Welcome back to this week's Doctor Stranger Drama Club! This week was full of bromances, curry, and political nonsense! We can't wait to see what you all think of this week's episodes and see if you all agree with some of the thoughts we had. Let's get started!

Janice: "Doctor Stranger" is jumping all over the place and a lot has happened in this week's episodes, but I can't see any linearity in its plot anymore. I think I've given up on expecting anything from "Doctor Stranger" and am just going to accept it for whatever it becomes.

Three things I did enjoy from this week's episodes were: Jae Hee, curry, the heartwarming bromance, curry, the plot to assassinate the South Korean President, and curry. I might have to make some curry this weekend because I wanted to eat my screen from watching these two episodes. But anyway, let's talk about Jae Joon and Hoon's budding bromance. They worked together! Drank together! Tried to take care of each other! And it was lovely. I was cheering my boys on. After the fallout from operating on Jae Cheol's mom, Hoon encouraged Soo Hyun to save Jae Joon. As if that weren't endearing enough, Hoon tries to protect Jae Joon's love life by acting like an asshole to Soo Hyun and telling her not to create misunderstandings between her and Jae Joon. Isn't that cute?

However, Jae Joon and Hoon are soon torn apart when they are pitted against each other in another round of competition at Myung Woo Hospital. Jae Il Hospital has been disqualified from the Prime Minister's surgery due to kickbacks, and Myung Woo has been selected as the hospital to take its place. Prime Minister Jang insists that Hoon be reinstated and the two medical teams are competing against each other again - it's as if nothing has changed.

Chairman Oh warns Jae Joon that he is still not in his good graces and if he wants to win Myung Woo, he must be the winner in the next round of surgery. This is compounded later when Jae Joon is misinformed by Sean Zhang, Jae Joon's friend from America. Sean reports that Hoon's father, Park Cheol, operated on the supreme leader of North Korea and was treated very well there after the successful surgery. The first part is true, the second is not. This leads Jae Joon to believe that Park Cheol didn't want to come back to South Korea to give testimony in the lawsuit for his father and the misunderstanding refuels Jae Joon's desire for revenge.

All I can say is: did Sean purposely feed Jae Joon inaccurate information? If so, why?

Jae Hee was badass this week and stopped Cha Jin Soo from killing Hoon by showering him with a rain of bullets from his own gun. Too bad it was all around him instead of at him. Jae Hee also foiled Prime Minister Jang's plan to control Hoon through his mom, Lee Mi Sook. Jae Hee secreted her away with Chang Yi and made her promise not to tell anyone, not even Hoon. Hoon goes crazy looking for his mom and forces Jae Hee to tell him her plan by threatening to permanently destroy his hand. Jae Hee gives in and we finally find out what all the political intrigue is about! Turns out, the heart operation isn't really for the Prime Minister but for the President of South Korea. Jang is colluding with the North Koreans to put the President in a permanent coma so that he can rise to power. Hoon and Jae Hee were targeted for this mission because they will each do anything for the people they love.

Now that this political cat is out of the bag, I wonder if the writers are going to focus more on Jae Joon's revenge. Because they can't ring anymore out of this plotline can they? I guess I'll find out next week!

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: I am beginning to think that North Korean super surgeon, Hoon and Chairman’s daughter, Soo Hyeon deserve each other. Not because there is any romantic chemistry between them. Rather, because they are equally dense about the wider situation around them.

After Jae Joon and his surgical team defy the Chairman to operate on the malpractice victim, Soo Hyeon is too busy flirting with Hoon to worry about her boyfriend’s career suicide. Hoon must prompt Soo Hyeon to try speaking with her father in order to save Jae Joon’s job.

Hoon is kicked out of the hospital and Soo Hyeon loses herself to her memories of their brief time together. It is cringe-inducing when Soo Hyeon cries on Jae Joon’s shoulder over Hoon’s departure. Soo Hyeon humiliates herself even further by literally cooking up an excuse to see Hoon. Then, Soo Hyeon tops herself by calling Hoon to invite him over only to have Jae Joon answer Hoon’s phone.

At Soo Hyeon’s apartment with Jae Hee and Jae Joon watching on, clueless Hoon shovels curry into his mouth while laughing about the idea of him liking Soo Hyeon. Soo Hyeon overreacts, and needs a talking down from Jae Joon. Amazingly, Soo Hyun is angry at what a jerk Hoon is rather than at herself for acting the fool in front of her boyfriend.

In addition to being insensitive to Soo Hyeon’s obvious crush on him, Hoon is moronic about the danger that he and Jae Hee are constantly in. When Soo Hyeon takes issue with his involvement in the malpractice patient’s surgery, he assumes that she is being heartless rather than fearful for his safety.

Jae Hee continues to put her life at risk for Hoon as she kidnaps his mother from the Prime Minister’s clutches to remove his leverage against Hoon. She decides not to tell Hoon where she has hidden his mother, because he is incapable of being subtle. It turns out that Jae Hee was correct, because Hoon starts screaming for his mother like a brat. He resorts to threats of maiming himself in order to force Jae Hee to reveal her plans.

Knowing that Jae Hee spent time in a North Korean labour camp, and seeing her repeatedly save Hoon from the trigger happy North Korean agent, Hoon’s sulky grudge against her is a new low for the character.

Meanwhile, Jae Joon is surprisingly patient after his girlfriend blows off his idea of moving to the US together, and with her obvious attraction towards Hoon. In the aftermath of the malpractice patient’s surgery, he even becomes friendly with Hoon, and they have a good rapport. This friendly relationship is short-lived once Jae Joon learns who Hoon’s father is. He talks himself into hating Hoon, and the senseless competition is back on.

Hoon appears indifferent towards Soo Hyeon, which is understandable since he has been pining after Jae Hee since his escape from North Korea. It is harder to explain Hoon’s willful ignorance of the hardships that Jae Hee has gone through to reunite with him.

June: I have mixed feelings about this week’s episodes. I feel like the plot is becoming more and more of a mess. I am seriously wondering where this drama took a turn because it doesn’t really feel like the same drama I started watching a few weeks ago.

I will say that I did enjoy the bromance moments between Jae Joon and Hoon. I was like finally they are getting along and maybe could become friends. But, no! You know there had to be some sort of conflict for that to just get ruined. I am now very curious as to why he was telling Jae Joon the wrong information. Is that man somehow linked with the Prime Minister? Speaking of the Prime Minister, he is just one major, shady person. We finally get to know what his plans are and it turns out the surgery isn’t even for him! Like, what? They have us believing it was going to be for him this whole time, but oh well. I was just glad to find out what his plan was all along.

But this just brings me to wonder, what is next for Doctor Stranger? We finally know the plan but will this just continue to show Jae Joon’s plans for revenge? Like seriously, what’s next.

I also would like to point out at how they have basically ruined Soo Hyun’s character completely. She started off well but now it’s basically all about her crush on Hoon. I think that itself just makes me want her to end up with Jae Joon. I don’t think Hoon would ever let someone else in heart other than Jae Hee. Also did anyone notice Hoon's new hair style! Haha What did you all think of it?

What did you all think of this week's episodes? Have any predictions for upcoming episodes? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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