Though memories of North Korea continue to haunt our hero, Episodes 3 and 4 are firmly set in South Korea. Serendipity brings Park Hoon to Myungwoo University Hospital in search of quick money to rescue his love, Jae Hee, and to find a doctor who bears a striking resemblance to her.

Janice: "Doctor Stranger" sure didn't disappoint with this week's two new episodes. Nor did it shy away from showing us gory medical scenes, I've got to say, "Doctor Stranger" isn't for the squeamish!

We finally meet our second leads, and boy, was it an introduction.

One half of this kissy couple is Dr. Han Jae Joon, a seemingly cold and calculating character who isn't above bribery to get what he wants, namely Chief of the Cardiology department. Dr. Oh Soo Hyun, the second female lead, is the illegitimate daughter of Chairman Oh and grossly mistreated by her stepmother and half-brother. However, she knows how to hold her own. Cue: Badassery.

In episode 4, we warm up to Dr. Oh as we learn about her past through flashbacks and as she navigates the situation of her mother's terminal illness. This sets us up for a potential love triangle, or square, rather, between her, Park Hoon, Jae Hee, and Jae Joon, though if this happens, I will bang my head against the wall. Love triangles are the easiest way to create angst in dramas and I hope the writers come up with something more creative than that. I have faith though, as it doesn't seem likely that Hoon will be swayed from his love for Jae Hee, whose doppelganger has suddenly appeared as a doctor in another hospital. The mystery is: how did she get to South Korea and why is she talking to Comrade Cha Jin Su from North Korea? And, is she really Jae Hee?

One character who I want to know more about is Chang Yi. How did she and Hoon become friends, presumably in North Korea, and why does she call him 'hyung'? Please tell us more, "Doctor Stranger"! Chang Yi's mother may play a role in unraveling a mystery; she comments that Park Hoon's name sounds familiar, but Chang Yi brushes it off. We shall see what future episodes bring us!

June: “Doctor Stranger” just keeps getting better as the episodes go by. Episode 3 and 4 were definitely up to par with the first two episodes.

Park Hoon is an amazing character and very charming. With these episodes, we were able to see Hoon actually interact with the second leads, and see him do his thing at the hospital.

My favorite part of these past two episodes would have to be Hoon helping out the 500 Won little girl. It broke my heart seeing how no one would really listen to the little girl when she was trying to get help for her dad. It did show how the hospital is in need of more doctors.

Aside from that, we finally get to see this Song Jae Hee doppelganger! I wonder how this will play out in the drama because last time we saw Jae Hee was in a video, and she was in a camp in North Korea. That old man who is helping people find their family members in the North definitely knows something, and I can’t wait to find out what it is. Same with the prime minister, I wonder if he did something with Jae Hee. I certainly can’t wait to see what happens next week! Hopefully we actually get to see more of this Song Jae Hee doppelgänger.

Jung-gug-eo Kaenada: I approached "Doctor Stranger" with trepidation, because I feared that it would be the grim tale of a North Korean doctor selling his soul in South Korea in order to reunite with the woman left behind. Instead, we get Lee Jong Suk winking like a fiend while clicking his teeth. His North Korean doctor, Park Hoon is hilariously obnoxious, but still on the charm offensive, breaking rules to help out damsels in distress while claiming to do it for the money - all ₩500 worth (that's 50 cents).

I am also loving Oh Soo Hyun (Kang So Ra), the doctor daughter of the Hospital chairman. She does not play the victim, choosing to destroy the windshield of her car rather than let her vile half-brother enjoy it after seizing it from her. Oh Soo Hyun then takes her half-brother's place at the family discussion in spite of being the reviled daughter of her father's mistress, because of her competence. Her conflicted relationship with the mother who gave her up was surprisingly unsentimental.

In comparison, Oh Soo Hyun's fiancé, Han Jae Joon (Park Hae Jin) and Park Hoon's lost love, Song Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon) have been at a disadvantage. In the case of Song Jae Hee, she has either been confined to a monitor or a fleeting mystery, unreachable by Park Hoon, and hard for the viewer to identify with.

Han Jae Joon has also been losing in spite of winning professionally as the Hospital's new head of cardiology. His cold demeanor, and ruthless use of a member of the competing medical team to sabotage his rival, have made him an unappealing character. And, his relationship with Oh Soo Hyun already appears to be on the fritz; she hesitates to identify her biological mother, and he fails to answer her call when she needs him most. In the face of the straight talking Park Hoon, wielding medical skills like a clairvoyant at bargain prices, poor Han Jae Joon doesn't stand a chance.

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