Hello, Good Doctor drama club fans! I am Powerz, one of the reviewers for the Good Doctor drama along with Lore and Shai. After reviewing the drama, I Hear Your Voice, I jumped on the Good Doctor bandwagon and I am so happy because it’s such a good medical drama so far. I am a fan of the Korean medical drama, New Heart, on Dramafever, but can Good Doctor top that?

I’m not familiar with medical terms, but at least a doctor would describe the situation in layman’s terms, which is extremely helpful.

I love little Shi On (Choi Ro Woon)! He is the cutest kid I have ever seen. He acted his part so well. I thought Shi On’s brother, Yi On (Kim Jin Woo) was mean to Shi On, but very caring.

Joo Won, who plays the present Shi On, acted superbly in this drama. I am so amazed and mesmerized by his mannerisms including walking with a slight hunchback, avoiding eye contact, and fiddling with his fingers. I wasn’t too impressed with Joo Won’s role in Level 7 Civil Servant, but I am definitely a fan this time around.

Shi On was weird when he tried to perform Hyun Woo’s surgery in mid-air. He says thank you to every kid he helps and I’m guessing there’s inner meaning to that. I wonder what happened to his mother? Shi On’s eidetic memory is really impressive.

Is it me or do the mothers of the patients over exaggerate their shock?

I hate hospital politics. The reason Shi On was accepted into the hospital to do his residency is because the board wants a reason to remove Choi Woo Seok (Chun Ho Jin) from his director position. I have a bad impression of doctors in general and it disgusts me when doctors do not put their patient’s welfare first.

Furthermore, it is detestable for the manager of pediatric surgery, Kim Sun Joo (Jo Hee Bong), to ignore his patient’s symptoms and then let greed and pride get in the way of saving his patient. Why aren’t doctors on a team? I don’t buy the idea that a doctor would not know another doctor’s patients that well because there are patient medical records that should be available and updated accordingly. I wouldn’t expect that a doctor be available 24/7 for his patients and even if he’s on call, situations might happen where a doctor cannot get to his or her patients in time. What if a doctor was drinking alcohol like Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won)? This is supposedly a reputable hospital and all doctors should have a back-up.

Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) is definitely as cold as what the synopsis says about him. I cringe when I hear the words “cold” and “perfectionist” when describing a person. It looks like Do Han lost someone dear to him so maybe that is why he is so serious about his job. His job performing simultaneous surgeries was awesome and unheard of before.

Shi On is also serious about saving patients and it looks like both doctors will take their personalities to the extreme in this drama. This duo will be like thunder and lightning at the hospital, but now, they are still battling and questioning each other with little respect for each other.

Like Do Han, I thought Shi On was being rude to laugh after getting punched in the face by Do Han, but when Director Choi explained about Shi On doing the opposite as an autism symptom, I felt bad. Do Han must have a heart of steel, though he was right about Shi On being a robot. Shi On was doing everything by the books and it’s dangerous that he does not work as a team, does whatever he wants, and does not think of the consequences. I actually like that Shi On has flaws, because we get to see how he works through them.

I actually like Moon Chae Won in this drama. Her character, Cha Yoon Seo, has a very strong personality, but she still accepts Do Han’s criticism. I’m surprised at how much she cared for Shi On right away, endlessly apologizing to him. Well, she does have a soft spot for children and Shi On basically acts like a child.

Is anyone else excited to see more episodes?

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