An Qing’s secret is finally out, Xiao Xi got her man back, and Yi Wan is still trying to figure out her relationship with Xiao Fei. Will these girls ever get their lives straightened out? Come discuss it with us!


Wendilynn: Xiao Xi didn’t really get him back. She bribed him to see her by taking him to her sister’s gym. Watching her fight over him with Daniel was funny.

Amy: Didn’t she actually get someone else to invite him to the gym? She REALLY missed the guy. I did enjoy watching Daniel go after him. Xiao Xi will do anything to keep her man next to her. She is very blinded by love.

Wendilynn: Having Daniel spill the beans about the divorce was, I guess, inevitable. I knew him learning about it would be trouble and sure enough, he was the weak link, so to speak.


Amy: Yeah. I totally forgot about Daniel overhearing that conversation a few episodes earlier. I wasn’t surprised when he spilled the beans. Poor Xiao Xi could not handle the news AT ALL. I’m surprised she didn’t just spurt it out as soon as she saw her mom.

Wendilynn: Yeah, she really did freak out. Her immaturity really showed through in this situation. Later, when she blurted things to Yu Huang, she was so in release mode she wasn’t able to be careful.

Amy: It seems like everyone in their family placed An Qing on a pedestal as the perfect daughter and example to live up to. Xiao Xi looked up to her relationship with her husband and wanted something like that and the other sisters think that An Qing is perfect too. That is a lot of pressure to put a person under.


Wendilynn: A very unhealthy pedestal she was put on, too. She was unable to lean on her family for support when life turned upside down. I loved how her Dad responded. He reflected on himself and why she couldn’t come talk to them, and then he took her to the river and let her know everything would be okay. I can’t wait till next episode to hear the rest of what he’s going to tell her. You know it’ll be loving because he’s a good dad.

Amy: Yep. Their dad is awesome. Everyone should have a dad like him. So loving and kind. It’s too bad he thinks he is a failure. What did you think about Qi Le’s sister? She wasn’t as crazy as Xiao Fei’s Mommy (yet) but she was definitely excited to meet An Qing!


Wendilynn: After 8 years of looking through magazines, I kind of didn’t blame her reaction. However, you have to just shake one’s head because WHO in their right mind just assumes someone is a sister in law? Talk about jumping to poor assumptions. Qi Le was so embarrassed. No pressure. lol

Amy: Poor An Qing. She handled it well though. I would have run away. Ha ha! I thought that Qi Le handled it well too. He didn’t get mad at his sister or try to use the situation to jump start a relationship An Qing isn’t ready for. I wonder how much longer he’ll have to wait though. Hee hee!

Wendilynn: Considering how slow this show is telling its story, at least another 20 episodes, at least. lol However, I have to give An Qing credit, she didn’t get mad or anything. She already knew he’d been thinking of her for 8 years, seeing just how much farther it went… I think she handled it well.

Amy: For sure. I get that An Qing had a huge impact in Qi Le’s life but how did he not meet anyone else in that eight years? That I don’t get at all. Even if someone had that big of an impact in my life I would have assumed they’d found someone and I would have at least tried to do the same myself. Qi Le is loyal, that’s for sure.

Wendilynn: You know, it just may be that loyalty that will win the day with An Qing, because she is never going to trust another guy for a long time.

Amy: Very true and I can’t say that I blame her. Speaking of trust, did you catch what Yu Huang said about Xiao Xi’s boyfriend cheating on her? She dismissed it but there has to be something there.

Wendilynn: Yu Huang has already seen him flirting with more than just Xiao Xi when they were all gathered playing basketball, remember? So he’s expecting that to fall out, I’m thinking.

Amy: Oh yeah. I forgot about that. How do you think Xiao Fei and Yi Wan will get out of their Mommy predicament? Is there any use fighting it? Ha ha!


Wendilynn: This part of their story has me very angry. Forcing a proposal and dress fittings when they haven’t said they want to just makes me see red. As cute as it is to see Mad Dog Qin in an angel outfit torturing a violin, his and Mommy’s actions are inexcusable. And YI Wan needs to learn how to say no. That girl just keeps her mouth shut. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Amy: Mad Dog Qin was playing sweet music in HIS mind. Ha ha! I think that Yi Wan is having a hard time because she wants a relationship with Xiao Fei but doesn’t want to get married yet and hasn’t figured how to tell him that. It’s like she is waiting for him to say that he wants to date her first. He did keep saying that he didn’t want to propose YET.

Wendilynn: Well, he did disappoint her when he emphasized that he didn’t love her and so couldn’t force a marriage on her yet. lol And I agree that she wants to have a relationship with him. I think she also likes his Mom and understands her to a degree. But… they are going waaay too far to fast.

Amy: It’s hard to know when you’re in love if you’ve never had a relationship. They just need to sit down and have a talk about their feelings but they’re trying to figure out how to get out of the marriage instead. I agree that Mommy is trying to force them to do too much too fast. I do enjoy seeing Mad Dog Qin dress up though. Ha ha!

Wendilynn: They don’t have time to talk their feelings because they are constantly fighting off Mommy and the crazy stuff she forces Mad Dog Qin to do. That poor kid.

Amy: That and Yi Wan keeps getting her feelings hurt and running away instead of saying what is on her mind. Words are useful, Yi Wan!

Wendilynn: She takes timid to a whole new level. And it frustrates the snot out of me right at the moment. lol WHY is she allowing herself to be fitted for a wedding dress?!!!

What do you think drama clubbers? Will Xiao Fei and Yi Wan ever figure their relationship out? What about An Qing and her family? Do you think they'll be disappointed in her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you for watching with us!

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