We laughed. We cried. We hoped that this show would have a good ending and here we are. Did we get what we wanted? Did the characters all have a proper closure? Join Cici, Wendilynn, and I on our very last recap for Discovery of Romance.

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Shai: *sigh* This is the end, I’m actually sad now. This last episode really tied things together nicely. Anyone have a favorite scene they want to discuss first?

Wendilynn: Before we get to awesome scenes, can I just express my disappointment that Ah Rim did not get enough awesome moments in this drama? At first we all thought she was going to be the bad boyfriend-stealing girl, but she turned into the little sister who did VERY LITTLE! She wrote an awesome letter to her brother but that was about it. I was expecting so much more from her and the writers just did not use her very well.

Shai: I was very disappointed with how little screen time she got especially towards the end. It’s like she was only that filler that was used to show Ha Jin how little Yeo Reum appreciated him. She literally did nothing else, Ahn Ah Rim was a plot device. It sucks because she could have played a much bigger role, nonetheless I did like her. This reminds me of Answer Me 1994 all over again, I don’t like it when characters get shafted like that. Also, I wanted to see her call him by his name to his face just once.

Wendilynn: Yes, that would have been nice. Who was the one who called it that they would end up meeting or going together to foreign service? It was a good call whichever one of us did that.

Cici: Yep, that was me. I kept telling you guys that they were meant to be together, and not just as big bro little sis.

Shai: Good call, Cici. I think it was good for Ha Jin to go away like that, it did him good and he grew up. Tbh He wasn’t very mature and was very naive so he really needed this.

Wendilynn: He needed to learn how to break up and be okay with that. I was really happy he could tell Yeo Reum in the airport that he was not happy while dating her. I shouted at my computer screen, “Well, its about darn time you realized that!” lol That was a big step for him.

Cici: That’s when I knew that he was going to be OK. I was so glad to see that, because I really had grown quite fond of him. I just hated seeing him act like a human doormat. Once he could admit to himself AND to Yeo Reum that they made each other pretty miserable, he could move on.

Shai: I’m glad he finally realized how miserable they both were and he was no longer in denial because I felt bad for poor puppy when he continued to wear that ring for over a year.

Cici: That scene where he “found” Yeo Reum in the closet just about killed me.

Wendilynn: Yes. I almost wanted to cry. BUT…. then they turned it around and let him needle and tease Tae Ha a little. That was so funny.

Cici: Yeah, Ha Jin finally let his inner brat out a little. It was terrible, but hysterical at the same time.

Shai: I actually laughed at Tae Ha’s face more than anything though, like he looked like he wanted to shut him up lol Ha Jin was extremely childish there, but it was still hilarious

Wendilynn: I have to hand it to both of them. Those boys had great facial expressions the whole way through this drama.

Cici: Agreed! Speaking of facial expressions, did anyone else do a double take when this scene came on?

Cici: For just a moment I thought that was a priest’s collar, and that Tae Ha had gone and joined the clergy in his grief. Hot guy becomes a celibate priest? Worst KDrama ending possible, lol.

Wendilynn: I’m glad I was not the only one who gasped a little. then I started laughing at the fake out. What an outfit to put him in. But it was also sweet that he went and said hello to her Dad. Speaking of double takes, what about our cameo at the beginning of this episode?

Shai: Yoo Ah In!!! Gaaahhhh! I was fangirling when he popped up!

Cici: Wasn’t he Crazy Horse in Sungkyunkwan Scandal? I almost didn’t recognize him without the long hair and scruff. He was one of my favorites!

Wendilynn: Yup, he was. He was also in Secret Love Affair and Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love.

dor DATE.jpg

Shai: He looked so good in that little cameo and it was quite hilarious. Okay, can we discuss how cute Joon Ho and Sol were?

Cici: Oh. My. Goodness. This pretty much says it all.

Wendilynn: They were adorable. Loved how cute they were.

Cici: Sol is SO happy, she seems like a different character. But I love it! At least she still keeps her sass, so I guess she isn’t all that different after all.

Shai: It was funny to see them being all cute together when it used to be Yeo Reum lol I’m glad they put them together and not at the last minute. Kinda wish we would have seen what became of Writer Jang and Jung Mok.

Wendilynn: I was glad they finally answered who they were being interviewed by. I could never figure out who they would have known well enough to talk so intimately to. Who they would trust to pass along messages. lol

Cici: I was just glad that she got out from under Yeo Reum’s mom and made a successful writing career for herself. And maybe even hooked up with Jung Mok. Now that would be a sweet couple. And whoever did her makeover is an artist, lol.

Shai: I’m glad my greatest fear didn’t happen, Writer Jang just wrote a book about it. It’s a bit of a meta once you think about it, she’s technically the drama version of the real writer, Jung Hyun Jung, and her interviews were for research. I loved that line in her book: Romance is Reality, Not Drama. I applaud you drama, for having that in there.

Wendilynn: That really does fit perfectly for the writer of the I Need Romance series of which this is the 4th installment.

Cici: If only the romance and drama in real life could be wrapped up so neatly… What did you think of Tae Ha and Yeo Reum’s final meeting?

Shai: Two words: Facebook Stalking.

Wendilynn and Cici: ROFL!!

Shai: I loved how she made it seem like fate when she was looking for him lol Although it was cute how she wore the things he bought her years ago to show where her heart was.

Cici: The time for subtlety had long passed. She knew how to get what she wanted, and he was only too happy to give it to her.


Wendilynn: Considering he thought she was married, she was going to have to be bold.

Shai: Yep and what’s bolder than wearing a purse, earrings, and necklace that your ex bought you to let him know you want to be with him again.

Wendilynn: I love it when Eric smiles. He was struggling to keep a straight face in this scene. Did you guys catch that half laugh that escaped his lips? I wonder how many NG scenes they had? lol

Cici: He had to repeat his line, but it kind of made it perfect.

Wendilynn: Worked for me. We didn’t mention Mom and I want to give her kudos again. I just really didn’t like her when we started and she had another great moment. When she “broke up” with her dead husband so she could get married. Yeo Reum was so shocked, but it also gave her something to think about. It was okay to move on, call it quits and not live in fantasy love land. Love could be real and gritty and less than dreamy or perfect, but by being so, could be just what the doctor ordered.

Shai: Yoon Hee said when it’s over, it’s over and you have no obligation to the one you broke up with. I am so glad she said that because it’s very true. Yeo Reum owed nothing to Ha Jin because they were no longer together, just move on and be happy. Also, Tae Ha’s last words about them fighting over petty things, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Their relationship won’t be perfect, but they’ll be together and that’s what’s more important.

Cici: Like Ha Jin, Tae Ha, and all Yeo Reum said, they’ll fight, but they’ll still stay together.

Wendilynn: So many people carry this idea that if its true love then it should be easy and just click and require no bad days. But love isn’t that way. Its messy and you have your great days and your not so great days and then those days when you have to remind herself that murder really isn’t worth the hassle. LOL! I think the writer was reminding us of that.

Cici: So Yeo Reum had it right all along--love is a matter of will.

Well that's the end and we are all very sad that this has come to an end. What did you think of the finale? Were your predictions true or what kind of ending would you have wanted for our characters?

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