Chang Min shows both his softer and more assertive side this week as he looks after Jin Hee and declares his intentions to start over with her to Chun Soo, Ji Hye, his own mother, and of course, Jin Hee herself.

Screenshot (556).png

Martina: First reaction: wait what is he doing. Did this just turn into a totally different kind of drama?

Three seconds later: AAAWWWWW OMG SQUEEAALLLL!!!

Caroline: Chang Min enjoys Jin Hee Burritos in the Morning then?? It was kind of adorable.

Sage: Chang Min totally flipped…the same way he was flipping Jin Hee in this scene. He was so mean to her in the beginning and now he’s the exact opposite x2.I just hope he stays this Chang Min throughout the rest of the drama and doesn’t change his mind later.

Martina: Yup, at this point I was still freaking out.

Caroline: There are so many scenes of Chang Min feeding her, I just can’t keep watching this every episode, it’s really distracting. I can’t think of anything else other than this adorableness the whole time, and then I have to go back and watch them again because AWWW!!!

Sage: This was so thoughtful! I think Chang Min has officially excelled at adorableness.

Screenshot (560).png

Caroline: Wrong. As cute as this question is, Chang Min has yet to realize that they are NOT a newly married couple.

Martina: He is really laying it on thick haha. It must be kind of surreal for them both to be there, eating breakfast together on a bright morning after all they’ve been through: a whirlwind romance, a bitter divorce, six years rebuilding their lives, becoming coworkers, and now having a somewhat friendly relationship.

Sage: I like the way Chang Min is acting. I find it highly adorable and entertaining to watch. But in this case, he is a little far off. They are divorced, and even if he wants her back, he needs to remember that and tread softly.

Screenshot (571).png

Martina: =( =( Poor guy. Initially I was hoping for Ah Reum to somehow see him in a different light, but now I hope that he finds someone else, and comes into his own!

Caroline: This scene really breaks my heart because of that Ah Reum person! Min Ki is still the most adorable Resident. At least he comforted Yong Kyu, even just a little =(

Sage: I felt so bad for Yong Kyu. Min Ki is such a hopeless romantic and I like that. I wish he would stop pining over Ah Reum. She’s obviously the type to want what she can’t have.

Screenshot (564).png

Caroline: Can you see how much adorableness is in this episode? The problem here is that Chang Min is acting like a Teenager in Love. It’s not an adult approach to a relationship. Who doodles in their medical book anyway? I don’t! (Biology, not Medical, Close enough)

Martina: What I didn’t get was, are these old doodles or new ones?

Sage: I was wondering the same thing, Martina! The animes are so professional looking, too. Adorable!

Screenshot (581).png

Martina: Chang Min is very bold to speak up to his supervisor repeatedly like this. But I give the the credit for going after what he wants.

Sage: I kind of understand Chun Soo and the way he acts around Jin Hee now. And why he doesn’t out and tell her he likes her. It’s because it’s hard for him to admit his feelings and I can understand that. Chang Min on the other hand is an all in kind of guy and it shows in his treating of Jin Hee and his audacity toward the Chief.

Caroline: I really liked how he just went there and told him he took the jacket. He’s a very straight forward kind of guy.

Screenshot (610).png

Sage: We are getting there, Chun Soo! I still haven’t given up on you! ;) Though I am kind of liking Chang Min’s straight-forwardness. He went through all of those previous adorable texts and then settled with “Don’t be sick.”? And how could she’ve been sick if she only hurt her collar bone? We’ll work on it...

Martina: I am still team Chang Min, but this was pretty cute in the gruff supervisor kind of way. =)

Caroline: That was entirely too cute. Chun Soo is so sweet. I think the fact that he’s not feely feely always makes it a big deal when he is feely feely. It’s just extra special that way.

Screenshot (626).png

Sage: Booo! I don’t like Sung Sook! She is so wrong and doesn’t even realize it. It’s kind of pitiful.

Martina: So as crazy as this is...this week’s episodes kind of helped me understand Sung Sook’s side. Usually I am first in line to complain about how crazy and annoying she is, but I actually kind of felt bad for her. I still don’t agree with her obviously, but I felt that she truly does want the best for her son and is doing what she thinks is the best.

Caroline: I hated watching Jin Hee get mistreated. This scene kind of shows the difference between Chang Min back then, and Chang Min now. The Chang Min back then didn’t even bother defending Jin Hee, the Chang Min now told his mother to back off, and to stop mistreating Jin Hee. I don’t know what to make of it because Chang Min is not the most mature person out there, he has a tendency to be completely immature until he isn’t.

