Welcome, drama clubbers! Crazy Dog Qin is trying to progress Yi Wan and Xiao Fe’s relationship while Qing Qing and Boss are discovering their feelings for each other. Come discuss episodes 19 and 20 of Dear Mom with Wendilynn and Amy!

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Wendilynn: First I want to say welcome back Amy! She’s been on family leave and we’re so happy to have her back on the drama club. She’s been missed. Just in time for Debo to take a break for school stuff before spring break. lol

I just want to say, that Crazy Dog Qin is easily one of my favorite characters. He’s so busy following what he thinks he sees and, thanks to his Boss, is flat out ignoring that Yi Wan and Xiao Fei want to take things slow. When he pulled out that acupuncture mannequin, I just about died with laughter.

Amy: Crazy Dog Qin is one of my favorites as well. I automatically get a smile on my face when he shows up. His crazy schemes are pretty out there but they do seem to progress the relationship at least a little.


Wendilynn: I love all the ways that Du Xiao Fei threatened to kill him after he’s gone off on one of his romantic “teaching” moments. I loved the moment where he gives him that “gift card” and after he finishes being eloquently thankful he asks what it is, and with a straight face, Xiao Fei says, “Freezer number 83 at the morgue” ROFL!! The humor between these two is awesome. I have to wonder which actor is having more fun in those scenes.

Amy: I loved it when Crazy Dog Qin told Xiao Fei he doesn’t make as much money as his mom so Crazy Dog is going to do what Mommy says. I think he is really enjoying trying to get those two together too. It seems like he understands their slow progress it’s just Mommy who wants to make everything progress more quickly. Patience, Mommy! It will turn out well in the end.

Wendilynn: If Mommy had her way, they’d be getting pregnant tonight. lol

Amy: Yes. She wants a baby now. I find Mommy a little crazy but cute at the same time. I totally get where she is coming from but she is taking things a little too far. What kind of drama would we have without a crazy mom though?

Wendilynn: I like this type of crazy mom over the mean crazy mom arch type. At least this crazy mom is loveable even if you just want to wring her by the neck for trying to rush things. lol However, her getting Crazy Dog to get Xiao Fei sick almost backfired. lol

Amy: Yes. He did follow her directions by not giving him the cold, flu, or breaking bones but it is never a good idea to cause an allergic reaction. I’m just glad it wasn’t too serious; his throat didn’t close or anything like that. Oh the things you go through for love. Qing Qing had a scare and had to go to the hospital. That was pretty tense for everyone involved.


Wendilynn: It helps that Xiao Fei had that big first aid kit with his allergy meds on the wall. I said it last time that Shan Ming is too nice for Qing Qing. How anyone could have missed all the pregnant, deep, intense stares that Qing Qing and her Boss were sharing is anyone’s guess. I think this is the first time her Boss really had to confront how he feels about her. She was sick and hurt and because he cares, he was just a tad too emotional about the whole thing.

Amy: I think that Shan Ming was too caught up in his own feelings to notice the looks Qing Qing and Boss were sharing. I really hope Boss resolves his feelings soon and Qing Qing notices how sweet Shan Ming is. If you aren’t going to have a relationship with someone don’t entertain feelings of liking them. That is my pet peeve though. I loved Shan Ming telling Qing Qing remedies from the countryside where he is from. He is too cute.

Wendilynn: The problem is that Qing Qing won’t fall for innocent. She scoffs at Yi Wan and Xiao Fei’s innocence. She wants a man who will challenge her and the way she thinks. Shan Ming won’t be able to provide that to her. He’s adorable. He’ll make a good husband to someone someday, but he’s not for Qing Qing. She’d walk all over him.

Amy: You’ve got a point but I feel bad for Shan Ming. I hate it when the sweet guys don’t get what they want. It tears me up. Speaking of, I don’t think Xiao Xi is going to get what she wants. The poor girl has been so pouty and we have not seen her talk to her man for a while.

Wendilynn: Well, she told Xi Ming she was going to marry him after graduation. What guy isn’t going to freak out? In a way, she’s being worse than crazy mom. lol She’s got to learn how to back off and let things grow naturally.


Amy: Agreed. She definitely seems like the pushy type. I think she’s been spoiled as the youngest so she is used to getting what she wants. I noticed again in these episodes how observant Mom is. She could tell when something was going on with Qing Qing just by the color of her face and the way she was carrying herself. I love how caring Mom is. She is just adorable.

Wendilynn: Mom is the steady rock in these girls lives. And maybe that’s why she gets the title of the show named after her. She is there taking after her girls while they learn to fly on their own. Of course, I’m not sure how much flying you can do when you have a curfew, but that’s another discussion. I found her comments on the difference between Yi Wan staying all night at a guy’s house not as big a worry compared to Xiao Xi staying overnight on a school trip funny. lol

Amy: Hee hee! Yi Wan is so innocent but it seems like it is always the quiet ones who surprise us. You just never know what will happen! I don’t think Xiao Fei would do anything her mom wouldn’t like though.

dm19_6.pngWendilynn: Yi Wan has some hidden steel to her character, I think. I also agree with you, Xiao Fei is as upstanding as they come. She is in safe hands. I’m not so sure he’d be in as safe a hands if I was the one changing his pajamas. Holy moly. He’s a good looking man and the sister tattoo was very sweet, and I don’t like tattoos.

Amy: I loved the sister tattoo. He is such a sweet guy. I think once he realizes that he is in love with Yi Wan things will go smoothly but he’ll need time to understand what is going on since he hasn’t been in a relationship. I don’t, however, think Mommy will allow that.

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