Jealous exes, mouth to mouth, drinking at bars, falling on the boss, and overbearing, ridiculously childish mothers who cry over marrying poor men after destroying ecosystems. Join Martina, Sage, and Caroline as they give their professional drama opinions on this week’s episodes of Emergency Couple!

The Kiss of Life?

Sage: Only the third episode and we’ve already got a kiss… well, sort of. I like to think that Chang Min came to life because Jin Hee did mouth to mouth.

Martina: Hey, it was a more exciting ‘kiss’ than in tons of other dramas, amirite?

Caroline: It was totally Jin Hee’s mouth to mouth that brought him to life! That was her final resort! I was like Awww :( Seriously though, she looked so scared that she might lose him, or maybe I’m just reading too much into it??

Martina: She still loves him!! She just doesn’t know it yet…

Caroline: You know we’ll enjoying watching her find out!

Say What?

Caroline: Hahaha! Like what the hell man?! Why would my ex-wife like me?? Ahh Denial. It’s so cute.

Sage: The best type of denial: avoidance. Because it’s the truth. I’m glad somebody’s catching on.

Martina: It’s cute because it’s kind of like they’re falling in love for the first time. But Jin Hee’s not an ajumma!

Co Worker My Foot!

Sage: oowah, wah wah! I can’t believe my ears! Or… my eyes (in this case)! She was so wrong! But in this case I am kind of glad she was...

Martina: That is a pretty interesting outfit choice though.

Caroline: She really does look like a hooker with that wig, even if the dress is not that bad. I kind of like that Chang Min didn’t make any moves on her though.

Sage: But he was totally checking her out at the elevator, though.

Caroline: Then he realized it was her, and I think he felt like he needed to respect her as a co worker? I don’t know. I just liked it.

Sage: I agree. It was respectful. I think.

Martina: Also the way he stood up for Ah Reum’s friend when that guy started insulting her! See, there’s a softie inside Chang Min.

Drinking My Sorrows Away

Sage: Who is she??? But no, seriously, who is she to Chun Soo? She knows so much about him like they’ve dated or something. Is she going to get in the way of any possible feelings he has for a certain other clumsy coworker… *cough* *cough* Jin Hee? I don’t know if I like that.

Caroline: It seems like they’re old co workers. But it seems like she knows his secrets too, and then you’re not sure if it’s because he was there to see it, or if there was something more to them before.

Martina: They’re definitely hinting as to some sort of chip on his shoulder. I’m going to guess something went horribly wrong with a past patient who died on his watch, if Chun Soo’s reaction to the esophageal cancer patient was any indication.

Swept me off my feet?

Sage: *do a little dance* Ooooh, he saw her. And he got all jelly… Even though she wasn’t really doing anything except trying to prove that she can perform an operation on her own. Take note everybody. This is your common K-Drama misconception in action. But still, you can’t be jealous unless you harbor some feelings for somebody.

Martina: I just love Chun Soo’s expression, eheheh…

Caroline: That was my first thought when I saw Chang Min, like WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HOLDING MY WIFE?! Hahahha, I would’ve enjoyed the typical “goes over and grabs the girl from the other guy” kdrama move. Sigh. I’m ready for the love battle!!

Battle of the Fittest

Sage: I can see why he just walked away from her. I would’ve too.

Caroline: You can just see how low and pathetic she is right there. What a horrible woman, I’d like to see how the writers try to make it seem like she had good intentions all along. I hated her in Heirs, and I hate her now.

Martina: Hearing that it was her fault that Chang Min and Jin Hee broke up in the first place makes me think she probably sent the henchmen on their wedding day to try to physically separate them.

Sage: I was thinking the same thing! It’s not like it’s above her.

Stop making me laugh! I mean, that really hurts!

Sage: He’s totally laughing. I love it.

Caroline: I swear I was laughing with them too. Jin Hee couldn’t stop laughing, and he’s like “It really hurts, hehehhe” =D Too adorable. I could see a little affection there.

Martina: <3 <3 They were both adorable. Give us more flashbacks of their happier early days!

Will Chang Min’s dad come back to work at the hospital? Who’s going to find out Jin Hee and Chang Min are a divorced couple first? And how will they react? Will Chang Min’s mom find out that they work together? What kind of relationship do Chun Soo and Ji Hye have? Do you think Jin Hee will really quit? Tell us in the comment section below!

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