First, I would like to thank everyone who commented and read the Doctor Stranger Drama Club! We really appreciated everyone's thoughts over this drama. Well it was fun while it lasted but here we go! Here's to the last Doctor Stranger Drama Club!

June: Well it’s the final week of “Doctor Stranger”! What did you all think of the ending?

Janice: Oh boy, I am still trying to wrap my head around the last two episodes! It felt so rushed, especially episode 20.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: Rushed, and yet, anticlimactic. There were no surprises, except for the fact that the President turned out to be an epic asshole. This whole time, the salvation of Hoon and Jae Hee depended on the President, and after they saved his life, he gave them up to the Prime Minister.

June: To say, I was disappointed is a damn understatement. It was so rushed and flat! I felt like the build up to Jae Joon’s revenge was just blown over and over in like 5 seconds. The President and Prime Minister made me want to throw my computer out of the window. I think everything about the last two episodes irked me! From seeing the President and Prime Minister’s faces to seeing Comrade Cha still alive (Duh, he just had to still be alive), to Jae Hee’s worried, scare face, that we saw throughout the whole drama. I just couldn’t handle this ending. Lol

Janice: You both hit on so many good points. I was also peeved with the President’s reaction to Prime Minister Jang’s assassination attempt. It makes NO sense to forgive someone who is trying to kill you. Doesn’t the President think Jang would try again? And then, the President just all of a sudden turned a new leaf and decided that he couldn’t stomach corruption after all, and put Jang in jail. Supposedly, it was because of what Hoon said but I don’t buy it.

And, when I saw Tae Sool being informed by another agent about not being able to find the body, I was horrified that Comrade Cha was going to come back. I’ve never smacked my head so hard when he did. At least he shot Prime Minister Jang, that was satisfying.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: You know, so much about these final two episodes should have been satisfying, because they fulfilled much of what I had hoped for: Hoon and Jae Hee communicating honestly with each other, Soo Hyeon getting over Hoon then giving Jae Joon a second chance, and Hoon stepping up to save Jae Hee. Yet, I could not help but be irritated at how little Hoon has changed otherwise. His stubborn insistence that he save the Prime Minister as he would for any other patient was ridiculously idealistic. Throughout the show, he has been able to maintain his integrity, because the people protecting him have make it possible.

Janice: That scene had me so conflicted. On the one hand, I was like Hoon, why are you saving the man who is trying to kill you and who will kill you, given the chance. But then, I also know that living with the guilt of murdering somebody would be hard on Hoon. I didn’t know whether to side with Hoon or Jae Hee.

June: I was conflicted as well. I think we all know by now that I absolutely despise that damn Prime Minister but I think the guilt would have gotten to Hoon a lot. It reminds me of the beginning when he went to that medical school in North Korea.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: Yes, it would have been disturbing if Hoon had decided to allow the Prime Minister to die. I think "Doctor Stranger" would have become darker than the writers wanted. Yet, Hoon has been operating in a safety bubble, while Jae Hee made sacrifices and worried about keeping him safely ignorant. Hoon has not had to make the hard decisions, and that is not a hero that I can get behind.

June: Very true. In the end, this whole drama turned out to be more about Jae Hee protecting Hoon than the other way around. Like, let’s be real now.

Janice: I totally agree with you both. I think this is one of the flaws of this drama and why it has been so unsatisfying for me to watch. I don’t want my heroes to be passive, and Hoon definitely was that. I think the writers didn’t do a good job of balancing agency between Jae Jee and Hoon, they were both so extreme.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: What do we think about Jae Joon and Soo Hyeon in the final two episodes?

Janice: I actually liked that Jae Joon’s revenge fell apart. I thought it was fitting that he couldn’t carry through with it because of his love for Soo Hyun. Their story didn’t feel rushed in that Jae Joon has been consistent with his feelings, though I could’ve used more buildup on Soo Hyun’s part, in believing that she could be in love with Jae Joon again. It felt a little too pat in how Jae Joon was brought back at the very end but I’m fine with it.

