We see more flashbacks of the good times as Jin Hee realizes that she still has feelings for Chang Min and sets out to prove it, Chun Soo sends a letter to his father while further separating himself and Jin Hee, and Ah Reum and Yong Kyu get closer together in Episode 18 of Emergency Couple. Join Caroline and I as we pick our jaws up off the ground long enough to laugh at these hilarious episodes in this weeks Drama Club!

Episode 18:

Screenshot (1077).png

Sage: As we all expected, Jin Hee and Chang Min are going to end up together. What got me throughout these episodes was how annoying it was that he was pushing her away. I mean, I get why he was doing it but still… When the woman says she know what she wants, she knows what she wants!

Caroline: Yeaaaa, not really. I think I know what I want until I realize that I really don’t most of the time. I feel like Chang Min truly wanted Jin Hee to be happy, and that was his way of expressing that. While pushing her away when she says she wants him clearly makes him the not so brightest bulb in the box, I enjoyed seeing authentic feelings out of him. He was all “Pouty Face” I mean if that doesn’t raise up the ratings, nothing will … Freakin Adorable Everywhere (-___-)

Sage: Well, you’re special, Caroline. I, personally, think about things before I just out and say it and I feel like all those times Jin Hee was pushing Chang Min away she was doing the same. You can only push someone away so much until they either prove they’re not leaving or leave…. Wait, the ratings were low?

Caroline: They weren’t low. But they were at their Highest last episode (17) CHANG MIN POUTY FACE ALERT! Hehe.

Sage: Don’t scare me like thatScreenshot (1096).png

Sage: I like Ah Reum. She wears awesome shoes and her lipstick’s to live for. Also, I like how she grew as a character. She wasn’t entirely annoying and she knew when to stop, I can appreciate that.

Caroline: She wasn’t entirely annoying?! Are you insane, I almost jumped into the screen a few times to throttle her. I’m just happy she stepped back, it would’ve been ridiculous if she followed Chang Min like a puppy all the way to Episode 18. WHY WOULD SHE PICK CHANG MIN OVER YONG KYU?! *Ehem*

Screenshot (1109).png

Sage: Let’s be real, Jin Hee wants the best of both worlds. She may not have those kind of feelings for Chun Soo but she keeps stringing him along, visiting him in his office telling him to go on dates and get a girlfriend, etc etc, this makes me feel for Chun Soo but it would do him well to speak up.

Caroline: Chun Soo is a big boy. He should pull on his big boy panties (or boxers) and move on because it’s been obvious how hooked Jin Hee is to Chang Min. Get a Hint! Or go get Ji Hye, because he’s stringing HER along. La Karma.

Sage: He doesn’t know that! She hasn’t said anything. Which, kind of makes them perfect for each other because they both don’t know how to open their mouths and say what's on their minds unless its a fantasy of some sort.

Caroline: So Jin Hee knows she’s stringing along Chun Soo? Dude, this chick is clueless about her “Charm” I wish she was more confident in herself, she just likes to go talk to people with her head down like a wounded froggy.

Sage: He said he liked her to Chang Min in front of her!

Caroline: That was just in the heat of the moment. No one remembers that. (I totally forgot for one)

Sage: Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean nobody else does.

Caroline: I’m getting old! Don’t judge me! *Ajumma*

Sage: Oh, come on, you’re in your early twenties!

Caroline: Where’s my walking stick? I need some reading glasses. I don’t think I can hold my bladder for too long … Wait, that’s the Coffee. Nevermind (^______^)

Sage: You should get yourself a pair of those shoes Sung Sook was wearing and walk it out! :D

Caroline: I’m sorry, who wears those kinds of shoes to places? Not me, that’s for sure *La Converse*

Sage: I wear both. I’m the best of both worlds!

Caroline: Oki Hannah Montana ….

Sage: Oh God no. Hannah Montana? Are you kidding me?

Screenshot (1117).png


Sage: They are just adorable together. I wish Ji Hye would speak up. On another note, her house is so cute!

Screenshot (1121).png

Caroline: *Screaming Everywhere* .. Oki, seriously, what is this thing with the women in this show wearing shoes that are obviously one size too big? Aren’t they scared of falling on their faces?

Sage: Jin Hee did the exact same thing in episode 19! But I was totally fangirling here! Ah Reum is such a tease!

Caroline: You noticed that too! At least it’s not my imagination, or bad eyesight.

Sage: Who wouldn’t notice?! Is it easier to walk in when the shoes are too big or something?

Caroline: No way! There’s nothing “Stable” about it, and you’re already walking on your tippy toes. I don’t get it.

Sage: 미쳤어.

Translation: Crazy

Screenshot (1130).png

Sage: SLAYYY! Young Ae should explain to other female K-Drama leads that it is okay to stand up for yourself and be a working woman before you decide to pop out puppies.

Caroline: She went from being annoying to a character I really like in this series. I enjoy seeing a woman who doesn’t comply to the norms, especially with KDramas, when they make it out to seem that the women are constantly at home raising babies and making Kimchi.

Screenshot (1147).png

Caroline: Sometimes they do flashbacks that confuse the hell out of me. She really breaks down her feelings to him, and then somehow they end up fighting and getting a divorce because they can’t “understand” each other. What is left?! This is nothing short of a confession at a catholic church!

Sage: Yeah, now I’m confused… They shouldn’t have divorced. But then again, maybe the reason they did is not miscommunication but rather that mother of his.

Screenshot (1154).png

Sage: Pause. So, she ran all around the hospital, and therefore her heart was beating really fast, but then that was supposed to be because of Chang Min…? There had to’ve been a better way for this to happen. Maybe a little skinship and then having him hear her heart beat. (Also, did anybody else notice the cat jumping out of the picture frame? On the wall? (O__O))

Caroline: She totally cheated. How does this count after you run up a flight of stairs?! You’re damn right your heart will be pounding like there’s no tomorrow. Ugh. Damn writer should’ve been like “And while she was taking a mellow walk down the hospital corridor she spots Chang Min and her heart starts racing, she skillfully (but not too fast cause you don’t want your heart to beat because of physical movement) grabs him and his stethoscope to prove that her heart beats for him” .. Something like that, I don’t know.

Sage: Or, you know, a kiss would’ve been nice.

Caroline: Way to sum it up (-_____-)

Sage: That’s what I’m here for.

Now that Emergency Couple is coming to an end, how do you want it to end? How do you think it is going to end? Will Chang Min and Jin Hee finally get together? Will Young Ae and Sang Hyuk stay together? Will Ah Reum and Yong Kyu start a relationship? How do you feel about the Chang Min-Jin Hee pairing? Are you still rooting for Chun Soo and Jin Hee? How do you feel about Chun Soo and Ji Hye? Tell us in the comment section below!

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