With emotions high, scars bare, confessions told, and Ajumma fights Dramaclub’s Martina, Sage and Caroline pull an all nighter with tissue boxes, and comfort cake to pick apart Episode 15 of Emergency Couple!

Club Note: This week’s Drama Club has decided to expand the episode coverage due to the increasingly broadening storyline. With so much to cover, we’ll be dedicating Part One to Episode 14 and Part Two to Episode 15. Let us know how you like this format in the comment section below!

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Caroline: I can never get enough of Ji Hye and Chun Soo sitting together scenes. It’s the most peaceful setting in the whole drama.

Sage: I like Ji Hye. She’s a real G, all “I want you to be happy without me” and stuff. Me on the other hand… I don’t know if i’d be this calm about the situation. When is it going to come out that her child is Chun Soo’s child?

Caroline: I can not wait till they announce it so I can show off knowing about it before anyone else did (^____^) Heheheheh

Sage: I thought I did… I wrote about it in my post… forget about it.

Caroline: Nope, I did first. You said “Is it possible it’s Chun Soo’s?” and I said Quote “Ok. No. I think Chun Soo is the Dad. Here’s why. The girl is 4 (and 3 months?). Ji Hye left 6 years ago. 1 year (9 months and the hypothetical 3 months on the 4 years?) for the pregnancy? A few months give or take on the little girl’s birthday and she’s Chun Ji Min! Am I wrong??!” (Refer to Episode 10/11 Part One)

Martina: Whattttt. I missed this before. Didn’t Ji Hye say that she had dated this other guy for a while, too? There wouldn’t have been time to date that guy…

Caroline: EXACTLY! It could be a cover. I mean what are the chances you find a guy you’ll be willing to marry within 3 months AND get pregnant?? Ji Hye doesn’t strike me as the kind of woman who would break up with someone and start dating someone else 2 minutes later.

Martina: How come Chun Soo didn’t reason this out??

Caroline: Chun Soo is not expecting it. You wouldn’t think about it if you were in his shoes. We’re just over analytic women who have nothing better to do other than that, and eating Kimchi of course =D lol

Sage: Exactly! I said “Is it possible it’s Chun Soo’s?” Meaning I thought it was Chun Soo’s! Just because I didn’t put the statistics doesn’t mean I didn’t think Chun Soo was the father. Thanks for proving me right. :)

Caroline: You didn’t say he was, you were contemplating the idea. It doesn’t count!

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we were both wrong and he wasn’t the father…?Screenshot (744).png

Caroline: We all confessed to being divorced in Part One, and Chang Min was all “Yea, me too” It’s a divorcee kind of week.

Sage: It’s a cult. When one person confesses we all have to confess. Except for Martina apparently… All she can think about is food.


Martina: I’m divorced! Everyone’s divorced! Duh.

Caroline: *Cheering*

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Sage: This scene gave me mixed feelings. At first I was smiling and laughing with him, then I was totally bummed. Jin Hee, Y U NO THERE? Here, on the fence, where i’ve resided for the past couple of weeks, I am starting to tilt towards Chang Min. They are forgetting adorable together.

Caroline: I felt sorry for him, watching him imagine her being there. It brings the “So close, yet so far” expression to mind.

Martina: I just want to give him a hug. It’s ok!! Hang in there and be patient like Ji Hye advised! Jin Hee will come around. I think.

Caroline: We hope!


Sage: It’s cool that she’s pregnant but it’s a total bummer that she has to quit her internship because of it.

Caroline: Did you see the expression on his face? That was the only reason I made this a gif. He’s like “Damn right I got her pregnant!” =D lol

Martina: HAHAHA I didn’t even notice that before!


Caroline: Like “What? Did someone get you pregnant?” LOL =D That was just a cruel. She totally played with his emotions here.

Martina: Smooth, Jin Hee. Real smooth. Poor Chun Soo hahaha.

Sage: He was like “What?” She should’ve just been like oh no it’s not me. It’s for some other person.

Caroline: The funny part is that he asked “Is someone pregnant?”. And she’s like “Oh No! I just randomly ask questions like that in my free time”

Sage: I mean, why else would she ask?

