Another week of jaw dropping moments, Gook adorableness, and the most shocking yet: the secret is out! Join Caroline, Martina, and Sage as they breakdown the breakdown of this week’s 14th episode of Emergency Couple!

Club Note: This week’s Drama Club has decided to expand the episode coverage due to the increasingly broadening storyline. With so much to cover, we’ll be dedicating Part One to Episode 14 and Part Two to Episode 15. Let us know how you like this format in the comment section below!

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Martina: Unrequited love on unrequited love. =/ I appreciate how mature Ah Reum is being though, recognizing that not everyone you like can like you back.

Caroline: But then she’s like sitting there feeling sorry for herself with someone who feels the exact same towards her! Like can you go complain about it to someone who’s not in the same boat?! I was like “That heartless Pooping Pooper!”

Sage: That’s true… She shouldn’t complain about her unrequited love to somebody who loves her and she doesn’t feel the same. It’s kind of heartless.

Martina: Yeah, she is quite casual about the fact that Yong Kyu likes her. Remember “Let’s just be friends! ^_^”

Caroline: At least he’s accepted it. What about when Chang Min told her “Let’s just be friends”?? She just went on all “Yea, I’m not taking that sitting down”

Sage: She must just be used to getting what she wants. Maybe Yong Kyu should consider taking her approach on unrequited love. This way no regrets.

Caroline: Well, no need to cry over it, I think we know that Yong Kyu will end up with her anyway *K-Drama Obviousness* Like I want him to find someone else just to break that standard honestly. You don’t have to get the girl (Unless it’s Chang Min, then yes he does).

Sage: Still on that Chang Min/Jin Hee kick I see. Though I can see why. :p

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Martina: Ahhh, so the truth comes out. Not surprised about this, but it’s still sad. It does explain why he’s ok with basically living at the hospital and such - he’s used to not having a traditional sense of ‘home’.

Sage: It gives us a better look into why Chun Soo acts the way he does. Why people call him “the Devil” and everything. He’s just cold because he had to fend for himself when he was younger.

Caroline: Oh the Feels!! I was like “I’LL BE YOUR MUM AND DAD! DON’T BE SAD!!” as insane and creepy as it sounds. I really felt the need to shelter him from the big bad world when he said that. It’s just so heartbreaking. He turned out so well for someone without parents, but usually the ones without parents are the ones who try their best to not completely ruin their lives. No mum and dad to spoil you rotten. Sigh. Chun Soo (T____T)

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Caroline: I loved the way Chang Min was like “Umm, didn’t you just hate me a few minutes ago?” look. Priceless!! I really thought the Father was going to be the one to expose them, I couldn’t stop laughing at all their blocking efforts.

Sage: I don’t understand why she couldn’t have just been like, “Yeah, we divorced.”

Martina: I guess it’s because they didn’t want to offend him? He would probably be a little bit disapproving.

Caroline: I think it’s mostly because they fought so hard to get married, it wouldn’t seem rational to be divorced after all the fuss they made.Screenshot (679).png

Martina: *Endearingly awkward hug*

Caroline: “For the love of all that is holy, please stop talking” LOL (^_____^)

Sage: LOL. He’s like “Shhhhh…. please.”

Caroline: That was my favorite scene this episode. I like the reactions. It’s so much fun watching them fidget. I wonder how Father is going to find out they’re divorced. Bet he’ll kick both their sorry butts.


Martina: Eheheheh. My favorite is their taken aback reaction: “Eh?”

Sage: This must’ve been insanely confusing. And the fact that the father wouldn’t stop talking, even though they obviously felt uncomfortable, is quite hilarious.

Caroline: In the father’s perspective, they have no reason to be uncomfortable. It’s not like they’re divorced or anything =P lol

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Martina: CHUN SOO nooo. He doesn’t have faith in marriage, probably because of a slightly dysfunctional family life, and then he tries to distance himself from Jin Hee once he finds out she’s divorced. =( =( =(

Sage: Not cool boo boo. But I’m hoping he’ll change his mind for Jin Hee. It was a little cold, the way he acted toward her in episode 15. I didn’t realize marriage and divorce was such a big deal in Korea.

Caroline: He can’t have Jin Hee (-____-) I’m team Chang Min again. Boo Hoo Chun Soo, he should end up with Ji Hye. She’s the nicest woman ever, like why is he not looking at her??

Sage: They already dated!

Caroline: SO?! You can’t fall in love with your Ex or something???! (The whole series is about falling in love with you Ex dude)

Sage: It’s called not making the same mistake twice.

Caroline: I guess that’s rational *Sulking*

Sage: LOL. But I understand where you’re coming from. I like Ji Hye and they probably will end up together. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they did.

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Sage: AWWWW! I can’t even! The feels! This was so sweet. The fact that he came to her when he was down just made me feel all girly inside. :D

Martina: Yes! Oftentimes I find the simplest statements to be the most touching.

Caroline: It’s the small things that make us feel better. I have a person I like to sit with when I’m upset too. It’s nice to know someone won’t make you feel even worse. I guess Jin Hee is Chun Soo’s person.

Sage: Opening up looks good on him. And I agree, it’s nice to have somebody to talk to when you’re upset. Though, I usually just watch dramas to do that.

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Sage: Oooh the jealousy. Though I was a little disappointed that he came at that exact moment when Chun Soo was being all sweet and stuffs. He’s hardly ever sweet like that! All open with his feelings and what not.

Caroline: Chang Min ruined it for me. I’m on his team sure, but a fluffy Chief?! This is like a ONCE IN A LIFETIME kinda thing!! UGH!

Martina: Chang Min was just acting in the heat of the moment, I think. Blinded by emotions and jealousy! That was a pretty awkward intrusion though.

