We have just hit the half-way line this week and things are getting sticky! Lines are drawn as Chang Min and Chun Soo both announce their feelings for Jin Hee this week on Emergency Couple! Join Caroline, Sage, and Martina as they discuss the serious feels invoked by our colorful cast of characters.

Feels: Awww!Screenshot (420).png

Martina: GAHHH <333. The smiles as they imagine happier times cuddling up together.

Sage: This scene was so sweet! I couldn’t help but smile with them. But I also can’t help but think things are going to get a little harder from here. They’re both only remembering the good times. There’s always a reason a couple get a divorce and I think Jin Hee is the only one remembering just what that is.

Caroline: This was too adorable for me to handle. It’s almost like they’re hugging each other in their sleep. Too Cute. And also very sad.

Feels: FINALLY!!throatclearingjealousy2.gif

Martina: “Look the other way”, my butt. Jin Hee has said multiple times now that Chang Min can date Ah Reum if he wants, but she is clearly jealous.

Caroline: Don’t stand that close to each other around me! - Jin Hee. One of the many adorable things in this episode though was that Chang Min went after her. Feels: FIGHT FOR YOUR MAN, GIRL!

Sage: Oh, the clear jealousy. It was sort of hilarious the way she pushed through them like that. Really, if you think about it neither one of them have the right to be jealous. No matter how much Chang Min might not want to admit it, they are divorced. But I like the way Chang Min reacted, running after her like that. It was not Ah Reum’s job to remove his lipstick mark, though she gave a great tip with the alcohol thing.

Feels: Annoyance, Curiosity, and PowerScreenshot (459).png

Martina: During any scene with Sung Sook, my strongest feel is basically severe annoyance. I know I say this all the time, but she is just nuts, even when she’s just sitting there. At least she’s a bit more subdued this week.

Sage: They haven’t been inserting her quite as much as they were in the beginning. Her intentions are clear. She wants Ah Reum and Chang Min together. We get it, and I think the writers know that. But I am still curious as to what her and Ah Reum are going to talk about during dinner.

Caroline: Mummy felt like undermining Daddy until he threatened to leave?? Daddy is the boss in this relationship, no matter how much Mummy thinks she’s in control. I loved it. Because someone needs to put their foot down with this woman every chance they get before she walks all over them.

Feels: Adorable Cuteness Attack!Screenshot (463).png

Caroline: Just got caught by Mum holding a cookie that she said he can’t have. He looks all cute, innocent, and not the “Devil” as they call him.

Sage: The jacket looked good on him. It’s kind of a bummer Chang Min stole it.

Martina: I would have thought that he would have tried it on sooner, now that he has admitted he likes Jin Hee. Who wouldn't rush to open a present from their crush? But maybe this is a sign that he had been trying to talk himself out of said feelings?

Feels: Gentle LoveScreenshot (476).png

Sage: This scene was particularly adorable because her hair looked so nice. And I liked how both guys were obviously fawning over her. Chang Min was so adorable with the wrap, but I wonder where he was planning on taking her. Still to his house?

Martina: That would be quite forward, even for an ex-husband! I had major warm fuzzies from Chang Min’s general fuss over Jin Hee, even going as far as to take all her shifts and go out of his way to look after the patient she was concerned about.

Caroline: It was too cute to see him taking care of her the way he did. The feelings are there for sure. But then why didn’t he act like that in the very beginning when she told him she almost died? I’m getting so attached to this Chang Min, I don’t want to the remember the Chang Min who stepped on all Jin Hee’s feelings. Could they possibly be like this forever now that they’re more mature? Or will the old problems catch up with them?

Feels: Jonesing For The Good Ol’ DaysScreenshot (486).png

Sage: I am loving the real kisses they have been putting in dramas recently. It was getting slightly annoying with the whole stand-there-and-look-like-you’ve-never-seen-lips-before kisses.This scene was so very sweet and romantic. Perfect timing, Chang Min!

Martina: Ah, those stolen moments and impromptu kisses.

Caroline: I don’t know if it was the fact that this kiss was a joint participation thing, or if they’re just adorable together. But this is one of the best K-Kisses I’ve ever seen. Lie to Me, My Love from Another Star, and I Need Romance 1 and 3 to name a few. Needless to say, I approve.

Feels: Tender Lovin’ CareScreenshot (505).png

Sage: Slightly awkward yet really sweet in theory. He was laying it on super thick. I find it quite weird that he just flipped the script like that. One minute he hated her and the next he was completely head over heels. I can see why Jin Hee is a little shocked, I’d be too.

Martina: My favorite part was Chang Min’s little grin as he gleefully babied Jin Hee to the fullest extent and watched her squirm.

Caroline: He’s too cute when he’s taking care of her. He kicks my second male lead syndrome right out the window with this scene, even mentioning that he did that before when they were married. UGH! I can’t understand their divorce right now!!

Feels: Heartbreak and AnguishScreenshot (511).png

Martina: Poor guy. Chin up Yong Kyu! Don’t lose it in front of the girl! To borrow a line from a personal favorite movie of mine, “No one’s ever going to shag you if you’re crying all the time.” (Love Actually for lyfe.)

