The death of Chang Min’s father touched all of our main cast of characters’ lives this week on 'Emergency Couple.' We cried, cried some more, and then smiled as our two main leads get that much closer together.

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After having flashbacks about all the times Yong Kyu hopelessly and fruitlessly showed his life, Ah Reum-ssi begins to have feelings of her own.

Martina: Well someone is developing a soft spot for Yong Kyu. Yay, hope is not lost!

Sage: She is totally digging him. They are totally going to end up together.

Caroline: Yong Kyu is going to get the girl!! *Cheering*

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Sometimes the only thing one can do is throw themselves into work to make the pain go away …

Martina: Gahhh =( This scene definitely made me the most sad. Jin Hee showed up and didn’t even know what to do with herself, only that she needed to help out somehow even if she’s legally not part of the family anymore. I’m just glad Sung Sook didn’t flip out.

Caroline: One could only imagine Jin Hee’s feelings at this point. She was in shock. I wish they didn’t kill him off, like this is just blasphemous!!

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Yong Kyu officially loses his mind this week. When it wasn’t sure he was capable of being a doctor, he proves that he can, just after he gets beat up.

Sage: The patient didn’t even die! Why is he doing this to himself?!

Martina: It sounds like it’s not uncommon for interns to have a freak out at the beginning of their hands-on experience. This does seem to be particularly bad though. Especially when he was so excited to be transferred away from the ER, besides being apart from Ah Reum.

Caroline: I think we all knew Yong Kyu had a fragile personality, the fear of killing a person is driving him insane. I’m just glad he transferred to a department where he doesn’t need to handle people as much as he would need to in the ER.

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Jin Hee still feels a daughterly duty towards Dr. Oh, but Chang Min gently turns her away - she’s not technically family anymore. But was it right for her to be there in the first place? Was she pushing it too far?

Martina: This is such a complicated issue for them, but I think it was enough that Jin Hee showed her good intentions by trying to help out in any small way. It was probably for the best that Chang Min sent her home though, since they’re not back together just quite yet.

Sage: I was reading the comments after watching the episode and a lot of people didn’t like the fact that she did this. I, on the other hand, did not mind. Like Martina has mentioned, she was only trying to help and didn’t know any other way to do it. It might have been out of line because they are no longer a couple but she still knew Tae Suk and cared deeply for him.

Caroline: I don’t know how to feel about her doing this, he was like a father to her! She has every right to be there, just as much as Chang Min if not more. Chang Min wasn’t as close to his father as Jin Hee was.

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Sung Sook is possesed by a nice demon and thanks Jin Hee.

Sage: Surprise surprise. And all it takes is her husband dying...

Martina: I’m just glad she is acting like a normal human being now. Maybe she’ll stay normal for the rest of the drama!

Caroline: I’m so upset over how vulnerable she is right now though =( The spark in her eyes was just gone. It’s like she lost a little piece of her soul or something.

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After hearing the story of how his father quit his practice as a doctor,Chang Min receives a few words of wisdom from Sung Gil. But will he listen?

Sage: I wonder if Tae Suk asked somebody to beat him up as Yong Kyu did when he messed up with his patient. Perhaps if he had, he would’ve still been a doctor and not dead.

Martina: It shows how seriously Dr. Oh took his work. I’m sure it’s normal for cases to go badly for doctors, even if, like Sung GIl says, they try their best. But I guess he also could have saved a ton more lives if he had continued his work.

Caroline: It’s hard to imagine why someone would stop doing something they’re really good at because of one incident. But I can understand how he felt about it, the human life is fragile, it’s not something to experiment with. He’s that kind of doctor. Not like the ones who treat people like lab mice. I respect his decision.

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Pull out your tissues because nothing will stop your tears from falling during this painful scene.

Martina: Feels like we spent a lot of screen time watching Chang Min cry this week. =/ *Hugs*

Sage: Did anybody else notice how Chang Min/ Choi Jin Hyuk’s skin is the same color as his hair?

Caroline: My nose is just so congested right now over all this crying. I can’t stop the feels! Make the feels go away! *Blows Nose*

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Ji Hye stands up for her baby’s dad and proves both myself and Caroline wrong in the long run.

Sage: See I told you… Chun Soo is the father. Ji Hye wasn’t just on the phone with the real dad… *clears throat awkwardly*

Martina: Haha! Well at least Ji Hye is keeping it classy, asking Chun Soo not to badmouth her babydaddy.

