This Week’s Emergency Couple had the Drama Club in hysterics. Join Sage, Martina, and Caroline here for a new spicy “Reactions” segment!

Sage: I think I died and came back to life during these last two episodes. So action packed and full of *Le Gasp* and *Aish Jinjja!* moments. I don’t know which couple I am rooting for anymore. The “Devil-Rock” couple or the “Oh” Couple?

Martina: I laughed. I cried. I squealed out loud. Watching Chang Min come to terms with the fact that he loves Jin Hee has me hugging all nearby objects and wandering around looking for someone to freak out with. Luckily those people are right here in the Drama Club!

Caroline: I nearly fainted. Twice. I was suffering from second male lead syndrome to be dragged into first male lead syndrome, Oh Chang Min is too amazing. I thought he was a horrible person, until he wasn’t and now I just don’t know what he is anymore (~_~)

Diagnosis: Sexy CPR

Caroline: Fifty Shades of Chun Soo?? Is this TV 15? Cause that was just a highly suggestive scene that made me hold my breath. I didn’t know how to react! That’s like the first suggestive scene I see in a Korean Drama EVER *Traumatized*

Martina: Haha! Sorry but this was so awkward to me. Why did they drag that shot out for so long??

Sage: You know what made this scene hard to bare? The song they played during it. It was a cover by Ellie Goulding called “High For This”. Love the song, just in this scene I think it made my heart stop. (The Song)

Diagnosis: Severe Jealousy

Caroline: RAWR CHANG MIN! RAWR! Except. He didn’t actually do it. UGH!

Martina: Even after watching this scene a couple of times, I still felt a tiny bit of uncertainty about whether or not Chang Min is imagining his reaction to Chun Soo and Jin Hee’s close contact.

Sage: Martina, I was thinking the exact same thing! I don’t think that they were actually all that loved up together during this scene. Chang Min just has an overactive imagination. Something I just noticed, Chang Min is the only one getting jealous! There is hardly any jealousy coming from Jin Hee or even Chun Soo. It’s actually kind of annoying.

Diagnosis: Broken Heart

Sage: After the stress that were these episodes, the people deserved to see this as some sort of relief. I wish he didn’t have to work out only when he was angry, it would be nice to see more often, maybe in the clothes he wears or something. You completely forget that he has such a nice body underneath his scrubs because of this. Right now, I am requesting less clothes for Dr. Oh Chang Min. Less. Clothes.

Caroline: Almost faint moment #1. Seriously, why are they making him wear long sleeve shirts under his scrubs? I want to see those arms every time I look at him, Oki?! How will I ever watch Chang Min without visualizing his arms after this?!

Martina: *fans self* Can this man get any sexier? Seriously, they have been holding out on us with these arms of manliness from us this whole time.

Diagnosis: Chronic Jealousy

Caroline: I laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more. Because I think Chang Min was 2 seconds away from pouncing on Chun Soo and creating a “Crime” genre for this Romantic Comedy.

Sage: Chang Min reacts to things the absolute best… I wanted jealousy and Chang Min brings it 100%.

Martina: Chang Min’s “Muh?!?!” face is the best. Chun Soo and Jin Hee really do look like they’re just getting back from a date! Chang Min’s judgment at this point is also probably somewhat obscured by the jealousy that’s already swirling around his head.

Diagnosis: Awkward-itis

Caroline: I just screamed with them cause I didn’t know what else to do with this. All their clothes were on at least. I almost had a heart attack when Jin Hee took off the jacket. I was like NOOOO! Don’t do it!!

Sage: Chun Soo’s scream was crazy. He literally screams from the side of his face. But either way, this must’ve been very awkward. Jin Hee has to be the worst drunk. She gets hammered at the absolute worst times! First, right before she starts her internship and then right after she gets it back? It’s like she’s asking for it!

Martina: I can diagnose my own second-hand embarrassment, that’s for sure. I worry about what other awkward circumstances that will come up because Jin Hee had too much to drink!

Diagnosis: Definitely Not a Common Cold

Caroline: Honestly. I was not even thinking when it came to this scene. Like seriously, what did they do to make him cry so hard? I don’t want to imagine. Even worse, how could his actual mother stand by watching him cry like that and not intervene?! It was way too sad.

Sage: Oh Poor Baby. I think Jin Ae was just so shocked, which is why she didn’t intervene. Either way, it was hard watching Kim Gook cry but it was necessary in the plot to bring Jin Ae out of the woodworks.

Martina: I felt so bad for that poor baby! He’s so cute. My heart really broke when Jin Ae went into the room to see him and help hold him, and she burst into tears right away. As much as she is leading a lifestyle a little more ‘alternative’ than her mother would prefer, it’s nice to see she loves and cares for her husband and baby.

Diagnosis: Too Close To Home

Sage: If Kwang Soo only knew how right he was when he said this. They do look good together. This is where the indecisiveness comes in on my half. Oh Chang Min or Gook Chun Soo?

Martina: Why yes, you do look good together! Team Chang Min! I just know this is a glimpse into the future when Chang Min and Jin Hee have a joyful reunion and make beautiful doctor babies together.

