Welcome to the first week of the Emergency Couple Drama Club! Join Caroline, Sage, and Martina as they navigate the flying dishes, undercover surgeons, and reused wedding dresses on this fresh, fun new tvN drama!

Caroline: Hello everyone! This is my first Drama Club, and I’m so excited! There are so many reasons why I’m going crazy for this drama.

1) Choi Jin Hyuk!! 2) Song Ji Hyo!! 3) Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo TOGETHER!

Song Ji Hyo’s one woman army against six guys in Running Man makes her one of my favorite korean actresses. She really holds her own.

Choi Jin Hyuk really caught my attention when he played Heirs’ Kim Tan’s older, colder brother Kim Won who chooses his company over love. And I can’t forget his role as Wol Ryung for Gu Family Book and his tragic love with Seo Hwa. So many tears *Sniff*

This time he’ll get it right! The first episode starts with our leads running to church to get married, determined to hold on to their love! And a kiss to seal the deal. EPISODE ONE!! Omo Omo! Throws Heirs’ first episode love declaration right down the toilet *Flush*

And there goes the happily married couple. Breaking everything they can get their hands on. I couldn’t stop laughing, because frankly Chang Min screams like a girl while Jin Hee destroys his things. I really noticed how they were really having fun while breaking everything. *6 Years Later* Meet at a friend’s wedding? That’s believable. Chang Min is a super meanie! WHY?! He’s too cute to be this mean! And Jin Hee is recycling her wedding dress for other weddings? Yesh lady. Of course someone has to overdose on alcohol and end up where they’re interning the next day, insulting their future boss, AND running into the Ex again. Did you notice how Chang Min’s mum was also his mum from Heirs??

I was so sad to see Jin Hee crying, and thrilled to see Chang Min covered in Urine after he talked down to Jin Hee. But Jin Hee steps in and saves him when he’s in danger?

It’s obvious that Chang Min is full of himself, and Jin Hee is desperate to prove that she’s capable of accomplishing more than what people think she can. A combination of characteristics that will definitely have them butting heads for the next 20 episodes. This show is already fun, hilarious, and well on it’s way to my favorites list. I just wish the opening wasn’t so similar to Grey’s Anatomy.

Sage: Annyeong everybody my name is Sage and I am super psyched to be apart of the Emergency Couple Drama Club! This is my first Drama Club and I am looking forward to watching this drama with you guys! I like long walks to the nearest computer and listening to kpop. Okay, now that we’re through with the formalities I have something to get off of my chest. This is my first Medical Drama. And this is my first drama with Choi Jin Hyuk in it because I never finished Heirs. Also i’ve only seen one episode of running man. *ducks and hides* I know, I know. I’m terrible. Song Ji Hyo, I’m sorry! Don’t look at me like that...But, no, in all seriousness this drama is so funny and will have you covering your face in embarrassment for the leads in just the first two episodes. In the first episode alone I was cracking up. It started out with the unlucky in love couple running away to get married. But from whom exactly? I don’t know but I’m really excited to find out. At first I was feeling really bad for the main female lead, Oh Jin Hee. She was bald, and she was married to Chang Min who is a total jerk. While he was out partying she was at home feeling like he was trying to kill her with meds.That on top of the dead fish eventually led to one of the funniest fights I think I've ever witnessed.

Let’s just say, this was not a couple you wanted to around. Now, fast forward 6 years. I don’t know about you, but i think they were very happy to meet at a friends wedding … Especially Jin Hee seeing how she was in the dress that she got married to Chang Min in. She is so happy that she sings into a sausage, gets so drunk she goes into cardiac arrest the night before she is supposed to start her internship under the very doctor she slaps after he saves her life, Gook Chun Soo. That’s true happiness. *Note: Sarcasm.*

Not to mention the mother who dresses like a kid. When I saw her I was like ‘Whaat?’

And to hear she is the same Ajumma from Heirs… SMH. This drama so far is super hilarious and I am eagerly awaiting next week ! There are a lot of characters and I can’t wait to get into their background and see how they all get along. Though it’s my first, I say it’s my favorite. Emergency Couple Hwaiting!

Martina: Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be a part of the Emergency Couple Drama Club! I’ve been looking forward to this drama ever since I heard about it a couple months ago, largely thanks to the pairing of one super gorgeous Choi Jin Hyuk (loved him in I Need Romance) and the badass sole female cast member of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo. As the promos were released, I had to try to contain my excitement: it seemed to be such a fun, cheeky set up with a touch of vengeance.

And the first two episodes have delivered! Chang Min and Jin Hee’s dynamic is the perfect amount of gleeful, vindictive fun that is just delicious for us to tag along with every week. The supporting characters round up a solid exposition with a quirky group of co-interns, their strict bosses, and well-meaning but overbearing mothers. As the drama progresses, I’m most looking forward to seeing glimpses of Chang Min and Jin Hee, as well as Chun Soo and Ji Hye’s backstory. How did Chang Min and Jin Hee fall in love? How do Chun Soo and Ji Hye know each other?

For all you Grey’s Anatomy fans out there, this all might seem a bit familiar, as Caroline mentioned ... especially when the crazy guy gets a hold of the policeman’s gun! (Did you know that there are very strict gun control laws in Korea, so only police, military, and other relevant personnel are armed? So a random guy getting a hold of a gun in an emergency room is an EXTRA big deal.) But for me, Emergency Couple seems to have more of an overall sense of playfulness. I’m sure there won’t be any lack of drama, but just with that k-drama flair! The cast members all seem to be having a great time (especially Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo yelling and throwing things!) so I’m sure we’re all in for an amazing ride with the emergency couple. =)

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