Yi Wan is safe and sound but the family is up in flames that she was ever in danger. Xiao Fei is now certain of his feelings and now they must tread the tricky waters of pissed off parents. Qing Qing doesn’t understand why her Boss is suddenly cutting her off as he struggles with his own growing feelings. Join Amy and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss the aftermath of a kidnapping in these episodes of Dear Mom.

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Amy: I completely understand why Yi Wan’s mom was so upset but I don’t get why she wouldn’t even try to listen to an explanation. I guess she needs more time to cool off? Thinking about myself, I would want an explanation even if I was THAT angry. I guess everyone is different. I felt sorry for Yi Wan’s dad too. He wanted to support her but also her mom at the same time. Poor guy. Hee hee! I think he made the right choice supporting his wife. She needed him.


Wendilynn: He was certainly in a tough spot. I can also understand why they are alarmed. This gangster woman comes to push a proposal to a couple you had no clue about and then ones daughter is kidnapped. Any parent would be alarmed. I, however, felt that they were too harsh on Yi Wan. I felt it completely unfair for them to keep yelling at her all the time. They know her nature completely and yet they kept yelling at her for being herself. As if it was her fault she was kidnapped.

Amy: Yeah. That wasn’t cool. I’m just glad she gathered up her courage and visited Xiao Fei despite her mom telling her not to. I think that it is important for them to communicate and stay together instead of avoiding each other. I know Yi Wan’s parents don’t like it but I also think that they need to trust her judgment more. Her family treats her like she is dumb but I think they need to give Yi Wan more credit. I’m tired of them telling her that she is bad at making decisions and stuff like that.

Wendilynn: She is a peacemaker and doesn’t defend herself like her more vocal siblings so she gets lost often. Oddly enough, that’s one of the reasons I like Xiao Fei. He pays attention to her quiet moods and tries to read them. He doesn’t try to push her in bad ways. When she couldn’t tell him why she was upset with him, he kept trying and trying until he thought he figured it out. He wasn’t going to just tell her she was stupid.

Amy: Yeah. I keep forgetting that she doesn’t speak up for herself. I wish that she would because it’s good for her. Maybe she’ll learn to do it. I can tell Xiao Fei is going to be good for her. He might even help her out of her shell a little bit. What did you think about Qing Qing’s boss? I think it is a smart move on his part to distance himself from her.


Wendilynn: He’s trying. He’s being really illogical about it though. I found his drunk conversation about marriage illuminating when he was at Xiao fei’s house. And now they are going to this party together. oh boy.

Amy: I guess since he got married to someone right after he graduated college he feels like he didn’t get enough experience dating. I don’t know. He made his decision, though, so he’s stuck. I don’t like them going to the party together. I’m pretty sure we’ll relive the night they drank wine together.

Wendilynn: Well, he said that his wife was the first woman he knew that made him want to settle down. But clearly they are no longer spending time together. She is constantly making excuses that leave them alone for long periods of time. This is not helping him.

Amy: Yep. I hope he is able to put forth some effort and work things out without getting too involved with Qing Qing. I could picture things going either way but someone is going to end up hurt no matter what.

Wendilynn: Well, Xiao Fei did warn him that he’d dealt with many an unhappy divorce because of cheating spouses. We can only hope that Qing Qing and her Boss can keep from going too far. But running away from it won’t help. They need to talk this out. Speaking of talking things out. I’m glad Xiao Fei finally came clean with his mom.


Amy: Hee hee! Xiao Fei’s mom took it well too. I think she is mellowing out a little bit now that she knows what is really going on and is satisfied that Xiao Fei and Yi Wan like each other. I’m not saying she won’t push for marriage but she seems like, for now at least, she will be happy as long as they’re together and their relationship is moving forward. Also, I really like the way that Xiao Fei looks at Yi Wan now that he knows that he likes her. It is just so completely adorable!

Wendilynn: Patience is not his Mom’s virtue. Now that they’ve admitted to loving each other, she can be secure that her preferred ending will take place. lol 

What do you think Drama Clubbers? Will Xiao Fei and Yi Wan be able to smooth everything over and feel better in their relationship? What will Qing QIng and her boss do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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