Breaking news - the Drama Club has branched out to a new occupation. That’s right, we are no longer just bloggers and Korean Drama reviewers, we are ….get ready for it…love gurus! Our new occupation came about because, after careful consideration, we realized we have enough experience (at least in drama land) to offer up some advice. Because, as any faithful drama watcher is well aware, after the fiftieth time watching a drama love story, there is a tendency to shout at the screen (Why are you like that? In *insert drama name here* they were able to get over the amnesia and awkwardness. Aish!). Alas, our new occupation is limited in duration, for this post only, so we have to make an impact while we can. For this week’s Good Doctor collaborative post we will be playing Love Gurus to the crumbling, and yet to occur relationships. On to the Love Guru-ing!

Shai: I decided to play love guru to Dr. Kim Do Han and Yoo Chae Kyung who have some very obvious trouble in what everyone sees as paradise. Not too much is known about their relationship, but we're gathering bits and pieces of it here and there. According to Yoon Seo, Do Han was once a very happy person and seemed so in love when he and Chae Kyung first got together. So the question is: What happened to a couple who were once happy? They now seem like a couple who have been married for 10+ years and have become complacent in each other’s lives.

Do Han is a workaholic and is 100% committed to his job. That's great, but it also seems like he works so much to take his mind off of things. We don't know when their problems started, but looking at the way they communicate it probably crept up on them and just built up over time. We are given a clue, however, when her stepmother (who's the hospital president) tells them to just get married. Do Han is up for it but Chae Kyung is hesitant. Then instead of actually talking out their problems, they choose to take a break and neither seems hurt by it. Though it doesn't help that they're both extremely stubborn and are protective over their respective jobs. I believe they can work it out, though Chae Kyung's plan to take over the hospital may hinder their chances. Do Han made it clear he wants no part of it. I can tell they love each other, but they've grown apart. Both are now going two different ways than they were when they initially got together. The break was good. Now they can evaluate themselves and their relationship to determine their next move, whether it's together or separate.

Lore: I will be guru-ing the relationship (well, lack of relationship) between Shi On and Yoon Seo. I root for these two, I do. It was not always like that, in the beginning of Good Doctor I had a hard time seeing these two become a couple, mostly because of how much growth both characters were in need of before I could see a fully functioning relationship. With the last few episodes I feel that both Yoon Seo and Shi On are closer than ever to becoming a couple. So, because I can, I will offer them some advice to make it all happen. I love this guru thing!

Shi On has never had the experience of dating someone. He has had anything but an easy life, and he continues to have his fair share of bad days. Because of his lack of experience Shi On does not have something to compare his feelings and progress with Yoon Seo to. Shi On’s feelings, therefore, are raw and uncalculated. My advice to Shi On is to not give up, not become too discouraged, because things are not working out the way he hoped. I hated that he took back his confession- I would really like for him to feel comfortable in liking Yoon Seo just the way he is. Shi On: feel more comfortable, feel okay with liking Yoon Seo, and keep buying her roses and walking her home!

Yoon Seo, my advice to you is to really, really think about it. I think Yoon Seo, deep down, likes Shi On as a man, but cannot seem to realize this. She was shocked at his confession and did not offer up anything but a “That was okay you said that” as a response. If you are not ready for a relationship, Yoon Seo, be sure that this is your decision after careful thought. If you are ready, or kind of ready, let Shi On know that while you like him you want to take things one step at a time. And then reciprocate- tell the guy how you really feel instead of vague answers and unsure responses. And go to the robot store with him, because that would be a really endearing first date. I see bright things ahead for these two if they take my guru advice. Fighting!

Powerz: Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang) had a crush on Na In Young (Eom Hyeon Kyeong) for many years, but is hesitant to pursue her. Perhaps, he got the vibe that she wants to avoid him because she tries to make an excuse to leave or purposely sticks to medical topics regarding her younger sister, Na In Hae (Kim Young Soo), in conversations. In Young is clearly pushing Jin Wook away, which is why this pairing is going to take a while to match up. Never fear, Powerz, the love guru is here.

Let me offer advice to our happy and loveable Jin Wook first. Jin Wook, after evaluating your situation, I agree with apprentice love guru In Hae that you have to take stronger attempts in pursuing In Young. She is never going to know how you truly feel unless you put your heart out there and she's probably feeling vulnerable right now. I know that you are afraid of rejection and perhaps ruining the relationship, but I don't want you to have any regrets and I certainly don't think staring at her from afar is going to get you anywhere. Most women like to be chased by men and one rejection doesn't mean she won't change her mind in the future. I advise you to gather ideas on ways you can show your love to In Young, but don't go as far as to make her think you are harassing her. After all, the biggest chance of meeting her is at your workplace and you are also considered on the job. I think doing little things like buying her some food, health items since she is working late nights, and perhaps doing her favors can accentuate your charms. Be honest. You already know her situation so you have to show her that you accept it and will still be there for her. Since she might be hesitant to accept you, enlisting her sister for help will improve your chances. Don't be shy and be strong. Fighting!

For our hesitant and admirable In Young, I believe the reason why you don't want to pursue Jin Wook is because of your situation. You are working late nights at the bar and furthermore, you are secretly planning to donate your organ to your younger sister, In Hae. The situation may not allow you to date any man, but it's not like Jin Wook doesn't know your situation. He has seen you working at the bar and he already knows a lot about your sister. Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra person for support in this situation? Even if you don't want Jin Wook as your boyfriend, which is understandable, at least accept Jin Wook as a friend and confide in him. I'm sure you don't have anyone you can talk to in order to relieve stress and knowing how much he loves you, I think he is willing to listen to all your problems. I know, you don't want the pediatric department to know you are getting surgery, but at the very least, listen to what Jin Wook has to say to you. Jin Wook obviously still supports you no matter what situation you are in and there's an unlikely chance he will run away from you. He has seen his fair shares of patients from a variety of situations so yours is not so different. Accept him, be happy, and see where love takes you. Fighting!

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