Hello fellow Emergency Couple Drama Clubbers! For part one of these absolutely dramafied episodes of Emergency Couple I, Sage, will be going at it alone. And let me just say this, soo much happened this week in the world of Jin Hee and Chang Min! Awkward situations caused a possible relationship to be bloomed, jealousy ensues, and past mistakes come to light! Oh so much drama! Well, lets reflect, shall we?

Things started out pretty mellow this week only for things to quickly intensify as time went on. If you recall, at the end of last week’s episode Chun Soo’s head was bobbing around on the bus ride back to the hospital. At first I thought that Chang Min was going to see them when he pulled up next to them but when he didn’t I knew that they had a lot more in store for his realizing just how close Chun Soo and Jin Hee were becoming. Things got pretty awkward when Chun Soo took Jin Hee to dinner and that Ajumma mentioned how much of a loner bachelor he was and told them to come back together whenever they please. Was I excited about this? Ehh. Though I was totally pro the Devil-Rock Couple, I am a little confused now, after watching these last two episodes I am totally riding the fence.

Even with my indecisiveness, one thing remains the same, I love the way Chun Soo smiles at Jin Hee. Both after he gave her more rice and in the elevator on episode 9. But now that I think about it I just really like his smile. It’s so adorable. Though I don’t entirely mind, the only look we get from Chang Min his curiosity and jealousy even when Jin Hee curtly smiled at him after saving her nephew. A smile between the two of them would be nice. At the hospital, one thing makes me curious, that nurse now has her hooks in Chang Min. Will she cause more trouble than necessary? She was bringing him food and she already announced to the other nurse that he was hers. Even if it is just because he has a “good” family background I would hate for her to get in the way of the love pentagon that has already formed. When Chang Min saw them coming back from their “date” his reaction was priceless. He was already pretty heated about calling and calling and Jin Hee not picking up after her phone died and so his mind immediately went to think that it was because she was out with Chun Soo. Not good. Him following him into the hospital was so funny and the fact that he didn’t seem to care how suspicious it made him seem, made me like him that much more.

Oh Jin Ae... Oh jin Ae. She’s a sneaky little rascal isn’t she? I’m not going to lie, it completely took me off guard to find out that Kwang Soo was in on her disappearance and has known where she was and how to contact her from the get go. I think that the only reason Oh Jin Hee and Yang Ja got to know about her baby and husband when they did is because they were kicked out of their house. But it was nice to see how much she actually cares about her son and husband. When little Kim Gook was in the hospital, I have to say it broke my heart. But I’m glad Jin Ae came when she did, despite her big mouth running around calling Chang Min “brother-in-law” which I have a feeling is going to bite them in the butt later on down the line. It was adorable seeing how well Yang Ja got along with baby Gook. No matter how angry she is or was with Jin Ae, it is nice to see that she will always be a great grandmother.

For some reason, I really doubt Sung Sook and Tae Suk are getting a divorce. But if they do, Sung Sook is only going to be more pushy toward Chang Min and Ah Reum, which will no doubt only end in heartache. Also, if that happens, I have a feeling Tae Suk will feel the need to come and save Jin Hee, just like he did when it came to her getting her internship. Which may lead to him coming and working at the hospital. It’s farfetched, but totally possible.

Uwahh! A look into Chun Soo and Ji Hye’s past! It seems like he made a lot of the same mistakes Jin hee and Chang Min made. At first I thought that he was attacking Professor Shim in the room in front of all of the interns because he believed that Jin Hee was right and if that was the case I was really hoping she was. But to learn that wasn’t entirely the case let me see a little more about the type of person Chun Soo is and used to be. The reason he is still only a Resident and not a Specialist at the hospital is because he made the same assumption that Jin Hee did. As I expected, these little tidbits are the reasons why he likes, or feels a kindred spirit within, Jin Hee.

As for the CPR incident, I think that it had to be one of the most sensual and suggestive scenes I have ever seen in my Kdrama watching career. The slow motion and look in their eyes combined with the song, made for a very sexy yet awkward scene that I nearly passed out on. And adding to it was Chang Min’s fake reaction which leads me to believe that the debacle was due to his over thinking the situation. Because when he came to his senses, they weren’t moving half as slow as he was imagining them to be. Off topic, but I wonder if the scene was awkward to film. It seemed like it, because it was insanely long and uncomfortable. Also, it must’ve been hard to watch, given Chang Min went through so much for Jin Hee and securing her internship. Seeing her hug Chun Soo and laugh around him because of what she thought he did. Chang Min didn’t even get the proper thanks for what he did when she found out. It seems like he is just getting whipped around and soon it’s going to be hard for him to control his feelings.