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Caroline: This is one of the most expressive scenes this episode. If not the whole drama, ranking second place after the big fight in episode one. The one thing I really hate about K-Dramas is that they make them turn to look at the other person, and the other person never sees them doing it. I mean when someone looks at me, I feel their eyes on the back of my head for sure! (Weird? It’s True)

Martina: Yeah, you can definitely sense that sometimes. But maybe Chang Min was too engrossed in his sadness =/

Sage: I feel it all the time! But I think Chang Min did feel it which is why he turned around after her.

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Caroline: Gook’s facial expressions during this whole thing mirrored my own expressions. What a showdown.

Martina: Poor Gook! I love his little hood though.

Sage: Gook is adorable. This is the first time the mothers have met, that we’ve seen in the drama. And, boy, do they sure know how to put on a show.

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Martina: The Great Umma Showdown gives us another glimpse of how things went down during the marriage though. There must have been so many crazy fights and shouting matches if just the mere sight of each other was enough to set them off.

Caroline: I wish they would’ve considered that this was their kids’ workplace. I mean why would you take out all the dirty laundry and hang it at their work?!

Sage: Yeah, this was inconsiderate... I didn’t even think about that.

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Sage: I did not expect everybody to find out like this. Blew my mind. I didn’t realize that both mother-in-laws would hate each other.

Martina: I wasn’t surprised because the two ummas are so different - Jin Hee’s mom is much more down to earth and ...frankly...nice. Chang Min’s mom is just crazy and high-strung and super image-conscious.

Caroline: I knew they would hate each other. I mean one thinks that the other’s daughter is worthless, which can’t be pleasing to the mother, and the other thinks the son is a jerk and of course no one could say that about “Chang Min-a” and get away with it with this Chihuahua woman. Did you see her kicking and screaming? Chihuahua I tell you.

Sage: I like the way Chang Min picked her up and walked her out of there. That was hot.

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Sage: I don’t know what to say about this. These episodes were just so full of drama! Why is this such a big deal?! He was acting so flat about it too.

Martina: It was like we could see him just completely withdrawing from this tentative connection that was forming with Jin Hee.

Caroline: The cat is officially out of the bag, and scratching everyone right in the face.

Sage: Which is why everybody is at the hospital.

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Sage: Joyeux Anniversaire! Though his birthday did not turn out all that “Happy”. I know this is random but I wonder what is sun sign is…

Caroline: Well, White Day is on March 14th. So he’s a Pisces. The most emotionally intuned male in the zodiac. The thing about Pisces men is though, they are not people who are confrontational. They don’t like to stand up for stuff, they give up pretty easily, they’re not the most motivated people either. Which is irritating for everyone. (Super Zodiac Expert Caroline Mode)

Sage: You think they based it off of the day it aired?

Martina: Yes. At least I like to think so.

Caroline: Don’t know. I mean Choi Jin Hyuk is an Aquarius in real life. So I doubt it’s based on his actual zodiac.

Sage: I can see that.

Caroline: (-_____-)

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Caroline: Wow. Are they reading our Drama posts over there in Korea? This is exactly who I wanted to find out about this. Did you see how many people found out about it when she found out about it?? She’s a Beast =D lol

Sage: She’s the rumor mill at it’s finest. The way she reacted was comical. Like she couldn’t believe he would betray her like that.

Martina: I like how Miss Pretty Nurse was the one with the least actually at stake, but she had the biggest reaction.

Picture2.pngScreenshot (782).png

Sage: Um, he’s too cool to die. This… this... was just to sad for words. Maybe it’ll be like My Girl and he won't die.

Caroline: In the preview it seems like he doesn’t. I’m just so upset over it. Why would Dad neglect himself to this extent? The one thing I was like “FINALLY” over when Mum got the phonecall, and she actually cared. I would’ve liked to think she’s heartless, but I guess she’s not.

Sage: Yeah, that was a relief. It’s about time she cared for somebody other than herself. The fact that he said he was happy they were together, makes me hate Sung Suk even more. I hope their divorce didn’t make him get sick like this.

Martina: Don’t die Papa Oh =( He’s the only one rooting for them to get back together! He can’t die!

Be still my beating heart! Everybody knows! Was it how you expected? Will Tae Suk be okay? Will Yong Kyu be able to deal with patients again? (You know, I never thought about this, but is it possible he won't become a doctor?) What will Young Ae do about her internship, along with her pregnancy? Is the minister going to call off the “wedding” because Chang Min didn’t show up? What did Chun Soo do? Why does he need to think about the “Aftermath”? What is that preview about with Chun Soo almost kissing Jin Hee?! Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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