Sage: And then she told him that they could be friends. Not cool, boo boo. Ohh, the pity I felt for him. And she seemed so cheery to tell him, too. Like, ‘No, I don’t like you even half as you like me, how great is that?!” I wonder how he is going to take that and how he is going to act around Chang Min now that he knows the full extent of their relationship.

Caroline: I have never ever wanted to slap a drama woman (Chang Min’s Mum for sure) like I did when Ah Reum broke his heart. He’s the sweetest thing! Why is she not looking at him?! How could she Friendzone Yong Kyu!!!

Feels: There’s still something thereScreenshot (513).png

Martina: Those are some pretty cute pictures. And now we finally get it spelled out for sure that Chun Soo and Ji Hye did, indeed, have a relationship in the past. Which sets up what happens next in their storyline, of course.

Sage: Aww! They dated! That explains it. But I still wonder if there is another reason she came back. I doubt she’s going to like it if Chun Soo and Jin Hee start dating. I think she still has feelings above the norm for him.

Caroline: I wonder if he still has feelings from Ji Hye … Either that, or Chun Soo is an extremely sentimental guy.

Feels: OMO OMO OMO OMO!Screenshot (543).png

Martina: BACK HUGGG. Careful of her clavicle though, dude.

Sage: I swear, do these writers read our Drama Club posts? They are doing everything that we asked for! I even got the smile between her and Chang Min during the scene where he stayed over for drinks, that I wanted! I’m excited for where this is going to go. But I still like the Chun Soo-Jin Hee combo. I’m excited to see where that leads as well. I wonder what is going to happen while they are there, if Ah Reum is going to see her there or something, sense they live in the same building.

Caroline: Ahhh. I can die a happy woman. The K-Back Hug, only equivalent to the American “Married with Babies!” .. Too much? (^____^) I just screamed when I saw it is what I’m saying.

Feels: Awww! Again!Screenshot (521).png

Sage: I knew she had a baby! The little girl is adorable! But still, is it possible that she is Chun Soo’s? Her situation with the other guy that she was supposedly with sounded very similar to theirs. But now, Jin Hee knows as well so if that baby is Chun Soo’s and she finds out she’s probably going to insist he stays with the baby.

Martina: You called it! Hearing the story about Ji Hye's ex-boyfriend added an extra layer of sadness to her story, but she appears to bear no grudges towards him and only love for her little daughter. I wonder who the baby is staying with in the States?

Caroline: Ok. No. I think Chun Soo is the Dad. Here’s why. The girl is 4 (and 3 months?). Ji Hye left 6 years ago. 1 year (9 months and the hypothetical 3 months on the 4 years?) for the pregnancy? A few months give or take on the little girl’s birthday and she’s Chun Ji Min! Am I wrong??!

Feels: Super ThoughtfulScreenshot (395).png

Sage: This was very kind of him to do by hand. He has immaculate handwriting even if I don’t know what it said. I’m glad Jin Hee found it and took it out of the trash. Very thoughtful of them both.

Martina: This. I have an extra soft spot for when guys semi-clumsily can't express their care/affection publicly and it ends up showing up in super adorable gestures like this.

Caroline: I think that Jin Hee picking it out of the trash, and taking it signifies how much she appreciated the effort. Something Chang Min didn’t know she generally did. I’ve noticed that he keep underestimating her consideration for almost everything (When she covered his Mum?). It’s a good step forward.

Feels: AnticipationScreenshot (481).png

Sage: Ooh the male testosterone!

Martina: This might have been one of the least aggressive stand-offs of its nature in Kdramaland. They both stated their interest in Jin Hee without any crazy yelling. It was more like...mutually heightened resolve to shift into gear to win the race to Jin Hee's heart.

Sage: Good point, Martina. It wasn’t very aggressive. I just think that neither one of them are the aggressive type. There was barely any emotion. I noticed Chun Soo is kind of flat when it comes to Jin Hee.

Caroline: Take off your shirts and we’ll decide who gets Jin Hee (^___^) Hehe! Now that we all saw Chang Min’s arms (OMO!) We know he can fight it out. Prove yourself Chun Soo!! I suddenly don’t want Chun Soo to have Jin Hee. New Feeling. Not sure why it’s surfacing.

Feels: SOO CUTE!Screenshot (461).png

Sage: It was hilarious how he seemed a little confused at what she was hinting at in the beginning and when he realized it, all of a sudden broke out into the most adorable little puppy dog face. Soo cute!

Caroline: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I’m sold. Ugh! So cute! Too cute! No way to resist Chang Min. Aigooo. If you watched Running Man’s Episode 77 (35:20) specifically and saw Gary’s reaction. That’s what I looked like watching this. *Fanning Self*

Martina: Choi Jin Hyuk is really werkin it in this role, hahaa. That’s what I think every time he makes these cute little expressions. Gwiyeowuh!! <3

And the race is on! What do you think of Chun Soo and Ji Hye’s relationship? Which coupling are you interested in seeing? Chun Soo and Jin Hee or Chang Min and Jin Hee? Other? What do you think is going to happen while Jin Hee stays in Chang Min’s apartment? Sense Ah Reum lives in the same building, will she find out she’s there? What will Yang Ja do when she finds out Jin Hee and Chang Min work together? And the question remains, when do you think the rest of the interns are going to find out about their past and present relationship? How will they take it?

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