And the apology coffees keep on coming from Chang Min! Sage, Caroline, and Martina break down the character development and more in the fifth and sixth installments this week on Emergency Couple.

Sage: Live update: I am currently writing this as I watch the first episode and all I can say is, I can feel Jin Hee’s pain as she walks into that conference room. It’s like getting called to the principal’s office during class. Not even Chun Soo can believe she came. I think she should now sit down and…Oh, wow! It’s Super Chang Min, to the rescue! Talk about perfect timing. But now, Jin Hee is taking responsibility… What to do, what to do… I think they need to make up their mind as to who did the tracheotomy and who is going to take blame. It is very stressful for all of us. I think Chang Min should take a shower, so we can see his abs. I think it’s only fair. Now that that scene is over, I have this to say, nobody’s going to be suspicious of his taking the blame at all.

My point exactly. They need to be more careful of keeping their history from coming to light. She completely forgot about Mama Oh as she got told by Chang Min. I know he likes to think that he took the blame for himself, but that is a complete and utter lie. Who wants to take the blame for something that they may or may not have done. If it was such a great thing to take the blame for an elevator surgery, everybody would’ve done it.

And his mother is something else! To think Jin Hee was so nice to her when she was unconscious… I think the mother is going to have to eat her words when it comes to Jin Hee and Chang Min. Whether she likes it or not Chang Min is going to fall back in love with Jin Hee and vice a versa.

I can already tell that sister, Jin Ae is going to be serious trouble. Which makes me wonder why she ran away in the first place? And that dream sequence? Can you say ‘creepy’? I wonder what it could mean. Also, I think that Park Sang Hyuk and Lee Young Ae, the perfect couple interns, deserve an honorable mention because I feel they represent the couple Chang Min and Jin Hee used to be. Though, just like them, I feel it won’t last very long. Or maybe they’ll split for a while after some big fight and then get back together. I’m not sure, but I think they are going to help Jin Hee and Chang Min come to some conclusions.

Episode 2: Of all the places to go air your grievances and reconnect with old friends *cough* *cough*Kang Gary, how is it that they both ended up at the same place? It was a little pitiful watching her call all of those people when it seemed like they didn’t really want to talk to her at all. But during the scene with Dr. Chun Soo, it was nice to see Jin Hee laugh for once. Even if it was while she was turning in her resignation letter, she should at least get to crack a smile every once in a while. I mean, this is supposed to be a comedy too, right? Because I was beginning to forget that it was. Though Jin Hee thought that she was going to leave her doctoring practice, I find it very sweet that Chun Soo came to Jin Hee’s rescue after she took in that couple. He sees some of himself in her and, just like I predicted, he’s totally going to start liking her. No matter how much he despises women who cry. :)

As I watch the scenes with her in them, I must say, Yoo Sung Sook, or Mama Oh, is very annoying. I feel like she’s kind of pimping out her son. If her matching making skills with Han Ah Reum don’t work out is she going to move on to next doctor with old money? Despicable. And she’s got a bit of a twisted view of couples nowadays. Just because a couple is holding hands, does not mean they are sleeping together. I just realized, Chun Soo is a bit hands on. He flicked Ah Reum and kicked Chang Min. The only person I don’t remember him putting his hands on is Jin Hee. I feel like their coupling would be really cute. I want to see her with him before Chang Min. Jin Ae, on the other hand seems a bit of a rebel without a cause and I am still interested in why she left home, I think it’s a bit more than just some favoritism between Jin Hee and her mother. Anywho, I am really looking forward to next week’s episodes! It looks like it is going to get really cute. Isn’t Valentines day next week? I think that we won’t be disappointed. P.S. And I think that it is only fair that I say this, Happy Belated Birthday Choi Jin Hyuk! 29 years of gracing the earth with his presence. I hope his career only gets better. Hwaiting Choi Jin Hyuk-ssi!

Caroline: Before I really start talking about this week’s episodes, I’d like to take a minute to appreciate this stud muffin moment of Oh Chang Min, because that confidence in the conference was super sexy! And totally matching with his face, compared to the “my looks don’t match my horrid personality” he had going the previous episodes. There were a lot of things that really captured my attention in these two episodes specifically. Oh Chang Min’s dad seemed nice, but now I actually have no respect for him, especially when he didn’t care about the fact that his wife was in the hospital, no matter how exaggerated it was. Ah Reum doesn’t seem like the innocent rich girl to me anymore who just doesn’t “get” it. She seems very aware of all her actions, especially when she refuses to tell Oh Jin Hee how she knew Oh Chang Min’s mother. Professor Ahn, the surgeon who seems to enjoy not working when he’s supposed to be working is well aware that the ER had nothing to do with the patient’s death, even having the audacity to avoid blaming Chang Min so he doesn’t mess with the “wrong” person and putting it all on Jin Hee.