Caroline: Whaa????? … Well … At least they broke the stereotype?? *Cries in a Corner*

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Young Ae finds out she is not pregnant, really bumming Sang Hyuk out. Is he being selfish for wanting her to be pregnant or was he just excited? Will this drive a wedge between the perfect intern couple?

Sage: Not to sound like a feminist… but i’m glad she’s not preggers, especially if she’s not ready and she wants to complete her internship first, I think thats cool. What’s not cool is how Sang Hyuk reacted. I mean, I understand him being a little bummed but he can’t blame her for wanting to live a little more before having to take care of a child.

Martina: I agree, but it was strange that we didn’t see her even a little excited about possibly having a baby.

Caroline: The look on hubby’s face when she said it was great that she wasn’t pregnant … I feel bad for him, but honestly, why would she stop her life and her dreams because of a pregnancy she doesn’t want, it’s not like she said she doesn’t want babies it’s just not on her priority list. Hubby is being selfish.

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Chun Soo and Jin Hee spend a lovely evening together which we can’t help but wonder if it would be that way if they were to be together.

Martina: Here for the awkward pillow pat. Too late dude, she’s already seen your mess.

Sage: He’s such a bachelor. But I have to say, I found his house and where his house was, freaking awesome. I wouldn’t mind spending two weeks there. :)

Caroline: Seeing his house shows how hard he’s worked to make himself successful. Would someone without parents be able to live this kind of life if they weren’t persistent, and extremely good at what they do?

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After Chun Soo gets ready to prepare a nice meal Jin Hee catches her jacket on fire, once again showing her tendency to be clumsy.

Sage: Wow. That food look good though. I can’t help but love the way Koreans eat.

Martina: Awkward jacket fire.

Caroline: More screaming .. “They Screamed Everywhere Together” - A Book about Jin Hee and Chun Soo.

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“If I thought of you as just ‘someone else’ I wouldn’t have gone that far.” Chun Soo realizes his true feelings for Jin Hee, but at the same time knows that he probably won’t get her which leaves him open to meeting and falling in love with somebody else.

Sage: Is it just me or was Chun Soo excessively adorable during these scenes. The whole time she was there I smiled, even though I couldn’t help but wonder why she wasn’t with Chang Min.

Martina: I thought Jin Hee was pretty adorable too. I see their mutual crushes on each other as a very pure and innocent infatuation. Maybe in another universe it could work out between them, but in this one I don’t think it’s meant to be.

Caroline: The thing about Chun Soo is .. he’s mature. Everything is just manly and super mature when he does it.

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Jin Hee finally comes to cure Chang Min after a desperate call from Ah Reum. She tells him that she is sorry it took her so long to realize her feelings and that she is sorry she was so nervous to admit it until then.

Sage: But I can’t help but wonder if she only feels this way because Tae Suk wanted her to.

Martina: Feelsksdjglksdjg. C’mon Jin Hee!! Deep down inside you still love him!! Tough times bring people closer together, and as awful as the death is, I think it will at least have the side effect of bringing Jin Hee and Chang Min closer together and stirring up those

Caroline: I could tell that she loved him. She left Chun Soo because she was worried about him! Like *Light Bulb*


A secret doesn’t stay a secret for long. Especially if it’s in a jar on the kitchen table.

Caroline: She found it. There’s no way to push her away now. What really puzzles me is, why push her away when you tried SO hard to get her back?! Is that like the mature Chang Min’s “you deserve better” move, because someone needs to slap some sense into him if that’s the case.

Martina: GAHHH. I am so full of the feels but DAMN if this wasn’t the perfect way to end the episode. That episode preview. I can’t wait for next week!!

Sage: The episode preview didn’t show half as much as I wanted it to. But I understand why he’s pushing her away. He’s doing it because she told him to. It’s his way of constantly telling her he loves her and respects her wishes.

In light of this episode’s undeniably itchy ending, here’s a Song that illustrates Jin Hee and Chang Min’s Love: Some

Also, this Drama Club’s very own Martina will be away next week at a competition, so she won't be participating in the Drama Club for episodes 18-19. She'll be back for the finale! We wish you the best of luck, Martina! HUGS AND KISSES!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!

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