A series of unfortunate events unfold on Chang Min’s birthday, marking it a day he’ll remember forever! Join the Drama Club’s frantic attempt to cover all the main points of this week’s dramatic episode as we near the finale of Emergency Couple.

Screenshot (817).png

Bringing in Dad to the ER, an emotional moment (Captain Obvious), the Drama Club is holding on to their pillows fearing for his life, and thinking “No way! They won’t kill him off, right?!”

Sage: WAE!

Caroline: If they kill him off I swear I’ll boycott Emergency Couple FOREVER!! *2 Minutes*

Martina: But..but…=( =( =( Who is going to root for Chang Min and Jin Hee now?? Looking back now though (as Sung Sook realized), Dr. Oh did seem to be expecting this outcome and foreshadowing it.

Screenshot (837).png

Like Young Ae doesn’t have enough to be worried about (La Pregnant), she loves to participate in the occasional hospital gossip .. Grey’s Anatomy, is that you?

Martina: So the news is finally out, but no one has actually had THAT sensational a reaction. Chun Soo seems to be coming to terms with it, because of his personal experience with his parents’ divorce, but even he was not that outwardly shocked or outraged.

Sage: If you don’t recall, he dissed Jin Hee when he first found out. But after he came to terms, he told her it didn’t matter, remember? After he slapped the professor? Which technically hasn’t happened yet...

Caroline: Exactly, you’re jumping posts right now (-____-) How could you ruin THAT surprise Sage? I can't believe Ah Reum overheard it through them, I mean the whole hospital knew, how did this not reach her way before this point?! But she had her suspition so it wasn't a complete shock to her.

Sage: Well, they can see it!

Caroline: Ruined it.

Sage: It’s right below!

Screenshot (844).png

Who needs a job with a Boss like that?! Korean economy must not be all that bad if this guy still has his job, and acts like a jerk to everyone there too.

Martina: Professor Ahn is such a jerk -____-. Isn’t he also the one who’s never around when he’s needed and is just strolling around? How did this guy even make it with an attitude like that??

Sage: You love him, Martina. Don’t lie. But I, on the other hand, hate his guts. I wish they would drop his character in the Walking Dead so they can eat his guts.

Caroline: *Thinking of Profanities* This Guy ……. WHO SAYS STUFF LIKE THAT?! Is no one in Korea punching this guy in the face?!


Chun Soo to the Rescue!! (Hey, it Rhymes!)

Martina: Boosh.

Sage: I totally thought Chang Min was going to get there first.

Caroline: You ruined it …. Oh Look! Here’s Chun Soo.

Sage: Oh come on! Can’t we just move past this?!

Caroline: I will never forgive you.

Screenshot (871).png

Snag a hot doctor careers are now hiring! Let’s all be nurses!

Martina: The nurses are so cute haha

Caroline: I AGREE NURSIE! Chun Soo is so cool! *Sigh* .. Doesn't that Nurse look a lot like Pony, from Pony's Beauty Diary?!


THERE IT IS! The Kiss!! From the Preview!! .. The one that wasn’t real …. *Crickets*

Sage: This almost kiss was so awkward and slow… The way the camera stopped on them as they closed their eyes was nearly hard to bear. I was all for it when I thought it might actually happen but then all that build up…

Martina: Ok, I am not even rooting for Chun Soo but they get me every time with these daydream sequences!!

Caroline: I would’ve died if he had kissed her for real. I may or may not have abandoned Team Chang Min over this. Thankfully, I don’t have to re-choose sides. *Phew*

Screenshot (898).png

Dad =( Don’t be sick anymore! We’ll get them back together for you if you stop being sick, Oki?!

Sage: Yes. Yes they can. And they will, just wait a few more episodes and you’ll see. LIVE! I tell you! LIVE!

Caroline: He just started being my favorite character … Please don’t die on us!

Martina: Now that it’s officially Papa Oh’s dying wish for them to get back together, they have to do it!! Right? Right??

Sage: He said… He said… he can die happy now that Jin Hee is a doctor… I cry.

Screenshot (906).png

We’ve all been waiting for Sung Sook to finally say these words to Jin Hee, but the timing … Why did it have to be this way?

Martina: This was kind of heartbreaking =/ I mean I still don’t like her, but at least she showed she still does love her husband despite nearly divorcing him. And she doesn’t loathe Jin Hee enough to kick her out at a time like this.

Sage: You know what I like? How even in her grief stricken state she still managed to draw on her eyebrows, moisturize her face, and fix her eyeliner after all that crying. You go, Sung Sook! (Now you’re looking at her make up. Don’t lie.)

Caroline: I can’t believe how heartbroken this is making me feel. I actually feel bad for Sung Sook! This is insane. What is this series doing to me?!

Screenshot (938).png

When there's nothing you can do for someone other than hold their hand and hope for the best .. Helpless.

Martina: Seeing Sung Sook like this definitely humanizes her, especially since just last week we saw Chang Min forcibly carrying her out of the hospital, arms and chunky heels flailing.

Sage: Uh, her heels were fabulous. As are her nails, which you can’t really see too well in this picture. This scene, on the other hand was not fabulous. Why do the writers insist on trying to make me cry this week?!

Caroline: At this point, Sung Sook came off her pedestal … She really loves her husband. I believe that she was a victim of his shunning as well. Maybe it was him who made her this way like he said last episode. I think I’m starting to really understand Sung Sook. The person who’s miserable, who has to make everyone else around her miserable? It was her way of putting up a strong wall, not letting anyone know that she’s suffering because of her husband.

Screenshot (951).png

Sung Sook's devastation as the "Time of Death" is pronounced.

Sage: I totally felt for her during this scene! The fact that she turns to Jin Hee when Tae Suk pass’s says how she truly feels about her and her capability.

Martina: It also shows how desperate she is for a miracle, kind of like the one Jin Hee seemed to pull in anticipating her heart problem earlier on in the drama.

Caroline: No … *Started Crying for the 1st time in 7 years*

What will happen now with Chang Min, and Jin Hee? Will Tae Suk’s death bring them closer together, or drive them further apart? How do you feel about Sung Sook’s sudden change in attitude? What did you think of Chun Soo’s “imaginary” almost kiss with Jin Hee?? What do you think will happen to Chun Soo after punching Professor Ahn?? Comment in the section below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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