Caroline: He should’ve knocked her up while they were married, because it’s gonna take them forever to actually have a scene like this with their own baby. I think it’ll be even cuter than Gook. Which is like, OMG, I don’t know how they’ll get a baby cuter than Gook. Then again. A Chun Soo + Jin Hee baby would be ADORABLE too … Hmmm.

Diagnosis: Lovesick-itis

Sage: Why? Wae?! Why does Chang Min have to be so emotional and make me be all emotional? This scene was so sad, cause you can tell he still loves Jin Hee and hearing her say she had feelings for Chun Soo was really hard for him. It’s starting to make Jin Hee look like a total 나쁜년. But then again, I totally understand why she did it. Who knew Chang Min had this emotional side? I’m betting Jin Hee didn’t.

Martina: This scene definitely gave me serious feels. Kdrama flashback montages are pretty much ubiquitous, but this one hit all the right notes: Chang Min’s sorrow and confusion over remembering how he and Jin Hee fell in and out of love, and how he’s falling back in love with her again, but jealous that she seems to like Chun Soo.

Caroline: This scene kind of reminded me of Heartless City. Where the main character always contemplated in his car. I wanted to cry along with Chang Min. To be fair he chased away his love, his love wasn’t leaving without a good reason. She even held on to the divorce papers in hopes of never having to use them. It really showed a nice reflective side to him that really lays out all his emotions out for us. The question is. Will he be able to hold on to his love now that she’s back in his life?

Diagnosis: How Friendly Is Too Friendly?

Sage: Anything to touch Chun Soo. I’m still confused as to the relationship that Ji Hye has with him. How well does she know him really? Enough to touch him but not enough to touch him without him feeling uncomfortable about it. What do you call that?

Martina: From the clues we’ve seen so far, it seems like they were interns together and got very close - possibly to the point of liking each other but neither having the courage to speak up about it. (That and the awesome Latin dancing, hello!) That, or extenuating circumstances led to their separation - Ji Hye going abroad and/or Chun Soo getting held back due to the incident they allude to.

Caroline: Ji Hye really likes Chun Soo. It’s obvious. She gave him socks. She fixes his clothes. She almost died when she hears that Jin Hee “Slept” with him. I wish she’d take charge and fight for his love the way Chang Min is going to. I think this couple has a history that will show up throughout the next few episodes. Maybe Chun Soo pushed her away when he got in trouble? I’m just so curious about them.

Diagnosis: A Severe Case of Sloppiness

Sage: I swear they got it bad. They are always so very sloppy and Jin Ae is starting to suspect. It’s going to come out, it’s just the matter of how sloppy they are going to get before it does.

Caroline: The secret is almost out. Even Chang Min almost admitted to it when Ah Reum asked about it. I just can’t wait to see their reactions when they finally find out. This is something I really look forward to.

Martina: They are definitely going to put two and two together soon. It would vastly preferable for Chang Min to have told Ah Reum outright, but we all know someone will find out in some awkward way to maximise the scandalousness of the whole thing, haha.

Diagnosis: “You Are Suffering From A Mild Case of Possessiveness. If You Wait Any Longer You Might Fall Back In Love.”

Sage: Jin Heon is that you? Sam-Shik are you in there? I think I bring this up nearly every week but, am I the only one getting serious deja vu? He said almost word for word what Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) said to Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) in My Lovely Sam Soon nearly every time she tried to leave him. Still I like the possessiveness. The right kind of possessiveness is always sexy and since Chang Min did it right, I’m excited to see how Jin Hee reacts. It’s her turn to be jealous again.

Caroline: I think the dumbstruck look on Jin Hee’s face was the look on my face when he had that jealousy vomit. This is where I nearly fainted the 2nd time. Because he FINALLY said something about how he feels. It’s something. It took him 9 episodes! 9! A cat would’ve been on it’s last life waiting for this to die in peace if it was equivalent to years. He should’ve done that traditional forced drama kiss to make us all happy. Sigh. It’ll happen. We’re waiting for it. DO IT!

Martina: I thought he was going to go for the kiss too! Like us, Chang Min has had all these feels bubbling up inside for nine episodes, as Caroline mentioned! He’s finally had enough now that he’s seen Jin Hee’s unmerited gratitude towards Chun Soo, and can’t help it anymore. And what a venue for his outburst, too. I had to rewind a couple times to check out that awesome view of Seoul. What concerns me is that Chang Min’s jealous reaction has totally come out of left field for her. Seems like Jin Hee hasn’t thought about Chang Min in that light at all. How will she come around, if she does at all?

What do you think will happen with Chang Min, and Jin Hee? How will their feelings evolve after that outburst? Will Chun Soo win Jin Hee? Will Ah Reum convince Chang Min to date her? When will Father-In-Law take up the offer to work at the hospital again? Where does Ji Hye fit into this setting? (A Repeated Question since Day One) How will the team find out about the Marriage? What will Pyscho-In-Law do after finding the letter from Jin Hee? Tell us what you think the comment section below!

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