This week wasn't as dramatic as previous episodes and I kinda liked that. Granted, it's a hospital and there are emergencies, such as the school bus accident that left the hospital under staffed. I was wondering what I could talk about, and as I am working on my 2nd cup of coffee, I decided it was either those "WTF!" moments or "Awww!" moments. I decided to with the "Awww!" moments this time. I didn't see many WTF!? moments, maybe next week. ;)

My first "Awww!" moment comes in the form of Doctor Professor Kim Do Han(Sorry had a Spongebob moment: Doctor Professor Patrick anyone? Hee) and all his cuteness this week. He congratulated Shi On on his first successful surgery, became the fun Do Han Yoon Seo talked about, and has become the opposite person we were introduced to. I really smiled when he sincerely gave Shi On advice on what courage actually was. When he looks as Shi On, you can tell it's not as a teacher but more as a hyung who cares for his dongsaeng. I really love how he's still the tough Professor Kim, but turns soft when he truly cares for him and sincerely has talks with him. I know it was a sad moment, but I couldn't help but smile when Shi On told Yoon Seo that if he has an issue he's to tell Do Han instead. Before, he wouldn't think of talking to him about personal things, but he really trusts him now.

Another great moment I thought of was Shi On's talk with Chief Go Choong Man. I knew I had disliked this man before. Then the dislike turned into me just thinking he was an incapable doctor and a terrible antagonist. Perhaps that was the point. He's harmless and seems like he has low self esteem, not to mention his brother in law was on the hospital directors board. I quite like him now, he just wants to be liked now and seems to be working on it. Even though his talk with Shi On about his father was very short and he doesn't know the extent of his problems, he's aware that Shi On and his dad don't have the best relationship. He's really warming up to him and I think he likes him now. Shi On really is the only one who truly respects him. It may seem like it's not that big of a deal, but when he gave Shi On lunch money it made me smile. Then he asked himself why Shi On was in that mood. Awww you care Chief Go, you care.

My last "Awww!" moment comes from the hospital staff themselves. When Shi On passes out from the influx of memories coming back to him after seeing his father, Yoon Seo instructs everyone to treat him just the same and not make it known that there's something wrong. Jin Wook then procedes to tell the nurses aka Nurse Jo and Head Nurse Nam, what happened and tells them to make sure Shi On feels welcome and wanted. What do they do when they see him? Start showering him with random compliments, but as if they're talking to each other. Ha! They say things like 'Dr. Park is the best' and 'He's such a good doctor' (No title pun intended lol) then give him thumbs up when he looks at them after hearing this. They're so cute in their support for him.

Bonus "Awww!" moment: We saw how Eun Ok was doing with her new family. I just love how even though she's not in the hospital anymore, they keep her character relevant on the show.

Good Doctor fans, we've reach a little past the halfway point. Who is your favorite character (besides Shi On obviously lol) in this drama? Yoon Seo? Do Han? Jin Wook? Let us know!

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