A child is lost in these episodes of Dear Mom. Jerry has had a fight with his classmates over his missing dad and he’s run away to find him only to find himself in the care of a stranger. Will he prove to be a good guy or a bad one? Excuse Debo as she has school stuff getting in the way. HA!  And join Amy and me as we squeal in fangirl delight at this episode's gorgeous cameo.

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Amy: I felt so bad for Jerry! He misses his dad terribly but he hasn’t even been able to talk to him let alone see him. When those kids were talking about their dads little Jerry just needed to see his and went looking. He broke my heart.

Wendilynn: Children can be such monsters to each other. I didn’t blame Jerry at all. Even though him leaving the school was terribly dangerous, he’s been feeling so cut off from his dad it was really just a matter of time before he took matters into his own hands. You can’t blame his mom either, because dad isn’t making ANY effort to stay in touch.


Amy: I don’t get that. Not even a phone call? Skype? I felt bad for everyone frantically searching for him too. I would have been losing my mind!

Wendilynn: We have no idea what Dad is doing. All we have is that cryptic phone call where she tells him she sent him money. I liked that both Xiao Fe and Qi Le got involved to help their girls find the little guy. Calling all gangsters and bikers. lol What a lookout party.

Amy: Yeah. I loved the bikers coming out to look for him too but the gangsters were my favorite. Something about a tough guy looking out for a kid just tickles me. When Yi Wan and Xiao Fei were walking into the park Yi Wan brought up a handsome man who offers treats to kids and abducts them in the park. She saw a story on the news. Did you expect what we really got?

Wendilynn: No I did not. When Jerry was handed that cream puff by the mysterious hand in suit, I was like No No No NO. I did think the smile seemed familiar though, but could not place it. then when episode 10 started and we see WHO our child abductor was, I started laughing. I was like…. no way. He’s playing a child abductor?!!!

DMe10 bad man.jpg

Amy: Ha ha ha! Aaron Yan as a child abductor! Fortunately he was just helping out and it was hilarious. Scolding the parents for not watching over their child closely enough then saying even if they are just the aunt and uncle they should be responsible! Such a tough man.

Wendilynn: The chewing out he gives them cracked me up too. The whole freaking scene was just great. People sure do make assumptions in these shows. And then when Crazy Dog shows up we get that cool “gangster sixth sense” moment and then Crazy Dog goes all subservient when he realizes its his idol. These two were in Fall In Love with Me together and I’m convinced now that there must be similarities in production teams or something for SO MANY cast members to show up between the two shows.

DMe10 idol.jpg

Amy: Yeah. I haven’t seen Fall In Love with Me yet but now I want to. I love Crazy Dog! He was so funny idolizing Aaron Yan but Aaron was so dorky. His walk...Ha ha ha!

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, that walk away. What an adorkable moment. lol “Yeah, I’m all cool and stuff but I’m going to walk away like every goofy over the top anime character ever.....” LOL!!

Amy: Speaking of adorkable. How adorkable was the talk Grandpa gave Jerry when he got home? The little dance they did beforehand and then the “man” talk. I mean, stinkin’ adorable and you could tell that Jerry loved it!

Wendilynn: Oh gosh, the man talk. I loved it. I have two sons. One is grown but my 9yr old already talks about how he’s here to protect his mom. That was something even a basic 5 year old could easily understand. And really a great way to make a little boy not want to do something foolish like that again.


Amy: I’m always telling my boys that they need to look out for their sisters and each other at school and they make sure to tell me if anyone is mean to them. Hee hee! Mom was adorable too, wanting to thank them with a meal. She’s too cute but you could tell the girls were afraid to ask their guy friends. Hee hee!

Wendilynn: Well you know Mom is in matchmaker mode as well as just being thankful. Thanking a savior with food is a long time tradition. But, its also a way to get the man whose texting her daughter to her house. lol Little does mom know that she’s really bringing two lovers to her house. lol

Amy: I really love Qi Le. He is so sweet! He seems like he cares about his employees and business but you can tell he has a special interest in An Qing. I think if he keeps showing her kindness they’ll develop a friendship and hopefully fall in love when An Qing is ready.

Wendilynn: He does watch out for her carefully. She changed the course of his life. She is a vital person to him. He’s seen enough of her struggle to want to be on her side as she was once on his. I like that he was quick to play along when she was forced to introduce him to her sister.

Amy: Xiao Fei is super sweet too. I think it is time for him to stop hinting that he likes Yi Wan and just tell her before she gets more confused. Yi Wan seems like the kind of person who needs to have a clear picture so that she knows what is going on or else she’ll assume and get hurt.

Wendilynn: I agree. I have a funny feeling that he doesn’t really know he likes her like that yet. He’s sticking around so that Crazy Dog doesn’t bother her more and before he knows it he’s going to find himself caught, with a bright pink broccoli. Crazy Dog moaning about how he doesn’t understand the grown up world made me laugh. How old is this character anyway? lol


Amy: Ha ha! I loved that line too. I don’t understand the adult world and I’m in my thirties so I get where he’s coming from. Adults are way too complicated. Hee hee!

Wendilynn: Speaking of complicated, I think Mom has made things unintentionally harder for An Qing. First there was the scenes where they discover that the home phone number in America has been disconnected, and then Mom goes into that talk about how An Qing makes her a qualified mom. I kept thinking….oh geez, no pressure An Qing.


Amy: I know. Poor An Qing was so close to telling Mom what really happened and then felt like she couldn’t. I felt so bad for her but I think if she told her mom, Mom would completely understand. It may take her a while to accept it and come around but she’d still support An Qing.

Wendilynn: I agree with you Amy. She’s not going to take it well at first, but I think what will concern her most is that An Qing couldn’t tell her immediately. That she felt she needed to hide it. I think that will hurt her feelings more.

Amy: Definitely. Moms want to take care of their kids, especially when they’re going through a hard time.

Wendilynn: Kids also want to take care of their moms in return. Xiao Fe’s care of his mom has been really sweet. I am starting to understand why he puts up with so much even though she makes a mess of his love life. Telling her about making a broccoli for his little sister was so thoughtful and sweet.


Amy: I can’t get over how sweet he is. He is like the stereotypical second lead character. He takes care of everyone, has a strong sense of justice, and is super adorable with the women in his life. Not to mention handsome. There’s that.

Wendilynn: He’s a perfect character for second lead syndrome except that he gets his own girl. yay!! lol

Jerry has been found and Grandma now wants to treat his rescuers to a meal.  What will the girls do with the men they don't want to introduce to mom? 

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