We have reached our game changer moment in Discovery of Romance with episode 10. Our leads have been like pool balls bouncing around and banging into each other. We’ve spent too many episodes watching them cling and yell at each other without making any progress. That changed this week with the revelation of what has made Yeo Reum such a wreck. Tae Ha finally understands his own shortcomings and has a decision to make. Ha Jin also must face telling Yeo Reum his past or risk losing her. Just what have our character’s decided? Join Shai, Cici and I, Wendilynn as we discuss our take on the moments that moved us.

Cici: When I saw the title of this episode, Let’s Break Up, I was sure that Ha Jin and Yeo Reum were going to split. I was NOT prepared for what actually happened.

Shai: I thought that same thing. I was sure Ha Jin and Yeo Reum were going to end their relationship, but seeing what actually happened was even better for me. It may seem odd, but I loved what Tae Ha did and I am so glad he finally let go of Yeo Reum. He not only let go, but so did she. He was 100% right that her holding onto all that anger proved she wasn’t over their breakup either. It was a time of peace for both of them after five years.

Wendilynn: I loved that he did it. It means that he is ready to face what he did. And it means he really could love her the right way. He wasn’t just holding on for habit’s sake. Yeo Reum was not able to see that he loved her at all, and with this, she gets to see that he really does.

Cici: I hated it, but I loved it. It was as if he wanted to let go in order to start over the right way, acknowledging that he is a different person now than he was five years ago, and so is she. But he also thinks that Ha Jin is better for her, and wishes her well. I am very conflicted about this, because it borders on noble idiocy, which I loathe.

Wendilynn: I HATE noble sacrifice for no reason. This was not without reason. Yeo Reum has her dad’s suicide and her anger at Tae Ha all wrapped up together. She cannot separate them. This will allow her to finally pull those two events apart. Tae Ha isn’t stepping back because he is punishing himself needlessly in some form of biased guilt. He really has to let her go if he wants her to heal and also know that he loves her as deeply as he does.

Shai: I also despise noble idiocy, that’s the one drama trope I can’t stand, but in this case I can handle it. Not only does Tae Ha need to properly move on by acknowledging the past and what he did wrong, but Yeo Reum needs to begin letting go of all her anger towards him. She hated him so much for him not being there for her after her dad’s suicide that she just hated everything about her dad’s anniversary. I’m sure had he been there, her actions during this time of the year would be totally different. Looking at it, I think this show is less about who’s going to end up with who, but about character growth and how much you can develop as a person once you properly let go of the past. So with that, I just want each character to mature and develop without jumping into another relationship.

Wendilynn: It does seem to be focusing more on character growth and maturity in these last two episodes for which I’m so grateful for. I could not have taken another round of yelling and accusations.

Cici: Yes! Now, if Ha Jin would just get up the nerve to go against his mother’s wishes and tell Yeo Reum about his past and his relationship to Ah Rim, things would get moving. Taking that risk would allow Yeo Reum to finally tell him the truth about her past as well.

Wendilynn: I finally understand why he can’t let Yeo Reum go. When Ha Jin asked his mom why he could never win against her, I suddenly realized that in Ha Jin’s mind, he has connected his Mom and Yeo Reum to that security blanket that wraps around an orphaned child.

Shai: You’re right, Wendilynn, I also realized that. But what I also discovered is why his mother is against him telling Yeo Reum about his adoption. It happened quick and they cut from the scene so we never got to see his answer. When he was talking about how he could never win against his mother, she asked him if Yeo Reum wanted to marry him. We didn’t get to see what he said, but I think part of her hesitation is that if Yeo Reum isn’t 100% sure she wants to marry Ha Jin then this secret could make or break her son’s relationship. Remember, Yeo Reum has been lying about her reasons for not marrying Ha Jin so if she’s not committed to him then maybe his mom sees no point in him saying anything to her. I think she doesn’t want to see him hurt.

