Welcome to part 2 of this week's Good Doctor Drama Club! To start with a random note; the special effects team for Good Doctor receives my “gory special effects too much blood ewwww” award nomination for 2013. The surgery scenes continue to make my tummy all unhappy and such with their blood and cutting and realistic view of internal organs. The mother and baby surgery was the worst- eegh! Props to you guys (pun intended).

On to something that does not involve scalpels and blood; the big event of the past two episodes revolved around Shi On’s inability and final ability to confess his feelings for Yoon Seo. The entire road to Shi On uttering “I like you” was filled with humor and sadness in equal doses. So yes, I will ramble on about this.

To start with Shi On’s initial attempt: the rose and spiffy dress confession in episode 11 left me giggling and noticing something- the boy can lie! Not that Shi On has become a pathological liar or anything, but he was able to tell a white lie ("my hobby is to dress up on Monday nights" just about killed me) to get himself out of the awkward confession. This, and his subsequent white lies (a hammer at a convenience store!) are small signs of his path towards maturity. Lying is a bad habit, but understanding a harmless fib and its context are part of what it means to be an adult.

Shi On’s final confession and the subsequent events just about ripped my heart out. Actually, I think the moment he told Yoon Seo he was not a child to be fed and cheered up ripped my heart out- it was long gone by the time he confessed (and was promptly thrown into the grand canyon when Shi On was beaten up and then screamed at by Do Han). I don’t think I have wanted to hug a drama character this much in quite a while (in a cheer up way, ahem, there are other actors I want to hug for other, more selfish reasons).

The reason I was so affected by the confession is twofold. First, because it felt, at least to me, like Shi On could only confess once he felt embarrassment and annoyance- he confessed to Yoon Seo so she would kind of get what was bothering him, but then, after the most horrible walk home ever, ended up pretty much dismissing his own confession (enter reason number two I grabbed the Kleenex). Park Shi On seemingly realized how much of a failure he thinks he is- at love, at life, at work, at everything. I hated when he admitted how little he knew and hated it even more when it became a reason for him to dismiss the confession, even apologizing for it.

I guess all of my emotional responses to Shi On are because I actually like this character. I root for him, I cheer him on, and I don’t like it when life kicks him when he is down. What I like even less is the fact that his jerk of an abusive Dad came wandering in to see his son. I fully expect Dad’s reappearance to be a major game changer in regards to Shi On’s mental state, which will probably result in this character being “healed” as a person. But I still want to give Dad an old slap on the forehead and a jail sentence, because, if it is not already apparent, I am a huge fan of Shi On. On to the next review!

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