In the last episode of Emergency Couple everything was peachy. I don’t want to give everything away for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. So let’s go ahead and give our thoughts on the last scenes of this medical romcom. We will surely miss it!

Sage: I wonder if they are going to last, Young Ae and Sang Hyuk. They kind of fell into their marriage and it was great and amazing in the beginning and now their love is starting to dwindle. They are kind of like Chang Min and Jin Hee in that way. Though I am not sure if they should just divorce after one fight.

Caroline: That’s just the start of another Emergency Couple with those two as the leads. It seemed like Hubby was pretty selfish though, I would file for divorce too if my husband only cares about his own wants. Meh.

Martina: I thought it was a nice little nod to the beginning, when Jin Hee was contemplating her own divorce form, and now in the present she has much more perspective about it and is able to advise Young Ae.

Screenshot (1311).png

Caroline: HEHEHEHE! So cute. I like how he casually wants to “make her” a baby. If he makes her one, he should make us all one. And that facial expression <3 Aigo Aigo *Overies Pop*

Martina: Ahahah newlywed alert! This scene made me think the ending of the series was going to be Jin Hee finding out she’s pregnant.

Sage: This was embarrassing! But super cute.

Screenshot (1312).png

Caroline: Professor Freakin Ahn. I wish they fired his sorry ass. It would’ve given me the inner peace I needed for this drama’s “evil guy”, kinda like when Simba kills Scar kinda thing.

Martina: I still don’t get how Professor Ahn got this far being such a self-serving and lazy and smug ass. I was also hoping he would have a more climactic comeuppance but at least he acknowledged that Chun Soo is a great doctor at the end.

Sage: It wasn’t enough! Professor Ahn is a donkey and needs to be fired. How could they choose him over Ji Hye? Especially when her suggestion was more beneficial for the patient! This was tres annoying.

Screenshot (1316).png

Caroline: Domestic Chun Soo. They look SO good together! They’re so in sync and stuffs.

Sage: I think Ji Hye saw the same thing. Not only do they look good together but he gets along with her daughter, whom, by the way, is so adorable.

Martina: So cute <3 <3 <3. Especially because he himself doesn’t have a home and just hangs out in the on-call room.

Screenshot (1319).png

Caroline: It’s so cute to see them dating again. But isn’t their relationship a little too … Teen like? It doesn’t feel very adult like when I watch them together .. I don’t know. Just a thought.

Sage: I have a feeling they are going to wake up and smell the roses soon, but it’s nice to see them in their newlywed bubble gum phase seeing how we got to see all of the bad stuff already.

Martina: Seems like they are purposefully taking it slow again and enjoying this carefree phase again since it ended badly last time.

Screenshot (1320).png

Caroline: WHY ARE THEY NOT PULLING EACH OTHER’S HAIR OUT?! What is happening to the world?! WHAT?!

Sage: I have a feeling that they could’ve been really good friends, hadn’t their children married. They both have so much in common. They both adore their children and their both widows. If thats not something to bond over I don’t know what is.

Martina: Well Chang Min’s umma is quite a bit more high-strung than Jin Hee’s. I’m glad they’ve come to an understanding now though, which is a great change from the last time when they were causing a scene in the hospital.

Screenshot (1323).png

Caroline: When I took this screenshot, I was more impressed with the background than I was with the kiss. I wonder what the significance is of the clothes hanging on the tree .. The clothes seem different, would it be, you need to climb to reach what you want? Am I reading a little too much into it?

Sage: Maybe. But that’s a good point, it could be a symbolic tree. The thing that got me about this scene is how far away they were from each other during the kiss. It was like it was prom and there were teachers that had put an invisible ruler between them.

Martina: I think it’s partially because Chang Min has to bend down a bit to reach her haha.

Sage: But in the first kiss in their apartment, he grabbed her and there was no room between them! Though, I guess, there was a different feel during that scene.

Screenshot (1324).png

Caroline: This girl looks nothing like the pictures Ji Hye was showing us in the beginning. And isn’t the Mum here the same woman who was the chinese guy’s wife in Lie to Me? I wonder what their chinese sounds like to chinese people, because when she was chinese it sounded SO weird to me, and I’m not that good at chinese to notice an accent. (Way Off Topic)

Sage: I don’t remember, about the mom, but that little girl is adorable. Though she is not the same girl in the picture. The way she speaks, though, sounds too cute. It almost did seem like she’d been in the states growing up and barely knew Korean.

Martina: The thing that stuck out to me more was Ji Hye’s off formality with her parents. They weren’t warm at all, it was like they were meeting strangers.

Screenshot (1338).png

Caroline: OMO OMO OMO! *Grabs Neck Ajumma Style*

Sage: It’s about time. And I like her hair. Though I find it funny/weird that they didn’t mention it in the drama. Like nobody was supposed to notice. I know it’s not important to the plot but it’s obvious and it could’ve been brought up in a funny way when Jin Hee and Chang Min go back.

Martina: Whoooo! I was definitely cheering. The one thing is I wish Yong Kyu did something that made him stronger in Ah Reum’s eyes. I feel like she started developing feelings for him when she felt bad for him and took care of him.

Screenshot (1333).png

Caroline: Perfect little family <3 (^_____^)

Sage: They are adorable together.

