Hello, and welcome to Drama Club: Good Doctor! My name is Lore. In the coming weeks I will be joined by Shai and Powerz as we review, dissect, and ponder the medical drama Good Doctor. I hope you check out our reviews and let us know what you think about the show. With that, on to the review! 12 2 The first episode of Good Doctor was not...ummm...exactly uplifting. I mean a child had his life saved during the episode, but our main character Park Shi On (Joo Won) lost his bunny and his brother. Kids beat him up and teased him. Now granted these are the facts of our main character’s past (and therefore need to be explained for his character to make sense) however I am not used to feeling like I want to cry during the first episode of a drama. All of which leads me to believe that my first episode tears are certainly not going to be my last while watching this show. 12 3 In the first two episodes Shi On is hired as a resident at a University Hospital. Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) is the feisty top of her class pediatric surgeon that takes Shi On under her wing. I like this character so far, she has just the right amount of fight and compassion to make me cheer for her. I enjoyed her interactions with Shi On and cannot wait to see how their relationship as coworkers/friends/ something else progresses. 12 4 Also at the hospital is Professor Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wok), Shi Oh and Yoon Seo’s boss. Do Han seems to be a torn character, he wants to do the right thing as a Doctor and does not buy into the Hospital’s heated political maneuverings. Yet Do Han is also dating Miss Heiress (who seems to be kind of evil if I do say so myself). I anticipate that as the show progresses Do Han will find his loyalties to his girlfriend and his moral principles thoroughly tested. 12 5 I will admit that I was nervous about this show, the premise of Good Doctor is one that could easily have turned horrid in only two episodes if plagued by uneven execution. I am happy to report that as of episode two this show is well paced, the characters interesting, and the acting superb. I like it. 12 1 Parting thoughts- Joo Won, you have restored my faith in you. After the train wreck that was Level 7, I had a hard time thinking about your next drama. Not that your acting in L7 was horrible- it wasn’t (just the writing, directing, and everything else about the show). But you agreed to star in the show, so I kind of dreaded thinking of the unsatisfying drama you might pick next. Thank you for laying my doubts to rest. My faith in Joo Won restored, I will now turn it over to Shai for further Good Doctor reviewing goodness in part two of this week’s drama club. Cheers! Like reading our GOOD DOCTOR reviews? You can find more drama reviews and ramblings from Shai, Lore, and Powerz on their individual blogs. Check them out below! Shai:  http://k-dramacentral.blogspot.com Lore: http://loreinstonecities.com Powerz: http://wehaiyo.blogspot.com