June: Agreed! I liked that he finally realized how much he actually loved Soo Hyun and that it was enough to stop this whole revenge plot but the way it fell apart left it very anticlimactic, in my opinion. I’m surprised and kind of glad they didn’t have Soo Hyun magically end up with Hoon in the end. Now that would have just added even more of a rushed mess to this rushed ending.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: I was also unconvinced about Soo Hyeon's feelings for Jae Joon. I fear that she only gave up on Hoon, because she thought he was dead. Now, he has magically come back from the dead. I thought I saw longing in Soo Hyeon's eyes as she held Jae Joon's hand at the top of the hill, watching Hoon and Jae Hee reunite. Of course, this could just be my evil imagination hoping for more cringeworthy drama.

Janice: Haha! When Soo Hyun tells Jae Joon that she feels embarrassed for confessing her feelings to Hoon when she found out Jae Hee and Hoon’s entire tragic story, that was the point when I believed that she didn’t love Hoon anymore. I wanted a little more convincing that she could love Jae Joon again but I’ll just imagine them dating and getting to know each other again, in future episodes in my head.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: What lasting impression will you two have about "Doctor Stranger" now that it is over?

June: I thought about this the whole time after I finished “Doctor Stranger”. “Doctor Stranger”, at first, was like this awesome, new friend that I had made. He had awesome traits, like having one of favorite actors, Lee Jong Suk, and I was just intrigued by the plot. As our friendship began, it was going great and I was excited about seeing him every week. But as time went by, I started to get very annoyed by him. Towards the end, I could feel like our friendship was definitely not as it used to be and I decided to say farewell to a friendship I thought was going to be awesome. But I’m not very sad to see “Doctor Stranger” go. I’ve got a new friend to look forward to and that friend has Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin and her name is “It’s Ok, That’s Love”. So in all, tootles “Doctor Stranger”. It was fun while it lasted, kind of.

Janice: To be honest, I’m a pessimist when it comes to watching dramas. I never expect dramas to maintain their beginning awesomeness throughout their run. When I first started watching “Doctor Stranger,” I loved it, but I was also cautious about my excitement because all dramas are shiny and new in the beginning. “Doctor Stranger” didn’t live up its initial excitement for me but I’m not disappointed by it because there were many memorable moments. I will always hold the scene where Jae Hee grabs Hoon’s ear and marches him out of the gym only to run into Hoon’s father, dear to my heart. And the scene where Hoon’s father gives him flowers for his date with Jae Hee, that was a touching scene for me. Hoon’s obnoxiousness was also endearing. His character wasn’t the perfect male protagonist but I liked how he was able to juxtapose serious moments with funny quips at the drop of a hat. I haven’t seen many main characters like him and I enjoyed the scenes in “Doctor Stranger” where he was displayed to perfection. Jae Joon was wonderful to watch in the last half of the series and he ended up being my favorite for a couple of episodes because his character was the most nuanced out of them all. I’m glad I got to watch “Doctor Stranger” with the drama club, you both made the experience so much more fun. Now, on to the next drama!

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: From the beginning of "Doctor Stranger", what I really wanted was for it to turn into a romantic comedy. I am a fan of Lee Jong Suk, and the funny moments in "Doctor Stranger" proved that he is adept at comedy. The problem was that Lee Jong Suk had to be melodramatic, and his overacting was just awful. The writers were also at the worst when they were writing melodramatic story lines. They were obviously uninspired, because they could not get past that damn competition to operate on the Prime Minister. A romantic comedy format would have solved both the cringeworthy acting, and nonsensical drama. So, I'm just going to remember Hoon hanging out with the mob boss, serving bad coffee to Jae Joon, massaging Soo Hyeon's head to prevent hair loss, and kissing Jae Hee like he means it.

I'll also remember my Drama Club experience, which was way more satisfying than the drama we covered. Thank you, June and Janice.

Well there you have it everyone! What did you all think of the drama club and the drama? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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