Screenshot (702).pngScreenshot (703).png

Martina: =( =( Jin Hee, find it in your heart to open up to Chang Min again!! The practical part of her is saying these words, but I think that somewhere deep inside, she vividly remembers the happy times too, especially since Chang Min has been working hard to remind her.

Caroline: I talked about this last recap. It’s so easy to remember the good times when you’re falling back in love, you tend to forget that there’s a reason why it all ended too.

Sage: Darn rationality. This was really cruel though. Though I like the Chun Soo/Jin Hee pairing, they don’t have the best chemistry, and I am pretty positive Jin Hee is going to end up with Chang Min or neither one.

Martina: Yeah, I think Chun Soo and Jin Hee’s feelings for each other are just a passing crush. No permanent damage done, ‘cause they will reunify with their respective true loves. =D

Screenshot (710).pngMartina: It’s pretty bro of them to go out to dinner together after Chang Min barged in.

Sage: I agree. It’s like bro code or something. Rule #203 Go for drinks after breaking up another man’s date. Even though Chun Soo did say he was sick…

Caroline: Well. This was unexpected =D Men are just so weird with things like that.

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Martina: *heart melts* Those smiles!! They look so purely happy.

Caroline: Like we were talking about this earlier, there are so many good times! What ruined them?! I am so curious! They better not hold out on us and leave it unanswered in the end, I will be so annoyed, I swear. I so wanna know what Mummy in Law said in that last phone call.

Sage: Good point… Was it just the wrath of Sung Suk that did this? She is one powerful woman!

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Caroline: This so happens to happen when Jin Hee is gone. Like can you get heart pain 5 seconds earlier please? And then this chick is all “Should I call 911?” (Actually 119, but yea sure) Like when do you think you should call 119? When he’s DEAD?! UGH! Too much stupidity there, I was so upset with this woman. She was silent about this for way too long!

Sage: IKR?! SO annoying! Of course you should call 119! Or Jin Hee or something! It would be a lot more useful than watching him fall on the ground in pain.

Martina: I thought she was going to run after Jin Hee and have her come back. -_- Lady, you assist a doctor. You should know how this goes!!

Screenshot (721).png

Sage: He was so bummed about this throughout these whole last two episodes. The patient on top of his unrequited love is just cruel.

Martina: Poor guy =/ It’s ok though! Chang Min also had a similar episode with the elevator tracheotomy. That’s why there are intern programs though! So he can learn.

Caroline: Yong Kyu! *Cries*

Screenshot (724).png

Sage: Yeah! Me too! I’m divorced! Let’s all be divorced! I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with divorce. To me it’s just like getting married.

Caroline: I’m not divorced, Thank you very much. I think we all have our choices to make.

Sage: Yes you are.

Caroline: I am not! If I had Chang Min, I will be one happily married woman!

Sage: Don’t lie.


Sage: You have to add that ‘nosy’ part. And I feel your pain!

Caroline: Was your mother in law like that too?? =(

Sage: Ugh, she was terrible. She was always trying to break us up because I wasn’t a doctor.

Caroline: I had a HOLE on my head from the stress with this woman, Oki?!

Sage: I’m pretty sure she was trying to get him to marry the ministers daughter or something. She even tried to get me fired with her connections. Such a spoiled brat...

Caroline: Tell me about the connections, my mother in law was a hospital director’s sister!! Ugh! She really wanted to ruin my internship! Do you know how old I am?! I can’t switch careers!

Sage: Ugh! The audacity! But my ex was hot though… *sigh* such a great body.

Caroline: Sigh! You know that one of the other interns was hitting on my ex?!

Sage: It’s his body… I’m telling you. She won’t get him though. We have history!

Martina: …Pass the galbi?

Sage: Oh, Martina…

Caroline: How can you think of food at a time like this?!

Screenshot (727).pngScreenshot (728).png

Sage: At least she thanked him after breaking his heart.

Martina: B-but..but...JIN HEE WAKE UP WOMAN!! You guys are meant to be!

Sage: It’s getting a little late in the drama. Let’s hope she comes to her senses soon.

Caroline: I can’t really blame her for being this way. When you get out of that horrible relationship, you just want to move on and never look back. No matter what you feel, the memories of everything horrible are hard to erase.

Sage: I hate to get all nerdy on you, but it’s like being a trill on Star Trek. It’s illegal to date somebody you had feelings for with your previous host. Even though the feelings will linger.

Caroline: Never watched Star Trek …… (°-°)

Sage: I’m disappointed in you.

Caroline: You didn’t see Answer Me 1994. You have no rights.

Sage: You have a point there… But I might!


Sage: Ugh, the song they chose went perfectly with the scenario. It made me so… sad. ;((

Caroline: He actually has a good voice. I was getting ready to cry with her (But I didn’t because I’m an adult and feels don’t get to me)

Sage: Lies!

Caroline: No Really! *Hides the Tissue Box*

Martina: I’m with you Caroline. His super dreamy voice. That song. Jin Hee’s expression. Le sigh. Her expression gives me hope that her feelings towards him are secretly thawing.

Caroline: That or “That was the worst year of my life!” feeling sorry for herself everywhere kind of tears. But hey, the optimistic perspective is all good 14 episodes in.

Oh the heartache! Which couple are you rooting for? Will Chang Min and Jin Hee get back together? Do you agree with the way Jin Hee reacted? Do you agree with her telling everybody she was married? What do you think of the reason why Chun Soo dislikes marriage and divorce? Do you agree with it? Is Chun Soo Ji Hye’s baby’s dad? Who brought up the topic first? (I did-- Sage) Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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