Another week of Emergency Couple brings many flashbacks, a ton of new questions, and a few surprises as this unbelievably addictive drama continues to unfold its characters. Join me, Caroline (^___^)y, as I throw in my assessments of this week’s episodes!

Screenshot (557).pngAhhh, this week. This week’s episodes flew! They were so quick paced, I struggled with the words to assemble this post, trying my best to cover every little aspect without dragging it out. Here’s to hoping that I didn’t miss anything! Let’s get started.

With Chang Min fawning over Jin Hee, it brings me to believe that he’s still as immature as he was before when they were married. Even though he does take very strong stands every once in a while, admitting that he took Chun Soo’s jacket because he was jealous, marching into the room with the “infection” patient, telling off his mother for mistreating Jin Hee, just to name a few, but he still seems like the kind of person who wants the new toy until it’s his, and then shelving it for another new toy. As soon as Chun Soo and Jin Hee started showing that they might like each other, Chang Min decided to jump right on board to make sure that Jin Hee stays his. I approve of Jin Hee recognizing this, and rejecting his attempts at a “Start Over” remembering that their marriage wasn’t only made of good moments, something Chang Min has yet to realize. She’s definitely growing a thick backbone (FINALLY!) and standing up for herself. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching Chang Min’s attempts of taking care of Jin Hee. I would’ve appreciated him in an apron more, but beggars can’t be choosers. Sigh. We do get a shower scene though! (^______^)

Chang Min discovers Jin Hee kept her wedding band, and we discover that Jin Ae had a habit of borrowing money from Chang Min. Ahh Jin Ae, I like her, she’s such a simple minded person much like her husband Kwang Soo, who shows that he’s fully capable of formulating adult thoughts when he says that divorce is not a failure, that it could be a mistake. I find their presence in the series of complicated messiness refreshing, I don’t have to constantly wonder if there could be hidden meanings behind everything they say because they simply wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Screenshot (637).png

Chun Soo and Jin Hye scenes are my personal favorites this week because it’s obvious how amazingly compatible they are, I wish that Chun Soo would realize that. Ji Hye tries to encourage Chun Soo towards Jin Hee, “Express your feelings if there’s someone you like” but it’s obvious that she’s totally into him. I don’t know if the sacrifice is worth it, I understand the term “If you love them set them free” but really, drag that man back! Ji Hye manages to give Chang Min advice after he confesses that he and Jin Hee were married before telling him to behave so that he can win Jin Hee’s heart as well. Wait, so she’s encouraging them both towards Jin Hee?! How generous?! Sure! Just give all the good looking men to Jin Hee! Ji Hye is obviously the series therapist.

Chun Soo tries to be more open with his feelings, telling Chang Min he won’t give up just because he told him to, and even admitting to Jin Hee that he would prefer someone who would make his heart flutter! Awwww! So Cute! *Second Male Lead Syndrome On Again*

Other characters develop this episode starting with Min Ki confessing to Yong Kyu that he tied the ribbon on his confessional flower pot, apologizing and giving him advice “Until your feelings in here (his heart) get completely exhausted try loving her.” Such wisdom. Min Ki is cute, mischievous as hell, but still cute. Don’t give up Yong Kyu (though you’re totally getting friendzoned)!! Even if I don’t like Ah Reum, as long as she makes Yong Kyu happy I guess I can accept her (-___-) *Mother-In-Law Style*

Screenshot (601).png

Ah Reum’s character (Friendzoned! Haha, Karma) hardly develops at all, she’s still after Chang Min going to meet Sung Sook and expecting him to not have any problems with it even though he made it clear that he only wants to be friends, the butt hurt expression on her face can only bring me some inner satisfaction after she broke Yong Kyu’s heart. Why on earth would you meet his mother without telling him about it before hand? That’s was very conspiratorial of her. Chang Min’s reaction was totally acceptable, even if it was a little mean.

Young Ae, extremely upset how hindering it could be for her career and Sang Hyuk, totally thrilled for no actual obvious reason seem to be expecting! Omo! But they don’t know for sure. The exchange between them is still adorable. Sang Hyuk is too funny when he tells the patient to consider his girlfriend when having unprotected sex, but knocks up his own wife. Sigh. So much for practicing what you preach dude.

Screenshot (588).png

Daddy is being nice to Mummy, which is surprising her, and me because why? He seemed so determined to push her away until he’s not anymore? We find out that Tae Suk was admitted to the hospital later making me assume that that health scare gives him a reason to be good to his family, but since no one knows about it, and Chang Min finding out about it by pure coincidence, Sung Sook keeps on showing her nasty side, confirming what we all know about her, she’s an extremely materialistic woman, only caring about him being a Doctor who went to S University and being smart Blah Blah. Ugh! I really can’t stand her. I hated her in Heirs, and I hate her now. I just hate her. (You get the point) There’s obviously a concerned for her son side to her that we get to see when she finds Jin Hee in Chang Min’s apartment, but does it end there? Or is she just a control freak who can’t let people live their lives without giving them hell about it, and trying to adjust them to her preferences? You can see the character difference between Tae Suk and Sung Sook there, since Dad obviously wants his son to live his life the way he wants to, unlike Mum.

We’re half way through the drama with no certainties, I’m really hoping they don’t try to cram everything at the very end. The characters’ sudden extreme developments this week can only bring a whole set of new questions to our minds. This is no longer your typical predictable KDrama. Thank God! Have you noticed how Jin Hee’s house looks like the house in I Need Romance? (Which would be extremely ironic because Choi Yeo Jin who plays Ji Hye was part of the I Need Romance cast! Lol) Maybe all the neighborhoods in Korea look alike, but seeing it constantly with people parked in front of it made a little light bulb pop on!

What did you think of this week’s episodes? Why is Sung Sook so against Chang Min being with Jin Hee, she’s a doctor now isn’t she? Why didn’t Tae Suk tell his family that he’s sick? Will things between Jin Hee and Chun Soo develop? Will Chang Min back off? (NO!!) When are we going to find out more about Ji Hye’s (And Chun Soo’s – totally my assumption) daughter? Is Young Ae pregnant? Will they have a baby as cute as Gook? (Pft, No Way) Will Yong Kyu get his happily ever after with Ah Reum? Tell me what you think in the comment section below!

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