Disappointment was the underlying theme-of-the-week in Good Doctor land; everyone and their brother (well, sister actually) were served a big ole helping of dissatisfaction and let downs. From being disappointed in their own actions to being disappointed in others, the characters of Good Doctor collectively needed a hug and a pat on the back after recent events.

Because we could not help but notice all of the disappointment in the air, this week’s Drama Club collaborative post will focus on…what else...the disappointment felt by our characters. Now on to the…disappointment?! How disappointing…

Shai: So much disappointment in a span of 2 episodes. I wonder if the writer was feeling sad when they decided to pile on the sadness and disappointment form multiple characters. I have mentioned before how I adore In Hye and her friendship with the hospital staff, especially Shi On; however I haven't mentioned her older sister at all. In Young is a hardworking person who's just saving up for her sister's surgery. When your parents are gone and your sibling is sick then you're bound to take up several odd jobs just to make ends meet. In Young must have been desperate to quickly get the money if she took up a job at the bar. I know how it can look in Korean culture for a woman to have that kind of job. When Jin Wook found out, I think In Young was already disappointed in herself, but having your sister's doctor find out your occupation must have made her feel bad. In Hye has already felt sorry towards her sister, then she finds out her sister is a barmaid; I can't imagine that feeling of disappointment and blaming herself because she knows her sister is doing that for her.

Then when In Hye has to find out that Jin Wook has known about In Young's job for a while and never told her, she feels betrayed and hurt. Possibly hoping that he would have informed her of her sister's latest employer. I don't think she was mad more than she was sad about it all. She blames herself for her sister overworking and now she doesn't want the surgery anymore. To In Hye having that surgery means that In Young will have to continue to work at the bar and possibly several other jobs, so she'd rather her sister not have to work hard at all because of her. Both sisters have it hard and they feel sorry towards each other, but never show it because they don't want the other one to be hurt.

There's no advice needed for these two, but I will say that if In Young is too embarrassed about her job that she has to hide it, then she shouldn't be doing it. Though I understand because she's the only parental figure In Hye has in her life and she's the one who's providing for her. Imagine how In Hye will feel when she finds out In Young is preparing to give her part of her intestine. I hope they can live happily in the end.

Lore: Disappointments, disappointments. Park Shi On showed some major feelings of disappointment when he finally discovered his Mother. The happy reunion that was not to be occurred when Mom decided it was time to let Shi On know that she was his dear old Mom. What she did not bargain for is Shi On’s anger and disappointment towards her. I think Shi On’s reaction was completely justified - if my Mother had abandoned me I think I would be a little less than happy to see her too.

Shi On’s disappointment did not end with his Mom- after all dear old Dad is now in the picture as well. Because this is a drama, Dad is dying of cancer, giving Shi On a bunch of psychological arguments in favor of seeing his Dad or ignoring him. Shi On, again rightfully so, is scared of his Dad (I think he is disappointed too, but to me his fear is more powerful).

To round off Shi On’s trio of disappointment, he has had to deal with the fallout from his confession to Yoon Seo. While I think he is less disappointed in Yoon Seo and more a guy in love (after all, he did make a major move at the end of the episode), Shi On is still clearly feeling the pain of liking someone that does not claim to like him back.

Out of all of the characters on Good Doctor, I feel that Shi On has the most reasons to be disappointed. After all, society has been less than kind to him. However, Shi On does not walk around with a negative outlook, only showing such emotion and disappointment when people who are close to him (or should have been, like Mom and Dad) treat him poorly or do not reciprocate the type of relationship he is looking for. This is just another reason why I love this character- when life gives him lemons he gives them to the kids in the orphanage to make lemonade. I am hoping next week will bring less disappointment in Shi On’s life and more forward motion regarding his relationship with Yoon Seo. In regards to his parents, I could take them or leave them at this point, so it is hard for me to want him to accept them easily (though I do want him to come to some kind of peace over his relationship with them, even if that is just the decision to accept what they did and move on without them). In other words- cheer up Shi On, you deserve some time away from disappointments!

Powerz: What a week of disappointments for our characters. As mentioned in Lore's review, Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) began to show her human side after she realized she was deceived by Chairman Jung (Kim Chang Wan). Worried about Chae Kyung, Dr. Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) didn't waste any time to tell Chae Kyung the truth about Chairman Jung after Do Han heard the news. At this point, Lore and I started feeling bad for Chae Kyung for the first time in this drama.

As Chae Kyung said so herself, she is already at the point of no return. She cannot back out of her deal with Chairman Jung. Sadly, Chairman Jung was the only person who was willing to listen to Chae Kyung's woes. It's so ridiculous that Chae Kyung had Do Han as a boyfriend, yet she couldn't even have a heart-to-heart talk with him. I feel the love guru from last week coming out of me, but I'll suppress it for now.

Chae Kyung made mistakes because she ultimately didn't have anybody for support. This whole story reminds me of Lee Da Hee's character, Min Hae Ryung, in the drama, Birdy Buddy. With her back against the wall and nobody to turn to, golfer Hae Ryung partnered up with the evil illegal sports gambling investor, Jay Park (Choi Il Hwa) in order to spite her mother, who Hae Ryung believed drove her father away. If Chae Kyung's storyline goes a similar way, then I predict that somebody else, preferably somebody that Chae Kyung doesn't respect, will swoop down to save Chae Kyung from Chairman Jung with Chae Kyung learning a lesson or two along the way. Who will take on the hero role?

In my opinion, perhaps the best person to fit this job is our main protagonist, Park Shi On (Joo Won). Chae Kyung is already listening to Shi On with an open heart and if she didn't respect him too much before, perhaps she'll learn to appreciate him later. After all, Chae Kyung tried to defend both Do Han and Shi On in front of Assistant Director Kang (Kwak Do Wan). Chae Kyung is probably going to beat herself up over the fact that she partnered up with her father's nemesis and I'm sure she doesn't want Do Han by her side, scolding her at this time. With disappointment looming over her, I hope Shi On comes to comfort her like he did with the manager of pediatrics surgery, Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong.) After Chae Kyung learns from her mistakes, perhaps she can use her new Chair power to somehow remove Chairman Jung's influence over Sung Won hospital and reunite with her stepmother, or am I asking for too much?

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