Our story reaches its end on Emergency Couple this week with plenty more sweet and light scenes featuring the characters we’ve come to love. Join the Emergency Couple Drama Club as we wrap up this drama’s final two episodes.

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Caroline: That was just, OMG. I was like that’s an odd way to “Sleep” together. They were actually sleeping! Lol. Sleep walking is one thing, I never knew you could sleep “sleep” with someone before.

Sage: I don’t really understand how that was possible. They did it in their sleep and don’t even remember? That must’ve been one vivid wet dream.

Martina: Aw, I loved this scene! I think it was more like, they were kind of half-awake when they did it, then when they woke up for reals it took a second to remember.

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Sage: That was a total accident. Obvi. His clumsiness is super adorable though. Their obsession with boobs on this drama is comical.

Caroline: He’s so innocent, I know for sure he didn’t mean it. IF it was some other guy, I would’ve been like, “he totally knew what he was doing” but not Yong Kyu <3

Martina: I’m glad that Yong Kyu decided to follow his dreams even if the whole set-up was a bit contrived.

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Martina: Poor guy. I do like that they snuck in some meaningful life lessons for us and for the doctors through the patients’ stories.

Caroline: I feel like giving up your life because of ONE thing you’re unable to do is a bit over the edge. There are SO many different things to do in the world, so what if you can’t be a singer anymore, is there really nothing else you’re good at, or would love to try to do? Maybe I’m a bit different, I usually never get attached to just one thing.

Sage: Great point, Martina. While I don’t think he was overreacting he was underreacting either. He was devastated, and I understand that but I, personally, have a bunch of different interests and would’ve focused on one of those. Chang Min said he would get his voice back, he should focus on making it stronger.

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Sage: She’s never going to just say “you guys should be together” is she? She meant it when she said she just couldn’t apologize for all of the pain that she caused her. Though it is annoying I can appreciate the fact that she knows her own personality.

Martina: Well that was a much less dramatic exit for Sung Sook than I expected. I was just generally shocked at her talking reasonably like a normal human being, but glad that she recognized that Chang Min and Jin Hee have to be happy and she should just extricate herself from the decision-making of that.

Caroline: I don’t like this side of Sung Sook. I feel like she’s not the same person, people don’t change that easily. Like one minute you’re the shittiest person in the world, and suddenly you’re a saint who’ll mind her own business.

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Sage: Gook was so flipping adorable during this scene. His reaction to their conversation was almost like he understood everything and he wanted to know how the other was going to respond.

Caroline: I wish I knew how he responded so well. He’s THE most adorabe-ist baby. You know what happened this episode? I JUST realized that Jin Ae is Kang Ye Sol from Heirs! WHA?! They picked up EVERYONE from Heirs in this one.

Martina: The sequel is going to be Gook’s story haha.

Sage: And the mother (Sung Sook) is from Secret Garden!

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Sage: It was about time somebody admitted it. Though I think Jin Hee was answering those phone calls around him on purpose. At least the second time I think she did, just to see how he would reacted and where they stood.

Caroline: I loved that. He wants to tell the mum that he’s her man now. He definitely grew up.

Martina: I just wish we could have seen mama's reaction on the other end!

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Sage: So, I insisted on including this image because I realize they were paying homage to the first episode. But I couldn’t help but feel that it was awkward and uncoordinated. Nobody smiles like that when they’re running. Not even professionals. It just seemed like they had filmed that scene a few times and it was no longer romantic.

Martina: True haha. It was cute in theory though. A pure kdrama moment haha.

Caroline: No one runs that long without getting tired unless they do it all the time. But seriously, how do her hair look like that when she’s running? My hair would be in my face and everything if I do that with my hair down.

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Sage: It’s crazy how in KDramas the male leads always see the female lead kissing or running off with the other male lead. Take Boys Over Flowers for example, happened all the time.

Caroline: I feel like we missed out on knowing what he ACTUALLY wanted to tell her. I wonder if it was going to be a confession? Ugh, now we’ll never know.

Martina: I think it’s ok to not know. We get the gist of it and then later on, Chun Soo says his bit thanking her for opening his heart.

We are reaching the end of the drama (more like we are already at it, and this is the second to last episode)? Do you like where it’s heading? Are You feeling for Chun Soo? Do you wish he’d end up with Jin Hee? What did you think of how they actually ended up getting it on? Tell us in the comment section below!

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