Cici: Agreed. She is very protective of him, and I can understand her point. Of course, deception never ends well, and as the audience, we know that the truth has to come out, and the sooner, the better.

Wendilynn: I also agree with Shai’s point. Mom does not see a reason to risk her son’s emotional stability right now. Despite what we thought at the beginning of the series, both Moms do care about their kids a great deal.

Cici: Yay, moms! What did you think of the meeting of the two moms with the director? I finally realized where this side plot was going--nowhere! But in the funniest way possible. Poor director--he expected a cat fight and all he got was amused ridicule.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, that was so funny.

Shai: I knew it was going nowhere lol But it was still pretty funny to watch. Poor director hehe

Cici: At least it was a relief to see the brighter side of all three characters, so I wouldn’t have to be so annoyed every time they appeared on screen. And they did help me get a little better understanding of both Yeo Reum and Ha Jin. Good job, writers.

Wendilynn: Speaking of writing. Jung Mok approaching Sol the way he did. Pine tree...proposal offer… the dude is asking for heart break. Although, him mixing up "heart" and "chest" was funny. 

Shai: *sigh* I feel so bad for him because I know this isn’t going anywhere. Sol already doesn’t take him too seriously and he’s putting his whole heart out there. Then you have Joon Ho acting all weird because he can’t handle his emotions right and now so she also thinks he’s odd.

Cici: Joon Ho--that imaginary ‘Oppa” scene had me rolling on the floor. And poor Sol really has no idea what’s going through his head. Not reality, that’s for sure.

Wendilynn: This is why I said that Joon Ho will have to show her the way. Joon Ho is worse than friend zoned, he’s brother zoned. That’s why she didn’t hardly flinch when he saw her with no shirt on. It will take her some time to realize that what makes them so in sync works for a romantic relationship. And we are going to laugh the whole way.

Cici: Anyone care to predict when Joon Ho will finally get around to kissing Sol? We could start a little bet on the side and each kick in for the jackpot, lol.

Wendilynn: He’s going to have to move soon because Jung Mok is a viable contender. He’s not a jerk, he’s a decent guy who is the second banana of a company. He’s considerate and a really good guy. She would be stupid not to give him a chance. Even if she ultimately doesn’t feel anything, she should at least give him a try.

Shai: For some reason I feel like Sol will give Jung Mok a chance only for her to see how much she cares for Joon Ho..in a non sisterly way.

Cici: You guys are so logical. But have you forgotten who you’re talking about here? Sol hasn’t operated in a logical way when it comes to romance yet, and I don’t expect her to start now, lol. Remember how she got her name? Pine tree because she is so unchanging.

Wendilynn: If she was feeling romantically involved, I would agree with you. But she’s in stand off mode because of the hurt she got from Eun Gyu. She is not using her heart right now. However, I agree with Shai that giving Jung Mok a chance will open her eyes to Joon Ho because he will not be quiet about the matter. He’s just as emotionally goofy as she is. Those two, when they finally come together are going to be so emotionally hot. They will tie themselves to each other happily.

Cici: I can only hope you’re right, and that it happens soon. I really love them together and can’t wait for their relationship to take the next step.

Shai: Am I the only one who thinks they’ll be weird once (if) Sol realizes her own feelings? I mean, they live together what’s going to go through their heads if they ever get together? lol

Wendilynn: OH, it’ll be awkward as hell, but because they are our comic relief and are so lovably goofy, we will enjoy it.

Cici: Well, the precedent has been established in It’s Okay, That’s Love, so I think they can work it out. But I agree, it will be a highly amusing ride.

The story is getting more interesting as real emotional development takes place.  I was half expecting Yeo Reum to run after Tae Ha as he left.  Ha Jin was finally smart enough to tell Yeo Reum the reason why he can't tell her what's going on yet and Joon Ho will have to make his own moves soon.  Its all up for grabs, so tell us what you expect to see in next week's episodes in the comments below. 

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