Finally nearing the end of Emergency Couple *NOOOOO!!!* (0_____0). The storyline starts to wrap up during Episode 19 as we get to see the softer side to almost every character and more Gook adorableness! Join Sage and I for another round of “Omo”s, “Aww”s, and undeniably hilarious moments in this week’s Drama Club!

Episode 19:


Sage: He touched her boobies. I can’t even… This is a risque move for a Kdrama. Though, the look on her face while he was doing it was priceless, like she wasn't sure or couldn't believe he was actually doing that. Like “What?”. I know I couldn't believe it.

Caroline: You know how people say there was no way you were “ROFLing”?? That’s pretty much all I did when I saw this, that I had to pause the episode because then I started crying from all the laughing and I couldn't read the subs. It was an emotional mess.

Screenshot (1265).png

Caroline: Chang Min: “I’m her Husband” Holy mother of Kimchi. I thought that was going to be with Jin Hee when it came on during the preview, but this … Ugh. Chang Min Knight In Shining Armor Style. HOW ARE WE GOING TO LIVE AFTER THIS DRAMA IS OVER?!

Sage: With Secret Love Affair. Obvi. I think this drama is just full of super heroes. Chun Soo punching out that professor and Chang Min during this scene and the one in the very beginning when he was going to take the blame for the elevator surgery.

Caroline: Aren't you too young to watch Secret Love Affairs? Tsk Tsk. I say God’s Gift, Bride of the Century and Three Days are really taking up what’s left of my free time. There’s also Fall in Love with Me, a Taiwanese Drama coming soon to Dramafever if we’re trying to replace romantic comedy with romantic comedy. I’m SO excited!

Screenshot (1266).png

Sage: Okay, not nice. He was just feeling her up through a stethoscope how can he say she doesn't have people hitting on her? And don’t you dare say it was because he was feeling her up that he knew, because if that was the case he wouldn't have been thirsty for it before his father passed.

Caroline: I thought it was adorable, he was just teasing her. She knew that too. And the fact that he managed to get a reaction off her was just TOO CUTE!

Sage: Which is why she tried so hard to dress up?! I think she might have gotten her feelings a little hurt.

Screenshot (1179).png

Caroline: Who is this psycho Chang Min mummy lookalike and where is Sung Sook?! (0____0)

Sage: I’m really interested in what she has to say to Jin Hee. With Tae Suk’s (does anybody else notice both of their names have “Sook” or “Suk” in them? Technically, in Hangeul, they’re spelled the same) passing I think she has changed a lot and has come to realize what a female dog she was being.

Screenshot (1182).png

Sage: Exactly what I mean. She got her feelings hurt.

Caroline: OR she’s falling back in love and trying to impress her man and keep him all to herself like every other woman on this planet.

Sage: Or that. I’m new at this, OKAY?!

Caroline: Ya Ya Ya! I’m your Nuna dude, don’t yell at me! *Chika: La Korean Style*

Sage: You’re my Unnie actually… (O__O)

Caroline: Wait, you’re not a guy?!

Sage: Oh, haha. You should join Running Man. (Note: Sarcasm.)

Caroline: I would be Kwang Soo (^____^) LOL!

Sage: You’d be Jong Kook. Or Ha Ha.

Caroline: That’s an honor, not an insult.

Sage: Not trying to make it one. That’s your own thinking.

Caroline: *Too Busy Flexing like Jong Kook*

Sage: What exactly are you flexing? It can’t be your “muscles”... Anyways,not to change the subject but, Kwang Soo was hilarious in Dating Agency Cyrano.

Caroline: Let’s all go watch it on Sundays when there’s nothing new on DramaFever!

Sage: Sounds like a plan.


Sage: Yoon Bum! I called it! The way his eyes got all wide though. It must have been really bad… or really impressive. Or both.

Caroline: Why would they do this to us? I was so close to getting over My Love from Another Star! This scene was funny though, Chang Min’s expression, Jin Hee’s peeking.

Screenshot (1188).png

Sage: ….Big shoes! LOL. But in all seriousness, this scene was totally unexpected. In the parking garage?

Caroline: This “sexy” Jin Hee just scared the hell out of me, (and Chang Min) who on earth told her that jumping in front of the guy’s car, and almost getting run over while wearing red shoes that are too big is sexy?

Screenshot (1219).png

Sage: Oh the problems that could be solved in Kdramas if somebody would just speak up. The way Jin Hee treats Chun Soo is like a loving girlfriend, if Chun Soo could only see that. But I can’t promote not making the same mistake twice and then turn around and say they should get together. But I do really wish that she had actually poured water on his face and confessed.

Caroline: I got SO excited over her word vomit until I realized that it didn't happen. Am I allowed to mention how gorgeous this woman is though? I loved her “Night Gown” .. Looks like a Princess, sleeps like a Princess!

Screenshot (1232).png

Sage: Oh Gook!

Caroline: I feel like my ovaries exploded from this scene. Chang Min AND Gook?! He would've been the most adorable dad EVER if he and Jin Hee had babies. And if their babies look like Gook?! OMO! OMO! OMO!

Sage: Are you okay?

Caroline: I want babies like Gook =( Sniff

Sage: Understandable.

Screenshot (1246).png

Sage: You go Yong Kyu! You chase your dreams! Jin Hee is a prime example of somebody who got what she wanted even at her age. Her and Mi Rae from Marry Him If You Dare.

Caroline: Maybe Yong Kyu will get all famous, and end up impressing Ah Reum’s dad and stuff. *Connect everything with Ah Reum and Yong Kyu’s happy ending* I’ll just get so mad if this ends up with a friend zone.

Screenshot (1263).png

Sage: I’m not going to lie. This made me angry. Why did they have to be drunk? Why does everybody have to be drunk in order to speak the truth and get jiggy with it?! I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink. But totally unexpected scene. Is Jin Hee going to get preggers? Is there a bun in her oven?

Caroline: Bun in her oven? LOL! I just wish I knew how they got naked. I mean it follows up to Jin Hee passing out and then they somehow get naked, and maybe sleep together? .. Hmmm, I’m not convinced … Like if they had kissed and it came to this I could’ve believed it, but one party member was passed out. Ugh. Now we have to wait till next week to know what ACTUALLY happened.

What kind of ending are you expecting next week? Will Yong Kyu find his calling and end up with Ah Reum? Will Ji Hye get Chun Soo? and What ACTUALLY happened with Chang Min and Jin Hee?! Please leave your comments and thoughts below!

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