Oh mylanta, what an episode. Continuing on that development we got in episode 13, episode 14 delivers in so many ways I can’t even count. From the inevitable discovery made, we also find Han Yeo Reum making some very big steps. Join Cici, Wendilynn, and I as we discuss all the drama in episode 14 of Discovery of Romance.

Cici: Did it bother anyone else that Ha Jin is all upset over Yeo Reum’s box, when he’s the one who has kept the picture of Ah Rim on his bookshelf all these years?

Shai: I understand his reasons for being upset, but I think he went overboard with his reaction. Like I know he’s mad for being left in the dark, but what was Joon Ho supposed to do? It’s not his place to say something like this and it was for the best that he not know the full details of their relationship. Hell, he wasn’t happy she was working with him the minute he found out.

Wendilynn: I wasn’t bothered because I find it to be two different things. Keeping a picture of your sister is different than keeping a box full of 5 years of memories of your exboyfriend. Who you’ve been in repeated compromising situations with. That you won’t explain and then when it finally comes to light, its not by your own mouth. I would probably have reacted the same way he did.

Cici: I can’t agree. Yes, he claims he feels like a brother to Ah Rim, but he’s obviously fooling himself. She was his first love--even Yeo Reum nailed that one the minute she found the picture. And the only reason he didn’t keep more mementos was because he didn’t have them. He has spent years looking for her, and he’s been in at least as many “compromising” situations with her after finding her. AND he wasn’t exactly forthcoming about his relationship with her, either.

Wendilynn: That is true, his behavior does mirror hers, BUT he came clean with his own mouth and told her everything. She not only did not explain when push came to shove, but she still kept quiet about most of it. She should have sat him down and explained how and why they broke up, the hurt she dealt with and why she won’t go back. From his perspective, she is still pining. All she ever does is say “I’m sorry”. That would piss me off.

Shai: I can see it from both sides: Yes Yeo Reum keeping the secret about her ex-boyfriend is much worse than Ha Jin not saying anything about his sister, but he also did the same thing she’s doing so his reaction seems a bit hypocritical since he got on her about her behavior towards Ah Rim. Not saying these are my thoughts, but both arguments have their good points. Now, I would like to say I called it! I knew Yeo Reum would be the one to pull the plug on their relationship and not Ha Jin. *pats self on back* Hehe

Cici: Yup, you were right. And I for one applaud her for it. There is no way the two of them could make it work when they are so different. And they are both basically selfish. I hadn’t realized how much Ha Jin was like that until this episode.


Wendilynn: Tae Ha really did call it when he told Ha Jin that Yeo Reum loves herself first and that Ha Jin couldn’t handle her. We’ve known that since the beginning. I also found it interesting that Joon Ho played the role of calling out both Ha Jin and Yeo Reum for having their irrational jerk moments in this episode.

Shai: I gotta say that I agree with you, Cici. I am happy Yeo Reum was the one who ended it. Not that I’m happy about a breakup (sorta lol), but she’s finally doing something for herself. I’ve noticed most of her actions are based on what others want and expect her to do. Sol and Joon Ho are usually siding with Ha Jin so she feels guilty about her words or behavior when she shouldn’t be and then she reacts how Ha Jin expects her to react (That random 5 hours walk around Seoul..for what?). She’s FINALLY doing something on her own and I’m proud of her. But I agree with you Wendi, I am happy Joon Ho had the guts to call them both out especially Ha Jin.

Cici: It was quite a switch to see our comic relief get serious and in both their faces. I guess you can only push a clown so far, lol.

Wendilynn: Even clowns have moments where they frown. You know, Yeo Reum has been through a brutal breakup once before with Tae Ha. Their last year together was not pleasant and there was no way in hell Yeo Reum would go through that again. I really saw her cutting things off before they could get worse.

Cici: I agree. She even said, “How much more do you want to hate me?” She could see where things were headed, and she realized that no matter how much she wanted to hang on to Ha Jin, that she would just end up hurting him more. And vice versa.

Shai: Yes and I really applaud her for taking the initiative to cut it off before both of them got hurt even more. He may not see it now, but he doesn’t challenge her the way she needs to be challenged. Going off of what Tae Ha said before the fight, Yeo Reum loves herself even more, it showed who knew her much better. Ha Jin just isn’t the type to really have her become her best. I mean, it takes Tae Ha to really fuss and frustrate her in order for her to make really good designs. He sees who can be while Ha Jin was just satisfied with what she thought she was. If this makes any sense because it did in my head lol

Wendilynn: You’re making sense. She was also not good for Ha Jin, either. Ha Jin was also not challenged to be better than he was. In fact he was suppressing himself to not agitate Yeo Reum. So many of his needs were just flat out ignored just so he wouldn’t be abandoned. He’ll probably spend the next episode fighting to try and keep Yeo Reum with him. Hopefully, Ah Rim will get involved and pull him out of it.

Cici: Remember when Ha Jin told Ah Rim that he originally wanted to go into foreign service work? I bet he’s going to join Ah Rim in studying abroad so he can switch careers and do just that--with her. I for one would be delighted if that’s the way things turned out!

Wendilynn: He was only a doctor to heal Ah Rim’s scar. He’s now done that. There really isn’t anything holding him to stay a plastic surgeon. And frankly, with his skills, he could do foreign medical volunteering and I bet he’d love it.

Shai: I agree. Now that he’s fulfilled his lifelong mission of fixing Ah Rim’s scar, he can now do another dream of his. This breakup will be good for him, he can find out who Nam Ha Jin/Ahn Jin Soo really is and not someone who holds back his true self to please others. I look forward to this.

Cici: I kind of hope that Yeo Reum does something similar. Tae Ha has certainly set the stage for her by delving into design competitions for her to enter. I was really touched when he told her that he should have treated her better--”I should have understood you more. I should have loved you more.” Gah, he melts my heart.

Wendilynn: That birthday scene was so full of feels. His wish to understand why she is in conflict with herself was so touching. He truly wants what is best for her and refuses to let her rot away in hiding.

Cici: Yeah, well, he also wants to sleep with her. So let’s not get too carried away with his altruism, OK? But that proposition--whew! Don’t really know how she walked away from that one.

Shai: She’s got a lot of willpower lol It’s amazing to see how much Tae Ha has grown since episode 1. I love how he apologizes to her for not treating her better while they were together, he’s come full circle and it’s kinda rare to really see this kind of development in a character.

Wendilynn: I don’t think wanting to do the horizontal mambo with someone necessarily cancels out wanting the best for them too. That was provocative though, trying to force her to confront her feelings by propositioning her.

Shai: Lmao Horizontal mambo? Haha Anyways, I love how he said he wishes he could be her so he can know what’s going on with her. Yes, he wants to sleep with her, but his feelings are real--let’s be real she wants that too lol

Wendilynn: Yes she does. You know, we had such conflicted opinions about these characters when we first started this. They were really not in great spots, but they have grown up so much through everything they’ve been going through together. They’ve done more growing up than I really expected them too. I can see now why Sung Joon has chosen to work on so many projects with this writer.

Cici: And I can see why Eric would agree to work with Yoo Mi again. Their chemistry is amazing.

Wendilynn: Yeah, when this is over, I’m probably going to go watch Que Sera Sera so I can see how they do in that one together.

Cici: I was just thinking the same thing, lol. Actually, I’m going to be watching just about anything Eric Mun is in.

Shai: I have not seen that, but now it’s on my [very] long watchlist. 

Now you tell us, what are you predictions for next week?

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