It’s safe to say I’m just generally annoyed with almost everyone at this point in the drama. Chang Min’s mother especially, why would she slap Jin Hee, why wouldn’t she say thank you when Jin Hee OBVIOUSLY saved her sorry pathetic butt. UGH! This woman I swear. It’s really hard to feel sorry for her when she’s being such a UGH all the time, you know??? Young Kyu is starting to catch on with Jin Hee and Chang Min it seems this time around too, and he’s obviously very interested in Ah Reum, I wish Chang Min would get the hint and leave her to him because I don’t like the idea of her being with Chang Min anyway! Chun Soo is the only one who’s not on my blacklist at this point, because he, well, he’s just adorable and there’s no other way to describe it other than that. This is my second male lead syndrome kicking in, hahaha! I was pretty excited to see Kang Gary! OMOMOMOMO! He even hints at their Running Man relation as he stuffs Jin Hee in the car.

I wonder if that’s the only episode we’ll see Gary because I just wished for more (>__<)

Oh Jin Ae is not a very welcomed character where I’m concerned, but it does prove well in the development as we discover that Jin Hee never got rid of her wedding ring! And then after confronting Ah Reum with how she knows Hubby’s mum. She still loves him!!! Well, I kind of knew that, I mean the woman didn’t just give him the divorce papers straight up! They had to tear the whole house apart before she really gave up on them. Sigh. Jin Hee this week is a softy. She takes the time to cover, and adjust her ex-UGH mother in law’s covers and slipper. She even stole an ultrasound machine for a woman who can’t afford to pay her hospital bill, I can really see where her heart is. I think that alone is probably the reason Chang Min loved her in the first place, but that’s all guessing at this point, I wish they’d show us more flashbacks!

Overall, I’d like to see some more action next week. I predict a new development by episode 8! The KDrama kissy, confessional episode of a series. And frankly, I need the romantic part of this drama to come out already because I’m getting impatient (~~~~>__<~~~~) What is Chun Soo being “easy” about? What is Chang Min apologizing for? Don’t you just love when a drama has episode previews?? Unlike My Love from Another Star (-___-) Until Next Week Everyone! (^____^)y

Martina: There wasn’t so much heart pumping action this week on Emergency Couple - no crazy guys with guns in the ER or spur-of-the-moment elevator surgeries. Instead, this week was about more subtle character development that serves the dual purpose of letting us get to know the characters, and setting the stage for the rest of the drama to unfold.

Chang Min shows that he’s not as big of a jerk as he seemed to be when the internship began and he realized his ex would be working with him. He stands up and takes responsibility for the elevator tracheotomy even though all signs point to the patient’s death being unrelated to that incident. When a critical situation arises, we see that Chang Min still cares for Jin Hee on some level, even if it’s not outright affection or love (yet!).

Jin Hee’s story this week was especially emotional for me. Jin Hee’s empowerment is emerging as an overall theme in this drama. At the beginning, Jin Hee’s self-confidence was at an all-time low as she struggled to make it through the day and relied on questionable anti-anxiety pills. I think by being able to attend medical school and passing the intern test, she already made great strides. Then she gets torn down again by the reappearance of Chang Min’s mother in her life, which in Jin Hee’s mind, is an awful reminder that even with all her hard work, some things haven’t changed. Episode six sees Jin Hee overcome that when she helps save Chang Min’s mom, and goes out of her way to help the poor couple who was afraid to rack up a bill, even in the face of a life-threatening medical problem.

Looking at Chang Min and Jin Hee’s growth this way helps frame their experiences working together as a part of their process of growing up enough to be together again as mature adults who are more stable and self-assured.

Big ups to Kang Gary’s cameo this week, which was packed with inside jokes and references to his song! Monday Couple forever <3 <3 <3

What did you think of this week's character development? What does Chang Min's mom have up her sleeve next? And how will Chun Soo get around Jin Hee's dismissal notice? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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