Following last week’s awesome character development, we get so much more in this episode that I am unable to contain my feels. From secrets almost being put out there to a very unexpected confession. Join Wendilynn, Cici, and me as we discuss episode 11 of Discovery of Romance.

Cici: Can I just say that I love the OST for this drama? Between the Acoustic Collabo and the Brown-Eyed Soul numbers, I’m melting.

Wendilynn: The music is very good. I had to laugh when they played Bruno Mars “I think I wanna marry you” when the older couple was talking about if they should live together.

Cici: That was brilliant. I’m actually starting to like that couple. For the longest time they were just annoying.

Shai: It’s about time something came out of that. Yoon Hee and Yeo Reum are more alike than I originally thought

Wendilynn: Agreed. I guess even our older couple gets to discover romance. At least they are no longer bumps on the log, although, I still don’t see how their story is important or necessary. We already have our comic relief in Joon Ho and Sol.

Cici: And they did not disappoint in this episode, either. Joon Ho is so funny trying to get Sol to see him as a man, without actually coming out and saying what he’s thinking.

Shai: It is very interesting to see how Joon Ho is handling his new found feelings for Sol and can’t say what’s in his heart yet he’s always the voice of reason for Yeo Reum and Ha Jin. I like how it’s sort of a mirrored situation and how her mother’s love life is pretty much like hers. I really like how the writer chose to do that.

Cici: Good point...even though the couples have such different personalities, they are similar in the way they handle, or rather, don’t handle, communication. JUST SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, YOU GUYS! There, I said it.

Wendilynn: Both women have been seriously hurt by the Dad. He was having an affair and then Yeo Reum found him hanging. Both women are dealing with some issues from that. I’m guessing that some of the reason Mom is so cold is that she blames herself for not letting her husband go so he felt his only way out was suicide. That’s going to make you question yourself and make you hesitant to “make anyone else feel that way”.

Shai: It is nice how we are seeing how Yeo Reum could have been had she not let go of her anger and frustration. We disliked her mother, but came to understand her and know how she feels and we did the same for Yeo Reum. With Tae Ha officially letting her go, he opened up the doors for her to “feel” again.

Wendilynn: I think Tae Ha acknowledging that he had screwed up by not being there for her when her Dad died allowed Yeo Reum to forgive him. Taking away the anger she has been carrying all this time.

Cici: She was finally able to remember the good times they had, and how intensely they loved each other. She was able to admit, if only to herself, that those memories were precious to her. 

Cici: Eric Mun does vulnerable so well.  And not without effect. I was completely blown away when Yeo Reum said that she found herself waiting for him. Sob.

Shai: Yes, I was in shock when she said she looked out the window everyday. Like I know she began to remember their good times and how he wasn’t that much of a jerk to her, but never expected her to pretty much confess she waited for him to come back.

Wendilynn: Its not so much that she was finally remembering good times. It was that the memories were no longer clouded by feelings of anger, resentment and abandonment.

Shai: Yes, you’re right about that. She was so angry that she suppressed everything that was good about their relationship. I also find it funny how each question that Director Yoon asked was somehow related to Tae Ha and Yeo Reum. I thought it was perfect to include in this episode so we could see how she no longer was angry.

Cici: I think Tae Ha wrote the questions, but he didn't think Yeo Reum would be there to answer them.

Wendilynn: Well, we know he still loves her and its his way of remembering her. It was just interesting that Yeo Reum and Ha Jin were there too. I liked that she decided to answer them all so that Tae Ha would know that she found those memories precious too. Speaking of memories, can I shake a finger for a minute at Tae Ha? So we find out that he had planned to propose on that train trip. DUDE, YOU IGNORED HER THE WHOLE RIDE…..that is not the action of a man in love so much that you want to propose. lol

Shai: I’m gonna play devil’s advocate and say that maybe he was nervous. I mean, he obviously thought they were still secure enough to propose to her and then he did say he spoke to her father some time before his suicide and he promised to take care of her. Idk Perhaps he was just a bit nervous about the impending proposal.

Cici: Shai, you’re too kind. I keep remembering how he moved from next to her to across from her, and even put in ear buds so he wouldn't have to talk to her. She looked so hurt when he did that, and he either didn't care or didn't have a clue. So I’m with Wendilynn on this one. The good thing is, though, that he has matured and become more sensitive and aware over the past five years. The breakup was actually really good for him, even though it’s also been really hard.

Wendilynn: He was taking her for granted and it blew up on him. But he really did try to repent once he understood what was going on. Like him or not, he really stepped up to it once he found out just how thoroughly he screwed up. And in doing so, gave Yeo Reum what she really needed. Something that Ha Jin has not been able to give (because he hasn't been told) and from the looks of this episode, is starting to lose any desire to give.

Shai: Yes, I do agree with that. The breakup allowed him to mature and see what he did wrong in the relationship and apologize to her. I think that’s why it’s pretty easy to root for him, he may have screwed up, but he acknowledged his mistakes and has made attempts to correct them. I have my doubts on Ha Jin and Yeo Reum’s relationship, especially since he is okay with them being unchanged and so comfortable with each other. Then he swore they’d never breakup, I knew it would happen. Her ending confession pretty much confirmed it for me.

