In the first two episodes of Good Doctor a big decision was placed in front of the Hospital board: the employ-ability of a doctor with autism. For this week’s Drama Club: Good Doctor wrap up post we will be donning our hospital decision making hats and examine what we would have done if we had to make the same decision (hint, it starts with the letter y and ends with the letter s). On to the discussion!

Powerz: As a representative on hospital board, here are my opinions on the matter:

The question of whether if we would hire Dr. Park Shi On would rest upon how much time and patience we can afford to nurture a physician with a disability and whether or not we can afford to risk our hospital's reputation and patient's lives. Sure, Dr. Park may be capable of being a doctor providing that he continually take steps to improve his autism disorder, but can we rely on him in the heat of the moment? How do we handle it if he fails? How much time and leeway can we give him until he is cured? What if his disorder gets worse? I believe we are hiring a resident physician because we really need a qualified person to fill that position and to use that physicians unfaltering abilities immediately.

At the same time, as Director Choi says, autism is curable and we would be giving hope to all the autistic patients and families in this country. Dr. Park has proven that he has the capability to diagnose and treat a patient under his care as seen in today's media-frenzied save of a boy at the train station. If he does as well as he does today, he will uphold our hospitals stellar reputation and be able to save more lives under his care.

Assuming that his autism symptoms do not get worse, the only question now is whether we have the time and the patience to give him the chance. He would need the constant support and patience of his whole department and our doctors are already overworked as it is. At the same time, I believe we should be a hospital who aims to be one step ahead of other hospitals in embracing change and advancement. If Park Shi On surpasses our expectations, I would want him to work for and represent our hospital. I think it's worth a risk if Director Choi is backing Shi On for six months. It would not burden our staff for a long length of time. If Shi On truly is incapable of being a doctor, we will have no obligation to keep him at our hospital any longer than six months.


Shai: Would I hire Park Shi On? While I am fully aware of his condition, I believe that it shouldn't stop him from succeeding in the medical field. He has knowledge that even our best and more experienced doctors don't have, due to his excellent memory. So would I hire him? Yes, I believe he would be a great asset to this hospital and the patients. While I would hire him as a first year resident, I wouldn't put him into surgery just yet, he would need to be eased into the hectic environment that a surgery room can have and would be a consultant to the ongoing surgeries. He would be able to see if anything has gone wrong that the doctors administering the surgery can't see. Aside from this, I would make sure my entire staff is educated on Autism and Savant Syndrome so they will know how to deal with their new colleague. It will be a bit of a challenge, but I believe that it will benefit everyone in the end.


Lore: I will not lie, this is one tough decision. When I think about health care and the multitude of risks associated with treating a patient, the question of whether to hire a doctor with autism becomes an extremely serious questions. How will his symptoms affect his ability to do his job? And how will that affect our patients? And how will that affect current staff?

The essential issue at hand is Dr. Park’s condition, not his abilities as a doctor. After all, he clearly excelled at his medical education and is an extremely knowledgeable doctor. But is such a strong knowledge base enough to overcome the potential issues of Dr. Park’s autism?

I think it is, for a couple of reasons. Not only is Dr. Park extremely gifted as a Doctor but he is also shown improvement in regards to his autistic symptoms (as mentioned by Director Choi). Though he is not entirely cured, he is curable. Because of this I think it would be wrong to give up on Dr. Park and not give him a chance in the next six months to show his skills. As Powerz articulated so well, there is no obligation past the six month trial period so if Dr. Park’s symptoms become a detriment to his job, he will no longer be employed by the hospital.

Shai also brought up an excellent point, hiring Dr. Park does not mean that the hospital will throw him into the surgery room on his first day. Dr. Park will be eased into his role and at any time if he is unable to complete his job, his path towards working as a surgeon would be evaluated. So, I fully support hiring Dr. Park and giving him the chance he deserves.


What do you think? Would you hire Dr. Park?

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