Good Doctor fans, I cannot look at actor Joo Won anymore without seeing his character, Park Shi On. This week, Lore analyzed underutilized characters, Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) and Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong), and Shai showed us her favorite "Awww!" moments of this week's episodes. To continue the momentum, I'm going to talk about the main point of this week's drama, Park Shi On's plight.

Shi On doesn't ever seem to get a break on Good Doctor. He takes one step forward and two steps back. I do feel really bad for him. His father beat him, his mother abandoned him, his first love crushed him, and on top of that, he somewhat loses his savant syndrome abilities.

Despite being incredibly scared of his father, Park Choon Sung (Jung Ho Keun), Shi On makes tiny efforts to care for him. Somehow, his father thinks he will live a long life, but Shi On finds out that his father probably has only six months to live due to cancer. I'm not too sad about that because Shi On's father will never change his violent ways. The scariness of Halloween, or the ghosts in the drama, The Master's Sun, is probably nothing compared to the horror of Park Choon Sung's rage.

Because of Kim Do Han's (Joo Sang Wook's) excellent thoughts on courage, Shi On decides to approach his father for the first time in years. This time, Choon Sung didn't beat or berate Shi On too much since he needs Shi On to pay his hospital bills.

It breaks my heart to see Shi On's mother, Oh Kyung Joo (Yeon Yu Seon) continue to suffer because of Choon Sung. She tries to stay with him in order to convince him not to bother Shi On anymore, but it is probably only a matter of time before she gets beaten up by Choon Sung or that they die together just the way Kyung Joo suggested.

I jokingly thought that it would have been nice if Kyung Joo had been with a man like Director Choi (Chun Ho Jin), and to my surprise, Choon Sung had these wild thoughts too.

In contradiction to her convictions in last week's episodes, Shi On's mother reveals her identity. I think she couldn't stand the fact that Shi On only remembered his father and not her.

Their reconciliation would have been a beautiful moment except Shi On suddenly remembers why he blocked his mother out in the first place. Kyung Joo wrote him a letter and abandoned him. I really wondered why Kyung Joo ran away. She probably did it for Shi On's sake.

In one of the saddest moments of Good Doctor, my eyes welled up for Kyung Joo as she grasped her chest in pain when Shi On told her he didn't need a mother and left. Shi On tries to look okay in front of Dr. Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) when she asks him about it, but in private he is actually emotionally wounded.

There's no time to think about family problems when a whole bus load of patients show up at Sung Won hospital. Surgeons, Choong Man, Do Han, Yoon Seo, and Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang) perform surgery simultaneously. When the 21st patient, Yoon Jung, shows up, Shi On is forced to perform surgery on her since no other surgeons are available.

Because of his shock from remembering his father, Shi On lost his savant syndrome ability, unable to recall what he previously memorized and unable to concentrate on solutions during surgery. With Yoon Jung's life on the line, Shi On thinks of advice from his two most respected doctors, Yoon Seo and Do Han. I'm glad Shi On has faith and abilities to be a competent surgeon.

What had shaken Shi On's faith all along was Yoon Seo's confession to him. I was shocked to hear her say that she loved him. After a brief pause, she meant that she loved him as a junior and as a friend. Shi On tried to battle his feelings toward her by avoiding her in hopes to lesson her burden.

Our ultra-cute doctor, Jin Wook, advises Shi On that anybody can love somebody. I love his smile as he said those words. His words are so true. I don't know why Shi On worries about matching up to Yoon Seo. Maybe he has an inferiority complex. The purest form of love does not need qualifications.

When Yoon Seo got in trouble with patient Cha Dong Jin's mother, Shi On couldn't keep his charade up any longer and decides to help Yoon Seo by taking the blame. Aware of Shi On's pain, Yoon Seo became upset and as Do Han says, unappreciative. With one last tip from Do Han, Shi On offers Yoon Seo his sincerity and tells her that what happened to patient Dong Jin was not her fault. Yoon Seo, confused, started tearing up, so Shi On went for the kill and hugged her. It would take her a while to realize it, but is she touched? Does she love him now?

After attending the Dramafever meetup this week, I've been feeling a bit under the weather. Coming soon, the Good Doctor drama club will discuss character disappointments. Since I am a Dramafever writer in need of some rest, wouldn’t it be nice if somebody could take me home?

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