Introspection, revelations, confessions, confusion, confrontation, and a development none of us thought would ever actually happen marked the twelfth episode of Discovery of Romance. Join Wendilynn, Shai and me, Cici, as we try to sort it all out.

Cici: Can I just say how much I am loving the OST for this drama? I know I’m jumping right to the last few minutes of the episode, but do either of you know who sings the last song? Oh, the feels!

Wendilynn: I don’t know, but holy crap, that was an amazing ten minutes. This show is not going in the direction I thought it was.

Shai: I have no idea what this show is about anymore. It’s confusing me more than Blade Man.

Wendilynn: I’m with you. I thought for sure they would be falling apart more. It even seemed like that with Ha Jin’s narrative in the beginning because he talks about how he should have realized. It sounds like all this is in the past. So maybe a breakup is coming? Personally, I think he should not have put that ring on her finger till he told her all about Ah Rim, but that’s just me.

Shai: I’m glad I’m not the only one who realized he was speaking in past tense, almost like something happened. He seemed to be speaking like Tae Ha does whenever he talks about his relationship with Yeo Reum. I also thought Ha Jin should have never given her that ring, it’s a mistake. They have so many issues and they’re pretty much ignoring them. Although I’m glad he grew some balls and said what he felt

Wendilynn: Yes, absolutely.

Cici: Was anyone else confused when Ha Jin started off the episode by “seeing” Tae Ha and Yeo Reum kissing? That was just his imagination, right?

Wendilynn: He saw two other people kissing and because he was worried about Yeo Reum cheating, his mind played tricks so he saw them instead of the real couple.

Cici: Man, I watched it several times and I still didn’t get it. Thanks. That is the one thing that I don’t really like about this drama--the writers don’t do a very good job differentiating between what is imaginary and what is real. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it throws me. OK, rant over.

Wendilynn: I think they do that deliberately. Our characters are very confused as they are trying to sort out their feelings or lack of them and we the audience get played.

Shai: His narration during that scene was very significant because he pretty much said he was suddenly questioning his trust in her. I think at that point he realized he didn’t fully trust Yeo Reum even though he keeps saying he does. Honestly, I still don’t think he trusts her and is only masking it by giving her that ring.

Wendilynn: In many ways, I think you are right that it’s a mask. He’s desperately afraid of losing her. That little orphan boy is not willing to let go yet. The last fifteen minutes of this show choked me up. The minute he started talking to his mom, I was totally with him emotionally.

Cici: Agreed. I am finally seeing him open up about his feelings, both to his mom and, to a lesser degree, to Yeo Reum. I’m still afraid that it might be too little, too late, though. Even he is afraid of that. He’s let too many opportunities pass by to tell Yeo Reum the truth, and now it may be too late.

Shai: Looking back at his talk with his mom, she said that he’s making everyone believe he’s sweet and gentle when he really isn’t. It takes me back to my mask comment about that proposal. Ha Jin is wearing a mask and whatever masks he wears, depends on who he’s with at that moment. He wants to be the dutiful son, the loyal & loving boyfriend, a best friend, but what does Ha Jin want for himself? He’s only shown his true self with Ah Rim and sadly, she had to learn about his identity from a random run in with his mother. I knew that would happen.

Wendilynn: Yes, you called it. You know, he’s wearing a mask even with Ah Rim. It's interesting, but it’s taken us how many episodes to finally connect with Ha Jin emotionally? We’ve been with Tae Ha this whole ride, but in a way, we’ve also been the recipients of Ha Jin’s mask. He’s kept a front on for everyone.

Cici: Well, I’m completely confused about where this is going. I feel like the writers have deceived us all, leading us to believe that Tae Ha is the best person for Yeo Reum, and now suddenly we get to see Ha Jin not only being supportive of Yeo Reum, but getting her to finally divulge some of her secrets. So am I  supposed to feel supportive of Ha Jin? I’m not on board with this. At all.

Shai: I’m not supportive of Ha Jin, not one bit, but I do connect with him more on an emotional level. Unfortunately, it’s too late because it took too long to get to this point. I can’t be on the Nam Ha Jin train.

Cici: Oh, I feel for Ha Jin, and I get his emotions, but in the back of my mind I feel like I’ve been played. If this is really where this drama is going, I am going to be furious. And the worst part is, I DON’T like Yeo Reum. I should feel RELIEVED that Tae Ha might not end up with her. It’s just that he wants her so badly, and understands her so completely...

Wendilynn: You’re not the only one feeling confused right now. And just because we understand where Yeo Reum is coming from doesn’t mean we have to like her. I certainly don’t care for her even if I understand her. What I keep thinking is that Kdramas are never safe. I really have to wonder what serious dip in the road is coming. I personally thought it would hit us this episode, but instead we were given Ha Jin’s tender heart instead. Sung Joon crying is almost a crime against nature. I cannot watch him or Eric crying. They both had me hurting for them.

Cici: Once again, I’m going to say that this is certainly not your typical romantic comedy. The past few episodes it has started to feel more like a melodrama. And after the emotional train wreck that was Triangle, I swore I’d never watch another melodrama.

Wendilynn: LOL!! I have to laugh because I made the same promise after Angel Eyes. Egads, that was an infuriating one.

Cici: Yes, it was, but in Triangle *spoiler alert* they killed off one of the main characters IN THE LAST EPISODE. Who does that?!? PLEASE tell me that isn't going to happen in this drama.

