Qi Le heart, it would be really hard to stay clueless at this point. lol He is so supportive of An Qing and he never tries to make her lean on him, he pushes her to gain her independence and her confidence.

Debo: That is why I like him so much as a character, he is willing to be there for her but not as a crutch, just as someone who will support her and cheer her on. It’s so great to see An Qing get stronger and stronger as the episodes progress.

Wendilynn: Now if she would only get strong enough to tell her family. She needs to set that pride aside and let her family love her as she picks up the pieces.

Debo: Exactly. I think that’s what all of the sisters need to work on, just understanding that their family will always be there for them and they need to learn to lean on them.

Wendilynn: Qing Qing is getting herself into more hot water. She’s having more intimacies with her boss. They keep exchanging longer and longer glances. And then when he was putting on that bandaid on her heel. Oh boy.

DMe17 intimate.jpg

Debo: Yeah, as of now, I’m just wondering when the wife will actually make an appearance and how she will react when she actually sees her husband and his secretary interacting.

Wendilynn: Well we know that his wife calls and talks to Qing Qing often from earlier episodes. So its not like Qing Qing isn’t close to both of them. The absence of his wife bothers me. We’ve seen how she leaves him to his own devices too often. Think about Christmas. HELLO?!!

Debo: Yeah, it definitely shows how their marriage is fairly rocky and the boss also discussed it in earlier episodes when he was talking about how young they got married. It seems like their partnership is more of a habit instead of out of love which is why I think this is even more difficult for the boss because he feels that he is falling for Qing Qing and is the love he feels for her more than the love he feels for his wife?

Wendilynn: Agreed. He’s visibly struggling. While he is falling further under Qing Qing’s spell, its been sort of funny to watch him fight being jealous. Cause he knows he has no right to be jealous.


Debo: Indeed. And I just feel bad for Xiao Fei’s assistant. That guy just really likes Qing Qing and his chance to go on a date with her is taken away by a...married guy.

Wendilynn: I don’t think he’s clued into the her Boss’s feelings yet. But while I like him, he’s sweet and all, he’s not the right type of guy for Qing Qing. She won't be attracted to someone who she thinks is too innocent. The fact that she is taking forever to set her date with him is a clue. Of course, she’s falling for her boss as well and I’m glad she is trying not to.

Debo: Of course. The assistant is definitely not the right man for her and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Our girls are discovering themselves as their individual relationships deepen.  Can they find the courage to take the next steps, or not take them, as the case may be?  Will the boys get a clue to their own feelings and act on them? 

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