Screenshot (639).png

Sage: Oh Ma Ga. This was a nice scene and exactly what I asked for in the earlier episodes. A Chang Min shower scene. I swear I could watch it over and over again… we should’ve made a gif of this.

Martina: *fans self* First the work out, now the shower…*continues to fan self*

Caroline: Sigh. As if Do Min Joon’s shower scene wasn’t hot enough for the rest of the year, I have to watch Oh Chang Min’s shower scene. Ugh! They just really enjoy torturing our fragile hearts.

Screenshot (635).png

Sage: Chang Min showed some total courage here! I like how he was like, ‘No! Let me in to help my woman!’ I was like booyow son! That’s what i’m talking about. And I like how Chun Soo acknowledged Chang Min’s courage and quickly realized it wasn’t just because of him that he did it.

Martina: This scene definitely showed Chang Min’s development as a doctor. A few episodes ago he was too nervous to take charge in the elevator tracheotomy, but now look at him! Diving in to a potentially life-threatening situation for himself for the the sake of his woman and his patient!

Caroline: I was super worried about everyone in this scene. Chun Soo was so brave without a mask on! I was really “OMO!” when Chang Min just grabbed Jin Hee to wash the blood off. This was just a very full scene. Such Drama.

Screenshot (642).png

Sage: I didn’t expect Ji Hye to be the first person to find out about their divorce. Chang Min was just in such a giving and talkative mood during these last two episodes, he even told Ah Reum that he was divorced, though I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. I wonder if he’ll follow Professor Shim’s advice and really not tell Chun Soo about their past relationship. In the previews for next week’s episodes, he looked about ready to let the cat out of the bag.

Caroline: I knew that Ji Hye was going to be the first to hear about this because she’s been pretty much the confidant for everyone so far. I was kind of surprised that she wasn’t all that surprised though, I wish she had a bigger reaction to the news, but she was all “Oh Cool Dude, It’s all good we’ve all been married to people before” (Not in exact wording) Oh Well. I would’ve rather him out that to someone more dramatic. Like Young Ae, or that nurse what’s her name.

Martina: I’m surprised Ji Hye was first to find out too, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal to either of them. Caroline, you bring up a good point - Ji Hye of all people was probably the best to be the first because of her similar relationship history.

Screenshot (649).png

Sage: And he made fun of her about this dress! The way he gave it to her was so… I tried to think of a different adjective….but I can’t. It’s adorable! I can see why she kept it. I would’ve too, just to remember the way it was given to me and Chang Min’s smile… *sigh*

side note: It defines a character when, when the two main leads have a flashback and one thinks of all of the good times and the other remembers the bad times.

Caroline: So she held on to the dress, and the wedding band. Jin Hee is just a hoarder, isn’t she? Lol. It was the sweetest scene. We got to see what the proposal was like! Even though it doesn’t match up with the story they were telling Jin Ae and Kwang Soo?? But Oki.

Martina: Proposing with a dress - bold move! I love the way they have such joyful, crinkly smiles when they’re happy together.

Screenshot (660).png

Sage: Very chivalrous, Chun Soo. I am having mixed feelings about the fact that Chang Min saw this chivalry. It’s like the scene in I Need Romance 3 when Joo Wan saw Joo Yeon drive away with her boss and yelled “Why do I always have to see this?!”

Caroline: Hmmm. The expressions on their faces ruined it for me. I mean I know it’s raining, but it’s not acid, it’s just water. And I was by that point in the episode really for Chang Min, so everything that happened with Jin Hee and Chun Soo was instantly rejected.

Sage: LOL. They do look like it’s raining acid…

Caroline: Too bad Chun Soo’s hand is out there in the Acid =P Did you see the “Chef/Chief” confusion part of the episode?

Sage: I did! Jin Hee ran over there because she heard what she wanted to hear and ended up making a fool out of herself.

Caroline: It was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing, Chang Min looked murderous! =D

Sage: I just wanted her to stop saying the chef was the chief and asking where he was because he was obviously not there and not hurt. It’s super embarrassing. I couldn’t even laugh. D;

Martina: The whole thing reminded me of how innocent crushes can be, no matter what your age. You like a person and work up some nerve to talk to them and say things to them, but you’re never entirely sure how they feel back even if they’re doing the same. Jin Hee and Chun Soo are definitely in that phase right now. They’re shyly flirting with one another, and everyone can see the attraction is mutual except for them!


Sage: And he tells her off! In a very nice and respectable way, I think. It’s about time she really, truly understands his feelings and takes a step back and thinks about it.

Caroline: Finally standing up to his mother. I really needed to see that one happen to really like Chang Min. It was well overdue.

Martina: Preach!! That speech definitely made my heart skip a beat. He says what’s what, but as Sage said, in a respectful way. So romantic <3

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