Cici: Just when I am about to give up on Ha Jin and Yeo Reum, they go and act all adorable together. 

Cici: But the problem is that while they’re cute together, their relationship lacks depth. And that’s because they have so many secrets from each other. If they really trusted each other, those secrets would have come out long ago. So in my mind the conflict in this drama is all about trust and communication. The one hinges on the other.

Wendilynn: I agree with you Cici. They refuse to confide in each other and so their relationship can only go so far. Frankly, that it's lasted so long is almost a miracle.

Cici: Don’t you get the feeling that both Yeo Reum and Ha Jin are more comfortable with keeping secrets, and letting the other person keep theirs? That is the perfect excuse for keeping that little bit of space that separates them, and keeps them from feeling the other person’s pain. I think it’s interesting that even after all this time, Tae Ha is still the first and only person Yeo Reum could tell about her father.

Shai: You have a very good point. Both don’t trust the other one enough to tell them their deepest secrets and it’s literally tearing them apart and they’re not seeing it--well Ha Jin isn’t, I think Yeo Reum is starting to see something is off. These two are hanging by a thread and that is a very superficial thread, no depth and nothing else going on. When they make up, it’s not actually making up and only masking the real issues. I believe Tae Ha coming back and helping her get over her anger has only opened up her eyes to see what’s wrong with her relationship with Ha Jin.

Wendilynn: There is a part of me that is a little sad that Yeo Reum and Ha Jin never really had a good “chance”. Their lack of trust in each other is causing their eventual split. Its not Ah Rim nor Tae Ha’s fault, which I find interesting. The writer has been making some interesting and conscious choices in the core relationship of Yeo Reum and Ha Jin. That’s the relationship that really needs to discover romance and instead its being torn apart by secrets.

Cici: Yes, but as you’ve pointed out, both of them are suffering from a great deal of pain in their past. Their difficulty getting over that pain is what is keeping them from having a close relationship with anyone else. The same is true for Yeo Reum’s mother.

Shai: Yes both are in pain because they can’t allow themselves to fully trust anyone to confide in yet they have seemed to found someone outside of their relationship to talk to--Ha Jin with Ah Rim and Yeo Reum with Tae Ha and both third parties are people from their past. I don’t know if they’re meant for each other, but if they ever want to work out then they need to really take a step back and truly look at their situation.

Wendilynn: Well just like Yeo Reum needed to forgive Tae Ha to move forward. Ha Jin needs Ah Rim’s forgiveness to move forward. He’s going to be stuck until he gets that worked out. He’s holding onto all this guilt for abandoning his sister. Even though he was just a kid.

Cici: I agree he needs her forgiveness, but more importantly, he needs to forgive himself. He was just a kid, and he was not really in charge of much of anything. Whoa, who knew a “rom com” would have such heavy themes? I kind of love it.

Shai: I agree with you both, Ha Jin not only needs to know that Ah Rim isn’t angry with him, but he also needs that reassurance it’s not his fault. But he won’t get this if he doesn’t tell Ah Rim who he is and she’s not going to be happy to know her long lost brother is the doctor she’s crushing on. So he needs to say something quick. I agree Cici, this is billed as a rom com, but I like how the writer knows how to incorporate the heavier topics without making the entire drama seem like it took a turn at makjang.

Wendilynn: Its nice that we’re getting the real meat of the story now. We had too many shallow episodes in the beginning and I’m sure we lost quite a few viewers from it. They are now missing out on the really cool part of the story.

Cici: I can’t wait for the next episode. Anyone care to predict just how far Ha Jin is willing to bend in order to keep Yeo Reum? Cause he kind of looked like he was about to lose it there.

Shai: In order to continue to be “comfortable” and “unchanging” he’s going to go pretty far to keep whatever he has left with Yeo Reum. I know he’s going to really take it out on Tae Ha for messing up his peaceful world with Yeo Reum. I mean, he pretty much said that before when she was using Tae Ha to get back at him when she saw him with Ah Rim. To him, Yeo Reum is changing into a different person, but he doesn't realize that Yeo Reum changed who she was after her breakup with Tae Ha.

Wendilynn: Sadly, Ha Jin is Yeo Reum’s rebound relationship. I wonder how bad of a beating he’s going to give Tae Ha when he finds out they dated? I see a beating coming when Ha Jin finally breaks. He can only bend so far. As it is, he’s already pulling back and away. That weekend trip was a cover trip to mask their distancing.

Shai: Exactly, I feel like this trip was a last ditch effort to salvage whatever they had left. Unfortunately, he chose the one place where Tae Ha would be (Oh, drama) thus it only made it more obvious how far apart they were.

Cici: It is unfortunate that Ha Jin has never really known or understood the real Yeo Reum, and she has never really known him. No relationship can withstand that level of deceit for long, and when it crumbles, it’s not going to be pretty. I just hope Tae Ha and Ah Rim will still be there to pick up the pieces. Oh, Humpty Dumpty, you've got nothing on these guys.

So what did you all think of that unexpected ending? 

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