This week's newest episodes of Doctor Stranger were a roller coaster ride of intensity and suspense. Our magical doctor, Park Hoon, finally gets to meet Jae Hee's doppelganger, Dr. Han Seung Hee, and we're thrown into a guessing game of "Is she or isn't she Song Jae Hee?" Meanwhile, the plot thickens as we see Prime Minister Jang working with Chairman Oh and Comrade Cha to ensure that Park Hoon stays at Myung Woo University Hospital. What do they have up their sleeves? Come join us as the Doctor Stranger Drama Club recaps episodes 5 and 6!

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: Everyone has a good cry before the intrigue ramps up as a North Korean plot is revealed in episodes 5 and 6 of “Doctor Stranger.”

After learning that her late mother truly did love her, Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra) is slowly breaking free of her father and his evil family. It was so satisfying to watch Soo Hyun walk away just as her father was about to stage another nasty family intervention. Then, Soo Hyun decides to stay overnight at her mother’s house instead of returning to her father’s home; sure, it was the practical thing to do, but it was significant given that she has never disobeyed her father before, as he has noted.

The only disappointing thing about Soo Hyun is how dense she is. She is bewildered that her mother could have hidden her love to benefit Soo Hyun, and it does not occur to Soo Hyun that her fiancé, Jae Joon could be jealous of her burgeoning relationship with Hoon.

Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) gets points for being honest to Soo Hyun about his feelings of jealousy. Unfortunately, he still loses for continuing to direct his anger at Hoon, because of his failings as a fiancé, and for generally acting cold and officious.

Meanwhile, Soo Hyun and Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) are developing a rapport while in search of his lost love. It is understandable given their outsider status: he is from North Korea, and she is the result of an extramarital affair. At this point, the romantic potential is lopsided. Soo Hyun appears to be developing a crush on Hoon after he put his career on the line for her. Sadly, Hoon is still obsessed with Jae Hee.

Episode 5 ended with quite the cliffhanger as Jae Hee (Jin Se Yun) made her appearance before a shocked Hoon. I was impressed at how early in the story the reveal came, because I feared further implausible coincidences and near misses. Unfortunately, it is just as frustrating to watch Hoon flounder after coming face-to-face with Jae Hee. He is running into road block after road block in his singled-minded pursuit of the truth about her identity.

I hope Hoon returns to the charm offensive in the next episode. His smile at Jae Joon after waking up in the middle of a meeting to speak with the police was priceless.

June: I swear every time I watch new episodes of “Doctor Stranger,” I manage to go through so many different emotions. First off, I’m glad they gave Soo Hyun some closure with the situation with her. I couldn’t hold my tears in whenever we saw that illusion of Soo Hyun talking to her mom! It was just so sad to me.

Now one thing I just can’t figure out is this Han Seung Hee. I seriously hope she isn’t Jae Hee and just has some amnesia or something. I will seriously be peeved if that is the case. Right now, I just can’t help but dislike her and the North Korean guy. Whatever they are planning is going to be up to no good whatsoever! Especially with that stunt they pulled with Chang Yi’s mom. That also goes with the Prime Minister. There is just so much going on, I can’t even tell who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy.

I am digging this Soo Hyun and Hoon friendship thing going on. My favorite part was them bonding while drinking. I hope that their friendship will grow but also I hope it doesn’t turn into a romantic one. That will only complicate things and that is certainly not needed. I also hope Jae Joon doesn’t hurt Soo Hyun in the end! I have seriously grown to love her character and I hope she gets treated right as the drama goes on.

I can’t wait to see how this Seung Hee thing plays out. Like who is she really? Also how are all these characters all connected? It seems like a web of people and we just have to see how it all goes down.

Janice: We start to gain more insight into Han Jae Joon's character, in episode 5, as he drinks at a bar with his colleague. Jae Joon spins a metaphor about a knight who wants the castle but needs to show the lord he is a good fighter, and win the heart of the princess, in order to do so. The conflicted knight is then warned by his fellow doctor not to fall in love with the princess if he wants to win the castle.

Afterwards, Jae Joon seeks out Soo Hyun to apologize for scolding Park Hoon, explaining that it all came from his jealousy. He then pulls Soo Hyun into a seemingly desperate hug. This would have been a touching scene worthy of some tender-hearted smiles if Jae Joon hadn't ruined it by looking up at his hospital-castle.

And, I can't help but wonder: is it cold calculation in Jae Joon's eyes or conflicted emotions? For Soo Hyun's sake, I hope it's not all pretense!

However, Soo Hyun might not care in the end, as she and Park Hoon head towards a close friendship. Dr. Oh has finally reconciled her mother's love for her through sketches and birthday presents she finds at her mother's house, and this new revelation changes Soo Hyun, bringing out a warmer and more sympathetic side to her. Soo Hyun attempts to help Park Hoon in his search for Jae Hee, as a way to thank him for operating on her mother, and starts to develop feelings for him. The dreaded love triangle is here but I'm in denial. I'm still holding out hope that Hoon and Soo Hyun's relationship will remain that of very close friends.

In episode 6, Hoon finally meets Han Seung Hee, the Jae Hee look-alike, but we, as an audience, are left with questionable clues as to her real identity. Through Seung Hee, we're introduced to a mysterious mission that she and Comrade Cha are working on and it somehow involves Prime Minister Jang and Chairman Oh. What sort of strange intrigue is afoot?

The suspense builds as Dr. Choi Byung Cheol comes back into the picture and Park Hoon is convinced that he's untrustworthy. We see in flashback that Dr. Choi is the one who brought Park Hoon to North Korea in the first place. However, when Chang Yi's mother recognizes Dr. Choi as the person who got her out of the labor camps in North Korea, Hoon changes his mind and trusts the doctor to help him find Jae Hee in North Korea.

"Doctor Stranger" keeps playing tug-of-war with our heads, trying to persuade us that Seung Hee is not Jae Hee. But, I am convinced that they are one and the same, and Seung Hee is using the mission to protect Hoon. I would be pretty surprised if it turns out in the end that Seung Hee and Jae Hee are two different people; this better not be a case of "Face/Off" style plastic surgery!

We close episode 6 with Park Hoon listening to Seung Hee's heart. We're reminded of Hoon saying in the beginning that no two heartbeats are alike.

We'll have to wait until next week to find out the outsome but I bet it's Jae Hee's heartbeat that Hoon hears.

What do you think? Is it Jae Hee's heartbeat? Is Seung Hee really Jae Hee? Share your thoughts on "Doctor Stranger" with us in the comments below!

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