Though there was only one episode for this week's run of Emergency Couple, it was still full of excitement with absolutely adorable babies from runaway sisters, a love connection between two certain doctors *cough cough* Jin Hee and Chun Soo, Jin Hee taking a dump in her ex-mother-in-law’s hospital room, relentless mothers, drunk dialing, and jealousy from Chang Min. Let’s just say it did not disappoint. Just give me that baby…

Spare Room For New Baby and Adorkable Brother-in-Law

Sage: I think we can all agree that this baby is darn near edible. Would it be bad to eat a baby? Probably…

Caroline: I see now why people adopt Asian babies. I mean really, who can resist this adorableness!! I can’t believe he had that look on his face, it really matched the situation well. How many times did they need to shoot that to get it right? Ugh! LOVE. HIM.

Martina: My favorite part about this scene is that other than the fact that Jin Hee and mama didn’t know about him, Jin Ae’s husband actually seems like a good son-in-law. He’s worried about his mother-in-law and looks like he’s taking good care of the baby.

It’s About Freakin’ Time

Sage: This scene was so unexpected we needed to mention it twice. Though he was drunk off his butt, it was really sweet that he called and thanked her and apologized. It really made me feel the love.

Caroline: I just “AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” when he said that, cause really. The man realized that no one ever thanked her for her effort. It would’ve been sweeter if he was actually sober when he said that to her though.

Martina: (Silence.) (Chirp.) (Chirp chirp chirp.) ...what? Sorry, I just died and came back to life freaking out about how cute this is. The seeds for their love’s rekindling have been sown and watered.

Second Lead Syndrome

Caroline: This was such a sweet scene. (Because Chun Soo is SO CUTE when he’s all passed out.) Jin Hee seems attracted to him, she even adjusts his head on her shoulder *Maldo Andwae* She even takes a moment to flashback on all their moments together!

Sage: I think it’s safe to say their coupling is adorable. I’m excited. I just want to see some real feelings come out. I want somebody to realize they are in love with somebody else. I don’t care who. I’m impatient in that way.

Martina: You know, initially I was really blah about this pairing but now that you mention it, it would be kind of interesting to see it develop, and see how each of them deal with feelings for a new person in contrast to the other, long-standing love interest.

Louboutins, Stilettos and Cow Print Oh My!!

Caroline: The only reason I’m showing you this picture is to show you the apparent culture difference between Korea, and the US. I mean when was the last time you went to the hospital in shoes like that? It’s either Uggs or Flip Flops. Can you live in Korea when the standards are this high? Aigo *Grabs neck like ajummas*

Sage: This is how you walk out of a hospital. Looking fierce.

Martina: I was very nervous for them all the whole time, really. I thought that they were going to trip and break their ankles and end up back in the hospital. Though maybe if Chang Min’s mother mobility was limited, her capacity to do damage would be too...

And the Boy Becomes A Man

Caroline: Chang Min really impressed me here. It takes guts to ask for help. He’s really becoming more mature.

Sage: It was about time he stuck up for himself around his family. But I can appreciate the fact that he was trying to do everything on his own. That also takes real guts.

Martina: My heart welled up during this scene! I was at a loss as to how they would get out of firing Jin Hee since clearly those around her are realizing her value more every day. This was definitely unexpected. Chang Min to the rescue!!

You Were Thinking It. But you said it!

Sage: Like I said before “ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer”. Well, in this case it’s not all that stupid, is it? Chang Min looks like he could’ve actually been thinking it.

Caroline: He was thinking “Oh hell, did I really say that?” Lol. Poor Chang Min got his feelings played with.

Martin: Bahahaha!! This look says it all: “Oh shoot, my secret’s out??”


Caroline: Seriously. He was that easy. I loved how he dropped everything and ran to save her in the end even though he took a second to really think about it. UGH! He is so considerate!!! Can we just once let the second male lead get the girl?! PLEASE!!! (~~>___<~~)

Sage: This scene was totally hot. Who doesn’t love a man who will drop everything just to come to your rescue? But we all know she is not going to end up with him. Besides, Ji Hye is not going to let go so easily. Remember the car scene in the beginning of the episode? She was angry he didn’t ask where she lived.

Martina: I saw his affection for Jin Hee as more of a secondary motivation. He admired her drive and passion to help her patients where it was within her power to do so, and that’s one of the major reasons he sees potential in her as a doctor.

Hug me, hug me! Say that you love me!

Martina: Awkward side hug! Chun Soo puts on a disgruntled face, but he definitely thinks she’s really charming.

Caroline: I almost died. This scene made me hold my breath. I was like OMOMOMOMO! Since I am now in “Second Lead Male Syndrome” I nearly peed myself in excitement because THAT is the start of what I believe is going to be a competitive love triangle! I don’t really understand why hugs are a generally big deal in Korea, but sure. Make me squeal over a hug KDramas!

Sage: Next time, they should do a back hug. That’s an even bigger deal. I’m so excited for when the love starts openly flowing and jealousy ensues. Maybe even some k-drama kisses between the second lead and female lead? Or both first leads? AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH?!

Oh Shi… I Mean, Poop.

Martina: Talk about worst. Timing. Ever.

Caroline: She’s not sneezing if that’s what you’re thinking. This is the face of a woman who ate way too much Kimchi, finally finding the 8th world wonder: The Toilet. It made me laugh so hard because she was just standing there eavesdropping one minute, and loudly farting the next. Priceless.

Sage: I’m kind of glad it was Sung Suk’s room that she pooped in, it’s like she was sticking it to her in some way. Though, I could’ve done without her getting caught. That was almost more awkward than the scene with the hallabeoji.

Martina: My favorite was when the three ahjummas outside heard the stomach grumbling and started side-eying each other.

Her Stethoscope Brings All the Boys To the Yard

Caroline: This is the most awkward scene ever. But it’s also one of my favorites this episode. Jin Hee proves herself by being awesome and thinking of a way to talk to Hallabeoji who can barely hear his own voice when he talks. I like how she took action. Even Chang Min was impressed. Sigh. Aja Aja Jin Hee-ya!

Sage: Apparently Jin Hee is a panty-dropper. I’m just kidding, but no seriously. This scene was the definition of awkward but I’m glad somebody notices how amazing Jin Hee is as a doctor.

Caroline: He even wants to set her up with his son. I bet my parents sell me to people like that too (-___-) Lol

Martina: I loved Jin Hee’s smile as she talks to Hallabeoji <3. And how the camera cuts to Chang Min as he takes in Hallabeoji’s endorsement of Jin Hee. It’s as if he’s thinking, “Hey wait a sec, she can’t get set up with someone else…”

Are your hands...touching my woman?

Caroline: I was like “CHUN SOO TO THE RESCUE!” it rhymes, oki? Anyway. He’s the prince in my opinion now, I don’t even know why he stepped in like it’s the most natural thing to do in the world. Sigh! (Set on Chun Soo) *Second Male Lead Syndrome*

Sage: The look on Chang Min’s face was priceless. Yah! You’ve got competition!

Martina: This gif is mesmerizing.

How much crazier is Sung Suk going to get? What is Ji Hye and Chun Soo's relationship? Is Chun Soo beginning to have feelings for Jin Hee? What is Jin Hee going to do with the information about Ah Reum? We want to know what you think. Tell us in the comment section below!

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