Which explains their antics at the housewarming party. They practically yelled out “HEY WE WERE MARRIED ONCE!” In front of everybody. And then when he took her to the back room to talk, that had to’ve been suspicious. SMH, it would just be a lot easier on everybody if they just come out and say that they used to be married. I think my favorite out of this scene is when Jin Hee said a man needed five wives an “Actress, maid, cook, counselor and cook.” It was so clever and well put.

Whoa there cowboy! Hands off the class back there. Jin Hee is the definition of sloppy drunk. I think when whoever coined the term “sloppy drunk” they were thinking of the future and of Jin Hee. She gets herself into the most embarrassing predicaments whenever she drinks. Alcohol is truly her enemy!

I would like to point out something highly random and unexpected given their crazy sleep schedules and stressful lives: Jin Hee and Chun Soo have gorgeous skin. There I said it. Absolutely flawless. Now, back on topic. How did Jin Hee’s sock end up on Chun Soo’s face? Do I want to know? How could he not realize he was sleeping with somebody else in the bed? Especially if he’s used to sleeping alone, there’s a huge difference when somebody else is in the bed. Feeling somebody’s leg over your torso, or their hand in your face, it’s something most people notice. I would hate to be in a burning house with him because he probably wouldn’t smell the smoke.

So given this scene and what she said to Chun Soo about motherhood that “It’s the worst moment for a mom when her baby is sick.”, it makes me wonder if Professor Shim is a mother. If she does why would she leave him? And if she doesn’t who is she talking to on the phone? Somebody she knows is in America and is sick or hurt enough to be in the hospital. I hadn’t realized that maybe Ji Hye might have a few secrets of her own, and I find it very intriguing and I am very excited about finding out what’s so big of a deal that she had to keep it a secret. Could it possibly be Chun Soo’s child? Is that the real reason she came back? Ooh the scandal if it is!

It seems as though I spoke too soon, maybe she doesn’t just make rash decisions when shes drunk. What I would’ve done had I been in the same predicament, is tell him to go to the restroom before going to his meeting and check his pants. That would’ve prevented the sheer embarrassment that ensued. Had I not known what really happened I probably would’ve made the same assumptions Chang Min and Ji Hye did. C’est la vie, I guess. Also, I can appreciate the fact that when Chun Soo found out that Chang Min was responsible for Jin Hee keeping her job, he told her. Though I wonder if he still would’ve, if he knew how she was going to react.

Oh watching Chang Min get all worked up and jealous over Jin Hee has been a very emotional rollercoaster. It’s adorable yet saddening seeing him go through all of the stages of having a crush on somebody but not realizing why. The butterflies that he describes as “boiling over” in his stomach scene is so cute but then the scene in the car when he’s crying broke my heart. I wonder if he completely realizes why he was crying and who he was crying for. These scenes exactly are what make me second guess the couple I am rooting for because you can tell that Chang Min really cares for Jin Hee and it breaks his heart to see her with another man.

I can see Ah Reum is not backing off. I thought, maybe, because there wasn’t much advancement in episode 7 or 8, that Ah Reum was going to take a break and focus on the blooming romance between her and Yong Kyu, but boy was I wrong. I’m glad Chang Min has shielded himself against Ah Reum and her womanly woes. But I can appreciate Ah Reum’s ability to take advantage of a situation. I’m wondering how far she will go to get Chang Min and if the tables will somehow turn between him and Jin Hee. Maybe some jealousy will come from her end and he won’t try to ease her worries and instead further his relationship with Ah Reum. Maybe he will remember why he wanted her to leave in the first place and that dislike he had for her in the beginning will resurface. I don’t like the idea but in K-dramaland it’s possible. And if Sung Sook and Tae Suk get divorced, she will only have Sung Sook backing her up all the way and that woman seems ruthless!

Though Yong Kyu and Ah Reum’s relationship so far is going absolutely no where, I really hope that it does. He takes all of these steps forward: buying her coffee, giving her flowers, asking her to dinner, doing “public proposals”, but they all end up going down hill. She thinks the coffee came from Chang Min, she doesn’t know who the flowers came from, she’s “too busy” to go out to dinner with him, or her phone is broken. I swear either this all is really convenient or he has bad luck in love.

A lot happened this week and I probably did not get the all, but I have to say I am thoroughly looking forward to next week’s episodes. We get to see a little bit about how Chang Min and Jin Hee met and also Chun Soo admits to liking Jin Hee! I’m so excited!

What will Sung Sook do with the information that Tae Suk helped Jin Hee get her internship? Does Professor Shim have a baby? Is it Chun Soo’s? Will Jin Hee really tell Ah Reum that they were once married? Will Jin Hee abide by Chang Min’s rules? Will Chang Min get a kiss from Jin Hee? Also, when are the rest of the interns going to find out about the past ‘Oh’ Couple? Tell me what you think in the comment section below!

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