After TvN decided to air an Emergency Couple special (Episodes 1-7), we’ll only be getting one episode this week (~~>___<~~) However, it was a great one, so join Caroline, Martina, and Sage as they explore the corners of this lonely episode with the anticipation of next Friday’s glorious action.

Caroline: UGH! TvN are playing with our emotions this week, with only one episode, and a mouth dropping preview, I’m just itching to know what will happen next. I previously mentioned that Episode 8 is expected to be SUPER (Because that’s the Drama Rule of Thumb!) And just by watching episode 7’s warm up for it, I’m going to die of curiosity before it airs on Friday for sure!

The episode starts off where it left us last week with Jin Hee jumping superman style “literally” off the stage to go after her trouble maker sister, only to land flat on her face. Inevitable surely, she gets surrounded with La Co-Workers who just happen to be there at the same time. Just as Chang starts to help Jin Hee off the ground, Chun Soo pulls her up, earning the Chang Min deadly (So cute) stare. Welcome to JellyVille! Population: OH CHANG MIN! (^_____^) LOL! Ji Hye and Chun Soo are apparently on a “Date” (OMG!) and so are Ah Reum and Young Kyu (Kinda, more like Young Kyu is on a date, and Ah Reum is just there being a pooper thinking about another guy.) Chang Min senses that he’s now a third wheel to that one, and makes Jin Hee stay along with him, making Young Kyu even more suspicious of their relationship. It didn’t help that Chang Min was fussing all over Jin Hee’s “Wound” from the fall that actually makes it look like she got clawed by Godzilla, but sure!

Jin Hee goes home, Chang Min gets super drunk, Ah Reum tries to mark her territory. Omo Omo. I got all “SO CUTE” when Chang Min drunk dials Jin Hee to thank her for saving his mother, I mean seriously, isn’t the rule that if someone drunk dials you then they love you cause why would they be thinking about you in their not even there state of mind?? Anyway. It was adorable.

Young Kyu goes around half of the episode trying to get Ah Reum’s attention, making me feel bad for him. Especially after Min Ki reads his “love letter” and takes the initiative to “Tie the Ribbon of Acceptance” around the flower pot (Evil!). Tsk Tsk. Poor Young Kyu.

I think the episode progressed nicely. Jin Hee eavesdrops on Sung Sook and her sisters, finally figuring out that Ah Reum is the Minister’s Daughter. She also manages to impress Ji Hye. Helps the patient from the previous episode “Emma,” finds out Jin Ae has a Baby! (I think? Who’s baby is that dude?) ADORABLE! When it get’s the “What the Hell?!” look on it’s face while Jin Hee is screaming her butt off for no real reason? I think I wouldn’t mind having a baby like that (Way Off Topic)

Chang Min finally stands up for himself, learning to ask his uncle for help and bargaining like an adult. Chun Soo is still holy poop adorable! Honestly, this episode left me with second male lead syndrome. I want Jin Hee with Chun Soo. The End. He’s not only the cutest guy ever (I think I’ll have to look for all the other dramas he was in because I love him so much right now) but he’s thoughtful, responsible, and overall an excellent, genuine doctor. It also seems like Jin Hee is starting to develop feelings for him, so we’ll have to watch and see how that progresses. UGH! Can it be Friday already?! Till next week lovers! (^______^)

Sage: I think my favorite scene from this week’s episode has to be in the very beginning when Chun Soo came and picked Jin Hee off of the ground before Chang Min could. The look of confusion/jealousy that ensued shortly after, got me all excited. And when he wrapped his burberry scarf around her wound, ah, it was so sweet! I don’t think Chang Min got drunk just because Jin Hee was able to perform the tracheotomy when he wasn’t. Though it must be a real blow to his ego, not being able to do it when somebody he considered clumsy and inadequate was able to do it just fine. I think he drunk dialed her because he cared and he missed her. (Just like on the episodes of My Love From Another Star when Cheon Song Yi called Do Min Joon after his attempts to get rid of her.) The fact that he didn’t remember shows how reluctant he is to admit his feelings (even to himself) unless he is as drunk as a sailor. But he shouldn’t have asked what he said, it just proves the old saying ‘ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer’. In my personal opinion, Jin Hee is a better doctor than all of them put together (aside from Chun Soo and Ji Hye). She works harder, asks questions, and she’s good under pressure. Everybody can see it and you can tell its annoying them to no end. Especially Ah Reum, when the patient that was short of breath came in, Jin Hee was the star of the show, she tried to get her two cents in but it was nothing compared to Jin Hee.

So, I’ve come to these conclusions toward the end of the episode, Han Ah Reum is shameless in her pursuance of Chang Min, Sung Sook is the only one who doesn’t want Chang Min and Jin Hee to be together and she’s bat poop crazy, Chang Min has a thing with spitting out his drinks but he’s trying really hard the way he should be to get back in Jin Hee’s good graces (by using his doctor’s family background to make sure she kept her job and calling to apologize (even if he was drunk)), Jin Ae is going to be more trouble than I originally thought (though her baby is flipping adorable), and Chun Soo totally has a thing for Jin Hee and I think the feelings might be mutual (he looked so cute and vulnerable in the last scene). I am so looking forward to next week’s episodes. It’ll be hard to wait seeing how we only have one episode this week and the next episode preview looks so exciting. But I’m ready. Bring on the JEALOUSY!!

Martina: I really admire the fact that tVN delayed the next episode to ensure that it’s the best it can be, especially because episode 8 looks like it will have a lot of central plot developments. At the same time, I’m kind of bouncing on the edge of my seat here because the episode preview looked really exciting!

Anyway. This week, it was pointed out to me that Jin Hee’s patients, Emma and her husband, are supposed to be immigrants from another country, possibly the Philippines. This much was probably evident to all you native Korean speakers out there, but those of us not fluent in Korean might not have picked up on it because it was never stated explicitly. Emma and her husband speak with accented/broken Korean, work in a factory, and live in a more run-down area of the city, which shows why they are kind of pushed to the fringes of society and can’t afford any extra healthcare services. Knowing this extra bit of information helps show Jin Hee’s (and Chun Soo and Ji Hye’s too) kindness and selflessness in reaching out to help these people.

This week, I’m even more intrigued about what Jin Ae’s reappearance will do to our main characters, seeing as we’ve seen even more of the mess she’s left behind. How could she just disappear, leaving behind her husband and infant baby? On top of stealing and pawning off her sister’s wedding ring? Could it really all be for the sake of pursuing the spotlight as a singer?

This week it also became increasingly evident that Chang Min is slowly realizing his admiration for the woman Jin Hee has become, in addition to probably remembering what made him love her enough to defy his family in the first place six years ago. Hello, dat drunk dial do. They do say that the truth comes out when you’re drunk.

But of course we have more and more obstacles popping up that make it harder for Chang Min and Jin Hee’s joyous reunion. Ah Reum/Jessica is publicly declaring her interest in Chang Min, and his mother obviously will do everything in her power to support that pairing. Chun Soo is also warming to Jin Hee..and maybe Jin Hee to Chun Soo too? The other ladies of the drama club are falling under the sway of second-lead syndrome, but not I! I’ll hold out for Chang Min and Jin Hee, but I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Excited about next week’s episodes? What do you think is going to happen? Will Chang Min consider dating Ah Reum? Are the residents and interns finally going to find out about Jin Hee’s and Chang Min’s previous relationship? How do you think Chang Min is going to cover up attacking Chun soo? Will he remember what he said to Jin Hee when he drunk dialed her? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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