Wendilynn: Kdramas are not safe. It used to be that to be a lead character meant you were going to die. And if Tae Ha isn’t careful, Ha Jin just might make that happen. lol

Cici: Thank goodness there were still a couple of lighter moments in this episode. Drunk Sol is always good for a laugh, although she still manages to get in an amazing amount of "deep thoughts" even when she's drunk.

Cici: And then there's the obligatory piggy back ride, even though Tae Ha swears that it's not gonna happen, lol.

Wendilynn: Listening to Tae Ha complain the whole time he took Sol home was funny.

Cici: And his rant about his former girlfriend's friend treating him like her ex was hysterical.

Wendilynn: I loved that. So many girls do that too, it’s a valid complaint.

Cici: Joon Ho’s idea of the perfect gift was hilarious.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh...the toilet. bwhahaha!! I’m so glad she hit him.

Cici: Amen. Poor guy, at least Yeo Reum appreciated it. But he really has NO clue about how to deal with a woman.

Wendilynn: Did you catch that last bit Sol said about the heart arythmia? So she has been aware of Joon Ha’s feelings but she’s playing clueless while he figures himself out.

Cici: I think so, too. She mentioned something a couple of episodes ago that made me wonder how aware she really was. She may be the master player of them all, lol.

Cici: OK. So while this episode did NOT go the way I hoped, at least there were some things that got semi-resolved. We found out that Yeo Reum's mom is not the soccer boy's real mom, but that he probably is her late husband's son. And that she doesn't hate him for that, in fact just the opposite. That made me like her more.

Wendilynn: Totally

Cici: And that little half smile she made as the director was feeding her--I bet they end up together after all

Wendilynn: She is certainly letting him try

Cici: I would be completely OK with that. But mostly I want their story finished so I don't have to have the main stories interrupted any more!

Cici: We also got a little more insight to Tae Ha’s whole maturing process. I was so impressed when Tae Ha stepped up and tried to "save" the situation when Ha Jin found him with Yeo Reum. That was quick thinking, even if Ha Jin didn't completely buy it.

Wendilynn: That was impressive actually. I'm not saying he's a perfect guy or anything, but I'd give that type of guy a shot.

Cici: Then when he mentioned that his friendship with Joon Ho and Sol ended when he broke up with Yeo Reum, I nearly cried. But that's the way it usually goes in real life, too. People feel like they have to take sides. How sad that we can see how much Tae Ha has lost, but no one else can. And we know so little about his past or his family.

Wendilynn: Only that he got his company from his dad. But I assume his dad has passed on. His dad sounds the type who would never give up his company to his son till he died. Tae Ha lost a lot.

Cici: So when he lost Yeo Reum, he lost his friends and family as well--we know he was close to her dad,and he lost that relationship as well.

Wendilynn: Joon Ho at least looked a little chagrined for getting called on dropping his friendship with Tae Ha. He’s now best friends with Ha Jin as well. Talk about being in the middle.

Cici: Right in the middle with Sol, who has to be the go-between for Yeo Reum and Tae Ha. What a communication nightmare. 

One of the most surprising character developments was the way Ha Jin FINALLY stood up to Yeo Reum, and told her how frustrated he was that she holds such a double standard. She expects him to be understanding and trusting about Tae Ha, but she doesn't have to be that way about Ah Rim.

Wendilynn: I agree that there has been a double standard and I was like “about time” when he finally called her on it. She refuses to explain and then gets all upset because he tells her he can’t explain YET! He at least told her why he couldn't say anything…..eventually.

Cici: So that was the perfect lead-in to the break-up scene, right? But what happens instead? He backs down, she cries, and they end up actually getting engaged. 

Wendilynn: I thought for sure he’d come clean since he’d just been crying how he lost all his chances to tell her what was going on. So next episode better start with a LONG LONG all nighter. Or I’ll be pissed.

Cici: And meanwhile, Ah Rim is left high and dry and very confused. ARGH.

Wendilynn: I sort of hope Ah Rim will give him hell. She deserves to understand all the dynamics she’s been in the middle of.

Cici: It would serve them all right if Ah Rim ends up with Tae Ha, lol.

Wendilynn: LOL!!! oh my gosh Cici, that’s awesome. Frankly, I can only imagine how hurt Ah Rim must be feeling right now having Yeo Reum tell her that he just pitied her. Here she was waiting for her brother to come ”rescue” her in a way, and he is feeling sorry for her. Because he wasn’t honest, she is now going to think badly of him.

Cici: Well, not only is she confused and disappointed in him, but her pride is hurt. That’s a dangerous combination.

Wendilynn: Our couple has a major reckoning coming with all the different secrets they are keeping. I’m almost on pins and needles because they keep making us wait.

Cici: And only four episodes left to get everything sorted out.

Wendilynn: All I know is that I start each episode with my stomach in knots waiting for that “moment” to happen. 

The uncertainty levels have reached a new high. Will Tae Ha really step aside so Ha Jin can marry Yeo Reum? Will Ah Rim give up Ha Jin without a fight? And will Sol finally get Joon Ho to make his move? Share your predictions in the comments below, and join us next week as we hope for more resolutions!

Note: We just added another beautiful song from this OST to our favorites list. Check out Lee Seung Hwan’s, 그 한 사람 (That One Person), here:

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