Martina: I like how Chun Soo is “Mommy’s friend”, but Ji Min totally sees through it right away.

Screenshot (1340).png

Caroline: FINALLY!!!! UGH! I’ve been waiting SO long for this. I would’ve went bat shit crazy if they didn’t end up together. Ah Reum is LUCKY to have a guy like Yong Kyu, he’s the sweetest. I would almost (not would, almost) watch a sequel of their story together.

Sage: They’re adorable. But unless they add her parents and another lead I probably wouldn’t even watch their sequel. Though Yong Kyu is adorable they don’t really have the best chemistry. Her ear isn’t even touching his shoulder here, it’s like hovering above it in a tease. Even Ah Reum’s ear is a tease!

Martina: I liked the fact that they were sharing music, since the first time they ‘went out’ was when Chang Min sent Yong Kyu to a concert with her in his place.

Screenshot (1342).png

Caroline: I don’t know where Song Ji Hyo got those boobs, but they’re not real … Just saying.

Sage: It’s called a wonder bra. OR a push up bra. Those things can make boobs come out of nowhere. Or, you know, she could be pregnant. This scene was one of my favorites, though. It was super hilarious the way Chang Min reacted. When he slid down the window after she closed it, I cracked up!

Martina: “I didn’t see it! Show me!” bahahaha. And then saying he couldn’t sleep the whole night. Le sigh <3

Screenshot (1350).png

Sage: I’m glad they met up like this, and Chun Soo was able to halfway tell Jin Hee they way he really feels. He said exactly what I was thinking: Him having those feelings for Jin Hee left it open for him to meet somebody knew and fall in love and have somebody love him back and eventually get married.

Caroline: I liked that they spent time together. Kinda like a double date =D It was cute

Martina: Such a double date. I think they’ll have more of these the future in cute little houses by the sea. =)

Screenshot (1362).png

Caroline: What is this?! NO HUG GOODBYE?! Blasphemous (-____-)

Sage: I think it’s a step forward the fact that he even came. I’m a little bummed that Ji Hye is going back to the states when she should be there trying things out with Chun Soo. I expected a little more from this scene, but given the type of character Chun Soo is, I suppose I shouldn’t have. I just wish he would’ve grown a little more in the skinship department (though, did you guys see in the bloopers how he grabbed Ji Hyo in a big hug when he messed up? It was so cute!)

Martina: Um, “go, but come back”? But WHEN? It’s cool and mature of them to let each other do their thing but it’s already been years!! I want to see them together officially.

Screenshot (1368).png

Caroline: The ending didn’t do it for me. How could Ji Hye, who’s basically a queen in her own right, not get her man? What the hell is going to happen with Chang Min and Jin Hee now that they’ve decided to “live together, and be happy” blah blah. This is such an open ending for me. I hate it. It’s like Marry Him If You Dare without the fast forward a year. Hell I would’ve appreciated the one year fast forward to know where everyone actually ended up! To say that this didn’t satisfy my inner drama lover could possibly be the understatement of the century. The writer seemed to kind of beeline down “I just want to stop writing this damn drama already” avenue right into wall. Overall I enjoyed the drama until 2 minutes before the end, and that was that.

Sage: I personally didn’t mind the ending. I don’t blame the writers either, because technically the story was supposed to end on the 20th episode. I doubt they had time to really think about how to drag it out a whole nother episode. Though I do have a few questions about individual characters stories. Like, whether or not Chun Soo is going to go help his father, and if Ah Reum and Yong Kyu work out and if Young Ae and Sang Hyuk get a divorce , and if Sung Sook can really mind her own business. I personally think Chun Soo should out Professor Ahn and then start his own practice somewhere (not necessarily with his dad) if things don’t go well for him and Ji Hye he would definitely find a good woman there (somebody’s relative or caretaker). All in all, I feel like the drama ended the way it should, where they are not wrapped up in their own personal lives but rather what’s going on in the Emergency Room and I also like how they paid homage to when Jin Hee was freaking out in the first episodes, but then she quickly got her stuff together. I like this drama. It was funny and romantic and sad at some points. And I liked all of the characters individually. This is my first Medical Drama but if you have any more suggestions (that aren’t too heavy cause I’ll freak out), tell me in comment section below! :)

Martina: The overall story could have used more of a sense of completeness to me. I know we saw some of the highlights of the first time Chang Min and Jin Hee were together, but I would have liked a bit more detail, and more of a whole story other than the fact that they were fighting and then it got bad and they divorced, because it did seem like there was more of a story there. Same thing with the ending. The stories wrapped up, but there was no real climax. The death of Chang Min’s father felt like it should have built up to more dramatic tension in the plot overall, but instead it kind of dissipated and then things were peachy. I felt like more stuff could have happened, just generally speaking. At any rate, I did still enjoy this drama a lot and thought it was perfectly cast and was just a very warm and nice experience overall. Definitely a more quiet and grown-up drama without too much craziness, but we all need one of them sometimes!

What did you think of the ending? Were you satisfied? Would you watch it again? Would you consider a sequel with Ah Reum and Yong Kyu? Were you curious about any of the characters and their stories? Tell us in the comment section below!

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