It’s only the first week of Emergency Couple, and there are so many things going on to keep us craving more. Join Caroline, Sage, and Martina for a professional analysis of the ongoing hijinks of our favorite Emergency Couple. Let’s take a look at the highlights of week one!

Is This the End of Us?

Sage: I personally think it should’ve been the end of them as soon as Jin Hee got the divorce papers. That definitely would've saved her a brand new bag and him some fish.

Martina: Watching that bag get cut up was rough! And also those poor fish =/ So far we've seen mostly the negative parts of Chang Min and Jin Hee’s relationship but I’m hoping it’s one of those “passionate” situations when the couple feel equally enthusiastic about loving each other as they do fighting each other!

Caroline: That’s what rock bottom looks like ….

Internship or Fashion Show?

Caroline: Where is she going with that Louis Vuitton?? Aren't interns generally broke? And that dress at work? Omo, Omo. Look at the women behind her in comparison?! It’s also winter there, so that!

Martina: The suitcase is for all those backup outfits, haha!

Sage: I think there’s nothing wrong with dressing sexy but there should be a more conservative way of doing it. By the way Chun Soo was acting I don’t think it will get her too far up the corporate later either.

Too Sexy for his Pants?

Martina: Awk. Ward.

Caroline: I can’t blame her for trying to make the moves on our Korean McDreamy. I think the fact that she needed to grab onto something while getting up was another way of showing us how “Old” she is. But come on, the woman is 32!

Sage: That’s Dr. Korean McDreamy to you! 32 is like the new 22 anyways. What’s up with K-Dramas trying to make women feel old?! Like on My Lovely Sam Soon they were constantly calling her old and fat.

The K-Drama Signature “Water Throw” changed to “Urine Throw”?

Caroline: That was vile. If that happened in real life Jin Hee would’ve been fired for sure. But honestly? Chang Min totally deserved it. I even applauded when I saw it.

Martina: Is it weird that my first thought after that scene was, “I hope Jin Hee went back and disinfected the room afterwards”?

Caroline and Sage: Yes. LOL.

Sage: I applauded as well. That is after I gasped and covered my face. Chang Min was being a total Doodoo head. It serves him well. Pee in the face for being a Doodoo head.

The Return of an Old Flame?

Sage: I knew she wasn't a real patient! She just stood out too much for her to just be a patient! I’m really excited to see who she is to Chun Soo. Also, am I the only one who thinks that Chun Soo may be a second lead for our Ms. Jin Hee?

Martina: Hmm, interesting prospect. I think Chun Soo and Ji Hye will have a ‘second couple’ thing going on, kind of like Han Sung and Yoo Joo in Coffee Prince. Those two definitely have something going on..did you see his expression when he realized it was Ji Hye?

Caroline: I don’t know if I’m interested in this pairing (Young Do and Eun Sang, Anyone?). I think Chun Soo might develop a mini crush on Jin Hee.

Sage: Ehh. I don’t want them to have a relationship either. Yeah I saw but isn't that just because he was surprised? Maybe it’s just me but when there’s a second relationship I always feel like they like the other more.

Two Birds with One Defibrillator?

Caroline: That was my FAVORITE scene. It was hilarious to see her trying to sneak up on him like that. I wonder why she even bothered to save Chang Min after all the things he’d said to her just before it all went down. The feelings never went away?

Sage: I was totally waiting for somebody to come and jump him from behind! How could she still have feelings for somebody so mean? But it’s totally going to happen. I mean, there’s got to be a reason they decided to marry in the first place.

Martina: Jin Hee to the rescue! Creative problem-solving at its finest. We’ll have to wait and see whether averting crisis in the emergency room will outweigh the fact that she used a defibrillator as a weapon to knock this guy (and another intern) out!

Caroline: They’ll forgive her, I mean it’s either knock them out or wait for someone to get shot. You have to admire her gut.

What do you think will happen to Jin Hee and Chang Min? Will Chang Min be nice to the woman who saved him or will he make her regret getting involved? Who is Ji Hye and how will her arrival affect the dynamic of the emergency room? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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