It's another week of medical drama, crazy mamas, and never ending love triangles that are bound to keep us all on our toes for the next few weeks. Featuring Kang Gary from Running Man! Join Caroline, Sage, and Martina for another week of exciting Emergency Couple.

Sage: What would’ve happened if they hadn’t done the tracheotomy? If you think about it, it’s kind of the patients fault for waiting so long to come to the hospital in the first place. Anywho, it was still very heroic for Chang Min to walk up there and take the blame. It made me like his character a smidge more because he is not a total ***.

Caroline: I loved it. Especially since Jin Hee was all “No, it was me” You usually don’t see that happen unless people really care about each other. It gives me some hope.

Martina: When the situation arises, they’ve still got each other’s backs!

Sage: I swear, I hate it when people decide to blame others because of their backgrounds. It’s so annoying. He should be fired.

Caroline: I knew he was evil since he yelled at Chun Soo a couple of episodes ago. Ugh! Evil man. He’s totally covering up that surgeon’s mistakes!

Martina: It also says a lot about Chang Min that he didn’t want to only get by on his family’s name alone, even though he could (and his mother would like him to).

Caroline: I felt the need to roll on the floor laughing over this. Chang Min was right, ER doctors aren’t normal people.

Martina: I loved that he just kept wiggling his toes around, haha!

Sage: This scene was hilarious. I was looking for a little comedic relief and this scene definitely did not disappoint!

Martina: Chang Min just looks so unperturbed here.

Sage: He doesn’t look so unperturbed when he thought that she was selling her smile…

Caroline: JEALOUS!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (^O^)

Caroline: That was the sweetest thing, but the look on Chang Min’s face is pretty surprising, what did he think she was going to do? Throttle her? I would’ve.

Martina: The impulse to do so would be very strong. -_- I say this every time… but that woman is CRAZY!! Jin Hee is so thoughtful and gracious to care for someone who wreaked/is still wreaking havoc on her life.

Sage: I was quite surprised myself. It was so nice of her to do that. I know for sure I wouldn’t have done that. I think we should all just line up and slap the pig tails off of her. Me first.Caroline: “Think Invisible, I am the wall” LOL! That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, it would’ve made more sense to just sit on the chair instead of the wall.

Sage: I think it worked. You can’t see that big 6 foot man sitting on a wall. It’s an illusion. Though, I think it’s impossible for Chang Min to be invisible.

Martina: I liked that this spot was the product of a few seconds of consideration, too. He looked around and thought about it first before awkwardly perching on the rail...haha!

Sage: Oh Jin Ae is something else. Thinking she had the right to steal Jin Hee’s wedding ring is not okay. I already don’t like her. But the fact that Jin Hee still had the wedding ring to steal in the first place says something. She’s very sentimental, she even kept her wedding dress.

Martina: And still wears it out!

Caroline: I think it gives us a view of how unwilling Jin Hee was to let go. She holds on, and that the divorce was a finally straw for someone so dedicated to things.

Sage: She should’ve just poisoned her. That would’ve prevented all of this.

Caroline: I wanted to kill her for slapping Jin Hee, why the hell would she do that? She obviously passed the board exam, that ex-mother in law has some serious nerve undermining all of her efforts like that.

Martina: And then later on she totally brushes off the fact that Jin Hee prevented a major health problem by getting the ECG. I just hope that this lady has some just desserts coming her way before long...

Sage: That was nice of him. BUT I wish he could stand up to his mother. That would be nice. Then she wouldn’t need the coffee. (Or whatever it is.)

Caroline: The peace offering. I believe Chang Min is a truly good man, but his inability to stand up for things are his real downfall.

Martina: It’s so cute that the best way he can think to be conciliatory is to bring her coffee. Poor Jin Hee =/. Have faith, Chang Min’s trying!

Caroline: KANG GARY!!! That’s all I have to say.

Sage: He should be in here more. I really wish he would and give everybody interested in Jin Hee a run for their money. They are just so adorable.

Martina: I can’t even comment. This is what was going through my mind at this point: “SQUEEEEE!!! ZKDJFLKJGLGKDSKJFSLF <3 <3 <3 <3 <3”. Love. Them.

Caroline: Don’t you think it’s a bit odd Oh Chang Min didn’t know Jin Ae was Jin Hee’s sister? And what is with the power walk pointing all the way to the stage?? That’s just really weird to me, I don’t know.

Sage: That was more than just ‘weird’. That was just plain crazy. I know when I see my sisters doing something I don’t want them to do I don’t run at them with my finger pointing at them. They’d probably ignore me anyways. Or run away like Jin Ae did. Which I wouldn’t blame them.

Martina: Brace yourselves for Hurricane Jin Ae, ladies. She’s sure to whirl into town with lots of chaos in tow...

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