It’s the second week of Emergency Couple and we are already getting to see Jin Hee bring Chang Min back to life. Join Martina, Caroline and Sage as we melt from congratulation coffees after an impromptu tracheotomy, meet Chang Min’s dad, and see a little bit more into why they got divorced in the first place (besides the fish).

Martina: Only the second week in and I’m already hooked and counting down the days til Emergency Couple airs every week! I love this drama’s biting humor, mixed with the more exciting medical situations.

Now that the initial shock has worn off, Chang Min and Jin Hee’s interactions have toned down a little and their familiarity with each other becomes apparent. And of course, there’s the fact that they keep getting thrown into tough situations where they have to work together. Jin Hee puts her all into saving Chang Min when he’s knocked out by her defibrillator. Chang Min chickens out of bringing Jin Hee a coffee to say thank you (this is where I had to pause the video to squee a little bit). Jin Hee helps Chang Min when his hands shake too much to make the incision, but lets Chang Min have the credit. Even the other interns are beginning to notice that their relationship is not simply between two co-workers.

The fact that Chang Min’s dad was the one who helped Jin Hee through medical school is intriguing. I hope this means he is secretly rooting for them to get back together! And speaking of Chang Min’s parents, it’s been mentioned that his mother had something to do with their divorce. Not surprising at all. She probably sent those henchmen who were chasing Chang Min and Jin Hee in the opening sequence. That lady is CRAZY. See: her rolling around in the sand, throwing a tantrum in her fur vest and assorted gaudy clothes.

But even as bits and pieces of our couple’s history is revealed, some more obstacles are popping up that might hinder their progress. Ah Reum has her eye on Chang Min, and Chang Min’s mom has his eye on Ah Reum for Chang Min too. The willpower of these two women combined will be a force to be reckoned with!

Caroline: I can’t believe how easy it was to watch these two episodes. You can usually tell the pacing of dramas within the first two weeks, and I actually enjoy the mystery of almost everything in this one. Chang Min is suddenly starting to be decent (Maybe he’s not that bad and we judged him too harshly?), we get a sneak peak into the divorce (Sniff), the dysfunctional parents (Hilarious), the blind date (Meh), and a hint at an emotional Chun Soo with a comforting Ji Hye (Ugh!). The suspense is killing me! What happened to Chun Soo to make him feel so responsible for everything? It seems like he’s really guilty about it. How come the ER has to take responsibility for the patient?! They did all they could! It was totally the surgeon’s fault as far as I’m concerned. Why is Chang Min’s mother such a spoiled brat? She dresses like a bloody teenager, and she acts like one too with all that unchecked temper. How on earth did this woman manage to break Jin Hee and Chang Min apart? What did she say to Jin Hee in that phone call in the very first episode? I think I can picture that she told her she wasn’t worthy of her oh so perfect son. Why is Jin Hee visiting Chang Min’s dad? I think I like Chang Min’s father. He obviously did his best to get the hell away from his crazy psycho wife. And is Ah Reum rubbing on Chang min?! She’s on my blacklist, she totally deserved Omoni action. As for the other interns, I really can’t see a strong supporting role happening there, it’s almost as if they’re there for decoration. Young Ae is just too squeaky, I hate that she’s trying to be cute all the time. Yong Kyu is acting hormonal running around Ah Reum, dude, seriously?

I really loved that Jin Hee finally gets some credit for her effort, but to have it snatched away in such a brutal way! Sigh! Life is so unfair!

And that wrist grab at the end. Omo Omo!

Too many questions and no answers, Aigooooo. I can’t wait for next week’s episodes!

Sage: This is one of those dramas where as soon as you think it’s gotten all serious on you something embarrassing happens and you just crack up laughing (Like the scene where Jin Hee falls all over Chun Soo with the dummy dead body: HILARIOUS). I am completely and utterly hooked on this drama as of now, I had to stop myself from watching the episodes all over again they were so good. In this weeks episodes we got to see that sweetness that I know Chang Min can possess as he tries to hide the fact that the relationship he has with Jin Hee is more than just “co-workers” and she deals with the shock of saving somebody’s life (though she doesn’t get credit for it) and then ultimately losing the very same person she thought she saved. She gets to see what it is really like to be a doctor and luckily (sort of) has Chang Min there to support her in his own jerky-yet-kind-of-sweet way. And like Martina mentioned, the coworkers are starting to notice their relationship (even Ah Reum and Chun Soo) and that excites me to no limit. I really want to somebody to find out, and I feel like somebody is, what with the way they air their dirty laundry in the staircase like that. (Which, adultery Chang Min? Really? Jinjja? That is not okay.)

We also got to meet Chang Min’s dad, whom I personally adored. I feel like (actually I am pretty positive) he was the only one who was on Jin Hee and Chang Min’s side when they were married. I mean, Jin Hee was the only one who remembered his birthday, they must’ve been pretty close (closer than he is to his wife). And to find out Mama Oh may be one of the main reasons they divorced makes me hate her even more. And the fact that nobody but Jin Hee and Chang Min’s dad are willing to admit this makes it even more annoying! And I’d like to point out in case nobody was aware of this, Chang Min’s mom is the definition of annoying. She literally got down on the floor and threw a tantrum in front of Chang Min’s father, kicked Ah Reum out because she thought she was a booty call (which I am grateful for sense she shouldn’t have been there in the first place and wearing that outfit?) and from what I can see in next week’s episode she also gets herself emitted in the hospital that they’re interning at! Can you say “Get the bleep out!”?

Me too. Me too. But, speaking of Ah Reum... Governor's Daughter?! And speaking of daughters, Jin Hee’s mother is a little pushy. And when I say a little I mean a lot. But she’s got good intentions and is rooting for her daughter so I appreciate that. Also, why are Chang Min’s aunts and uncles always sitting around a table eating? It’s really weird. I love this drama because it’s that perfect mixture of medical-ness, comedy, romance and melodrama. As more opportunities for them to work together announce themselves, I can tell I am really going enjoy getting to watch Jin Hee’s and Chang Min’s relationship rekindle as a team (and maybe something more?). I am so looking forward to next week's episodes!

What did you think about episodes 3 and 4? Did Jin Hee’s selfish ways ruin her marriage? Did Chang Min use work as an excuse to stay away from the emotional turmoil at home? Why is Chang Min taking the fall for Jin Hee? Does he still love her? or does he feel responsible for not being able to perform? What happened with Chun Soo? And the question from last week still remains, who is Ji Hye? Where does she fit in this equation? And why is Chang Min’s mother overdosing on pills?! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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