Welcome to this week’s edition of Drama Club: Good Doctor! To begin this week’s drama club I am going to indulge in a rambling look at the characters that I have been regretfully neglecting: Yoo Chae Kyung and Ko Choong Man.

A whole lot of other things happened in these two episodes apart from Chae Kyung and Choong Man showing a sliver of humanity, so be sure to check out parts 2 and 3 of this week’s drama club for a further look at recent events in Good Doctor land. On to the rambling!

So my newfound sense of neglect towards these two characters was surprising; I cannot claim to have cared about either of them prior to the past two episodes. Chae Kyung was always too pushy, too uncaring, too scheming while Choong Man was perpetually incompetent with a horrible set of professional ethics. It was hard to really like either of them, especially when Good Doctor gave me so many other, more likeable characters (cough *Shi On* cough). I was surprised that finally, after fourteen episodes, Good Doctor gave me reasons to like (or at least tolerate) Chae Kyung and Choong Man. A little late, Good Doctor, a little late.

Chae Kyung was finally given a human side when it was revealed that she was duped into a business alliance with the Chairman that “killed” her father. All through Good Doctor Chae Kyung has been driven to gain the position of Chairwoman from her Step Mother. This goal led her to join hands with the only evil chairman that would listen to her (because, as we all know, it is hard to find an evil chairman that will just listen and not judge). Unaware of the past history of Mr. Chairman and her own Father, Chae Kyung basically handed the hospital over to him in exchange for ousting her Stepmom. If there is one person that Chae Kyung has seemed consistently loyal to it is her late Father, so this is one big uh-oh.

Chae Kyung found out about her major error when Do Han discovered the identity of the person trying to take over the hospital. Do Han promptly let Chae Kyung know; which I take as a sign that Do Han does really love Chae Kyung despite their recent relationship issues. The news that she had basically taken her Father’s hard work and handed it over to the man who hounded him to death devastated her (as I would have expected). Her tears made me realize that maybe, just maybe, Chae Kyung is not the shallow character I thought she was. Sorry for ignoring you Chae Kyung, how about we grab lunch sometime?

Choong Man’s human side was finally revealed via a Soju filled meal with Shi On. Choong Man’s drunken ramblings revealed that he really has some ego issues and major regret for the lack of respect he receives from others. When he woke up in Shi On’s apartment after passing out, my opinion of this character seemed to wake up too, I kind of felt bad for him (kind of, because after all he did try to push unsafe drugs on patients for a kickback!).

What really made me realize that this character may have humanlike tendencies was his treatment towards Shi On (when an adult gives you money, take it) and the fact that his drunken rambling made it seem like he really did, kind of, a little bit, want to be someone others respected as a surgeon. So he is human after all! While I don’t’ really want to grab lunch with you Choong Man, I will say that your character became a little more interesting and watchable after episode 14. So sorry for neglecting the fact that under all of your incompetence, you have a heart. Cheers!

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