Welcome to another week of Discovery of Romance. We finally get to see Ha Jin come clean, and we wait for Yeo Reum to do the same. Joon Ho proves that he is the king of comic relief and Sol tries to play dumb as to not ruin anything. That just leaves us with Tae Ha proving that he’s the mature one of the group. Come join Shai, Cici and I as we try to figure out where we go from here.

Cici: I found Ha Jin’s explanation of his relationship with Ah Rim very moving and courageous, and I had to respect Yeo Reum for her reaction. It was interesting that she realized that she had learned how to console someone from Tae Ha.

Shai: I did like his speech and I think this episode showed some development for Ha Jin in some way. He told Yeo Reum the truth and she really understood. I think had he told her about his adoption before Tae Ha came back around her reaction would have been different, I think he’s slowly changing her and she’s learning a lot from him

Wendilynn: I also really liked Ha Jin coming clean to Yeo Reum. I approach it from a different perspective though. Ha Jin really needs healing in the guilt he carries for how he thinks he treated Ah Rim when he was 12. Having the person you love, know your darkest part and then have them say they love you and accept that part, that’s huge! So important. He needed Yeo Reum to accept him unconditionally.

Cici: I was really hoping that she would share something in return, although the timing wasn’t really right. Unfortunately, other events got in the way and she never got to reciprocate.

Wendilynn: yeah, she lost her chances too. I don’t know if Ha Jin will be nearly as understanding as she was. 

Cici: Well, she got to be understanding because he bared his soul to her. What else could she have done? But the revelation of her past relationship with Tae Ha, which was basically his worst nightmare, didn’t even come from her. Finding and opening that box is going to prove the pivotal point in their relationship.

Shai: Honestly, Yeo Reum’s secret is far worse than Ha Jin’s and because he found out on his own rather than her telling him, the consequences are going to be far greater. He was already feeling weird about them anyways and this will be a blow to him and this will definitely test their strength as a couple.

Cici: I can’t help but feel bad for Yeo Reum. Which is really a switch for me. But she’s trying to do the right thing by Ha Jin, even though she has such strong feelings for Tae Ha, and she is still being held in suspicion by everyone else.

Wendilynn: This is true. She’s been doing really well with being upfront with Ha Jin about her schedule, who she’s with and what she is doing. Unfortunately, its falling under the “too little too late” after there has been so much misunderstanding without clarification. Even if she had told Ha Jin that they had known each other during college, it would have been so much better for her over all.

Shai: I agree. Sadly, there was too much deception before this and Ha Jin is already suspicious and then there’s Sol and Joon Ho who are always caught in the middle. I also think it would have been better had she simply said he was a friend from college, I understand her reasons for not telling him about their true past, but at least partially admitting they knew each other would be better than lying about it overall.

Cici: Well, after he saw the pictures spanning five years of a relationship in that box, nothing but the whole truth would have prevented him from feeling betrayed. I can only imagine how hurt and confused and angry he must feel.

Wendilynn: Next episode is going to be illuminating… I hope. I really wish we’d hit this point before I became emotionally attached to Ha Jin though. I didn’t really care what happened to him before the last episode. Now I like him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still Team Tae Ha, but I don’t want to see Ha Jin cry either. I don’t think my heart can take it.

Cici: I like Ha Jin a whole lot better now, too, but I’ve never felt he was right for Yeo Reum, or that she was right for him. I’m hoping that a dramatic break-up will allow the pieces to fall back in the right order--Ha Jin with Ah Rim, and Yeo Reum back with Tae Ha. I know that’s a lot to ask for in just three more episodes, but I can hope, can't I?

Wendilynn: Well, we know Ah Rim has forgiven him now. I liked their conversation where she asks him how “her brother” might feel about what he’s chosen to do in regards to his sister.

Cici: Actually, the whole conversation had me really upset. The more she forgives him when he doesn’t realize she knows who he is, the less he is able to come clean and tell her himself. It’s very complicated and I don’t like it.

Shai: I didn’t care for that, I was yelling at my screen the whole time. She knows who he is and it seemed like she wanted him to come clean, I wish he would have. There was nothing holding him back, but maybe in his heart he knew that she knew. But still I would have liked for him to just say who he is. I mean, they’re siblings, why wouldn’t you want your baby sister to know who you are? Btw I just realized they were biological siblings lol

Wendilynn: They aren’t biological. I can understand why neither of them have come clean about who they are. He explained how complicated it was and she agreed with him.

Cici: I’m confused about that again, because it turns out they have the same last name.

Shai: So does every kid in that orphanage have the same last name then? Hmm..well I’m very confused now.

Wendilynn: My pet theory is that because they had the same last name, they teamed up in the orphanage. It was the only straw they had to grasp as a connection with someone after becoming orphans.

Cici: That makes sense, but I wouldn’t put it past these writers to sneak in a zinger unexpectedly.

