I was initially going to talk about the romance, or lack thereof, between some of the characters, but seeing the growing friendships I just had to change my mind. Romantic relationships are wonderful, but for some reason that's not the entire focus of this drama and we're shown how having a platonic relationship with someone can be just as rewarding.

I know we've seen Do Han's reasons for treating Shi On a certain way, and I know some viewers even disliked him for a while, (I know i did), however, looking at him now and knowing his background has made me really look into how his mind works. Do Han is already a tough teacher to his subordinates because he wants them to succeed, so seeing him with Shi On makes me really happy. He has a tough look, but even when Shi On messes up during their pretend surgery, he smiles a bit. He's a bit tougher than before because now he cares for Shi On, whether he admits it or not. He seems like Shi On's brother, especially when he fought the 2 guys who were beating on Shi On. Do Han actually smiled when he opened Shi On's present; they're more alike than they know. Awww I smell a nice bromance going on here.

Am I the only one who just adores Shi On's friendship with In Hye? Poor girl has so much going on and she always finds time to give him relationship advice. I love how she always manages to find him or he ends up running into her, they have such heart to heart talks about anything. When she was crying about how hard her sister, In Young, works to pay her hospital bills I just wanted to cry with her. Shi On just patted her back and let her cry it out. Aside from Shi On, In Hye has a great relationship with Jin Wook and Nurse Jo as well. She was one of the first patients to really stick up for Shi On and I am sure that's where their friendship came from, not to mention she thinks he's the best looking doctor aside from Jin Wook.

This seems like an odd duo, but I somehow like their interactions. Chae Kyung seems like a very hardened person, but I think circumstances made her that way. When she's with Shi On, you can see a brighter person coming out and it looks as if she really appreciates their conversations. Like how Do Han smiles more with Yoon Seo, Chae Kyung actually seems like a happy person when she was with Shi On. Their conversation about him trying to confess was cute, it also speaks more into her and Do Han's relationship when she said she confessed first. Now, I don't think she's going to end up liking Shi On in that way, but she's become more open and may even come to his defense when the time calls for it.

What friendship within the hospital do you love most? Is it any of them listed here or another one?

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