Wendilynn: They’ve already said they weren’t biological. Ah Rim said it, and I think Ha Jin as well.

Shai: I guess that makes sense, never mind then. lol

Wendilynn: Can I laugh about how silly Joon Ho was in this episode? He had me laughing so much. That fall down the stairs was like a bugs bunny cartoon.

Cici: He is great. He is trying so hard to figure out how to let Sol know how he feels, and she is really giving him a hard time. He is going to have to earn it, lol. But at least she’s admitted to Yeo Reum how she feels. I was pretty delighted for her that she has not one, not two, but three guys all vying for her attention. That comment about her personal life becoming “promiscuous” was hysterical.

Shai: Yes, I was glad to see her talk about how she feels. It was kind surprising tbh She’s honest, but I figured she’d be in denial for bit. I think having 3 guys after her has kinda boosted her confidence up a bit. I mean now she’s seeing that you don’t have to sleep with a guy to actually have them interested in you, they like her because of who she is. Life lesson #343 in this drama lol

Wendilynn: LOL! I like that she is helping Joon Ho not screw up his confession to her. If he doesn’t show that he thinks of her as a woman (which he has yet to do) she WILL turn him down.

Cici: He has to show that he thinks of her as BOTH a woman and a person. Which just might be hard for him. That’s probably the crux of this whole drama, though. Respect for your partner as both a member of the opposite sex and as a person can be a tough balancing act.

Wendilynn: She’s been little sister most of his life. Having them both view the other as a male and female is new territory. Even if she is willing, she’ll probably deck Joon Ho the first time he goes for a kiss anyway. lol

Cici: Actually, I expect her to lose patience with his fumbling around and just initiate the kiss herself, lol. I’d really like to see that!

Wendilynn: That would be so much fun to watch. LOL!

Cici: I’ve got to admit I was hoping that Tae Ha would have just pretended that he was drunk and kissed Yeo Reum. All this restraint is making me frustrated.

Wendilynn: Believe it or not, they both respect Ha Jin enough to not want to be jerks to him.

Cici: Well, that ‘s just misguided. Staying with Ha Jin out of a sense of duty when her heart clearly belongs to Tae Ha--how does she think that’s doing him any favors? Is she really so arrogant that she thinks giving a part of herself to Ha Jin would be better for him than breaking up with him?

Wendilynn: I don’t think arrogance has anything to do with it. She lost her chance with Tae Ha, or so she believes, and that has made her reluctant to lose another good relationship. She wants to give her best to Ha Jin. We just know that Tae Ha is the better match so we’re impatient to see her leave Ha Jin, but he’s a good man. Its not a bad relationship. Its not like he ignores her, controls her or beats her up.

Shai: It’s not arrogance from her end, I think it’s that sense of security for her. She’s been with Ha Jin for this past year and it’s comfortable. Her heart isn’t with him, but she feels that it’s only logical to stay even though it’s obvious it’s killing her every minute she spends with him. She does love him, but not in that way. I think she’s convinced herself that she’ll be okay if she marries Ha Jin, but like she said you need some excitement in a relationship and he doesn’t exactly feel the same way. She’ll realize that it isn’t fair to her, Ha Jin, or even Tae Ha to continue in this relationship that she’s not that confident in.

Cici: When she said that she knew her place, and would stay in that place (with Ha Jin). All I could think was that it was a perfect recipe for leading a life of “quiet desperation”. And that wouldn’t be fair--to anyone.

Wendilynn: No it would not. How well she’s going to be able to stay in that place now that Ha Jin has found the suitcase will be anyone’s guess…..not that we’re wishing too hard for it to work out.

Cici: Add that to the suspicion he showed when she spent the night at her mom’s, and it’s a perfect setup for a break up!

Shai: Yes, but perhaps it won’t come from his end. I think this will give her the initiative she needs to finally think for herself for once and not have anyone automatically siding with Ha Jin or have this feeling of guilt. No matter how much Ha Jin’s trust for her diminishes, he’s always going to want to stay with her and will continue to justify this.

Wendilynn: I don’t think so. This story is called Discovery of Romance. Just because Ha Jin might be losing Yeo Reum does that necessarily mean he won’t get to also discover some romance for himself too? We already know he’s holding onto Yeo Reum out of desperation. Once he can break from her, he also will be able to find some for himself.

Cici: Now that would be a happy ending I could go for.

Ha Jin has just opened Pandora's box. This makes us antsy about what will happen in episode 14.  Will his reaction be like Yeo Reum and Sol imagined and will this force him to finally break free from his relationship with Yeo Reum or will he hold on tighter? Will he finally give Tae Ha that beating he promised?  Will Tae Ha step forward to claim Yeo Reum's heart or will he keep waiting until Yeo Reum is ready?  Will Ah Rim finally get to acknowledge Ta Hae as her brother?   Fill us in on your thoughts and impressions in the comments below.

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